From: Its Dun Dun Dun Raven <aznfrenzy@aol.comingtoyou> Subject: [PW!]I hope we are not too late for the wedding Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 12:39 AM Weeks before..... ____ Saber woke up with a sweat. For some reason he had this wierd ass dream about Gyaradoses chasing him. His Kadabra teleported him back to the ATR base and he went to sleep. Saber looked around. Their were cobwebs everywhere. How long had his writer last posted? He was asleep for a month or so. His clothes were strangely all wet and had a smell of many Gyaradoses.......... ____ "Raven!! Welcome Back. James!! Welcome Back!!" Tank yelled. Two very dark figures dressed in black approached Tank and glared at him. "You have grown Tank. You seem much older. Time has ruined your young looks." Raven said. "You have only been gone for 3 months Raven..." Tank said "I see..." Raven walked into his room. "GOOD GOD COBWEBS EVERYWHERE!!!!" "So how are you James..feeling better?" Tank asked. "Raven got me to dress up all in black and climb a roof in the middle of the night that achieved nothing except for bruises and bumps. Except for that I never felt better." James smiled. "So did you raid that Burger King place Raven's been ranting about?" James asked. "Yeah..We got all the members imprisoned in rooms. We found no TV guides in the Burger King place. But we trying to get some infomation from our captives." Tank asked. ____ Tank and James entered the room where the prisoners are being held. Raven is already there. "WHERE THE HELL ARE MY TV GUIDES???" Raven began to choke and shake the leader of the captives. " I WANT THEM BACK. IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!" Raven yelled. The guy being tortured just yawned and calmy said no. A woman said something about being trained to take torture at all costs. "Um Raven. How long have you been asking him?" Tank asked. "Only 5 hours...." Raven replied. "I see...." James muttered. "I gotta idea. Bring in Saber." ____ Saber relaxed. He was bored. He had finally cleaned his room and changed into new clothes and gotten rid of that Gyaradis smell with a shower. He had gotten a message to go to the Interoggation Room of ATR. Saber was a master torturer and he was told to bring his torturing equipment. Where did he learned how to torture people? I do not know asked his author. ____ "OK Fine. You will have to eat your own burgers for the rest of your life or until you give us infomation." Raven yelled. "We have done that before. We could live off of it if we want forever and still enjoy it." the captive said. "Oh ok we will make you read PW!s of Tauras and Tiki for the rest of your lives." James said. "WHAT?" "Um nevermind." James said. Just then Saber entered the room and nodded to James and Raven. Raven and James pulled out earplugs and put them on. Saber got a sheet of paper and started to sing. "Liiifeee in yourr arrmms so cloosseee togettherrr....DIDn't knowww what I had......." Saber started to sing. The captives didn't budge "NOw I Toss and Turn.......becauseeeeee Im not without youuu.....Immmm missisngg youuu so baddd. Where was my head? where was my heart? NOW I cryyyyy alone in the darkkkkkkkkkk!!!!" Some of the captives began to flinch and cover their ears. "I lie awakeeeee, ........I drive myself crazieeeeee Drive myself crazieeeeeeee thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!......Made a mistake when I let you go babyyyyyyyyyy.......I drive myself crazy Wanting you the way that I do.....Wanting you the way that I do!!!!!!!" Saber finished the verse Most of the captives were flinching and crying.. "How about now?" Saber asked. "Wee.....will.....not .....answer....." "Raven James I advise you to leave the room" Saber glared at his companions. "What?" Raven said. "We have earplugs on." James said. "OUT OF THE ROOM!!!!!!!" Saber yelled. "OH why didn't you say so?" Raven said as he and James left the room. The door slammed loudly as Saber took a seat. "Ok you guys are all tied up and can't help yourself. Now wouldn't be nice If we let you go? all you need to do is tell me infomation." Saber started to say. The leader who had recovered calmy said No Saber eyes flared and he pulled out a pen. "You made me do it. Now its time for your deaths!!!!! This is a pen with those clicking things. Observe..." *Click*Click*Click* "Now I can click this pen forever." Saber said. "Do your worst." The leader said with a scared voice. Saber grinned knowing this would be easy. ___________ 4 hours 32 minutes and 21 seconds later...... *CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK* *CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK* *CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK* *CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK* *CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK* *CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK* *CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK**CLICK*CLICK*CLICK* CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK*CLICK* "OKAY STOP!!!!! WE WILL TELL!!! WE WILL TELL!!! JUST STOP THE CLICKING!!!!" The leader was crying and screaming. The other captives were just the same. Saber just grinned. _____ "Nice work Saber. What did you find. And you can stop clicking the pen now." Raven said flinching. "Ok. They have this leader who is this *ClICK* leader *CLICK* and hes attending this wedding in Celadon *CLick* right *CLick* now. The bride is called Nat *Click* and the groom is Tenchi *Click* I suggest we go to Celadon right now *Click*" Saber finished. "OH ok. We will go to Celadon now and bring that pen with you we might need it." James said. ____ James, Saber, and Raven arrived at Celadon. TBC..... Why do I do all my PWing in the middle of the night now? _____ The Critics love ATR TakoTanku: *chants* ATR! ATR! SimynLocke: ATR rules! LimynSocke(Yoda): ATR rocks KrnTwnkyYu:ATR rocks! NMVdS: ATR rules