From: Behonkiss <> Subject: [PW!] Kedzen:Beginning Of A Legend Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 6:07 PM Kedzen stared at the computer and the data code streaming across the screen. He quickly punched in different buttons. "C'mon, dang it, worK!"he murmured as he dragged the icons . A message popped up: DATA TRANSFERRED TO SEPERATE FOLDER IN THIS COMPUTER. "Yes!"Kedzen murmured, and quickly punched in TRANSFER FILES TO CELADON CITY TECH CENTER The computer scanned the files, and said, DATA TRANSFERRED. Kedzen grinned, and shut the computer down. Next morning, in the Celadon Game Center, two uniformed figures stepped inside and headed to the computer, carrying a Pokeball-data transfer device. Grinning in anticipation, they went to the folder where they had placed all of their stolen Porygons. Their grins turned to horror as they saw that there was nothing in the folder! "Our wonderful plan's gone awry! What're we gonna do?"hissed the black-haired male. The brunette female stood in the shadows, and murmured, "We'll find the crook responsible for this theft, and give him a piece of our mind." She held up 2 Pokeballs. "Now, let's get back to the boss. I'm sure he'll have a new plan." KEDZEN:BEGINNING OF A LEGEND Kedzen stared at the newscast on tv. "Young Pokemon trainers, the official training season tomorrow. Here are the locations to get your beginning equipment and first Pokemon." Kedzen waited through the many locations."Pallet Town, Professor Oak's lab."Kedzen grinned. After many attempts, he finally fell asleep. THE NEXT MORNING, AT 8:00... Kedzen rushed down the street. He felt a bit mad at his parents saying that they didn't want him to start his journey until he was 12, as it was very dangerous. He had adored Pokemon all his life, buying plush animals, watching broadcast battles, and he was lucky enough for his parents to buy a pet Jigglypuff and Ratatta, who he played with all the time. At least he'd miss middle school. He had his short brown hair neatly combed, his best Pokeball shirt on, and his new jeans and sneakers. Good thing I got here on time, he thought. That should give me enough time to get a BulbaOW! Running and thinking without looking in front of him, he had slammed nosefirst into Prof. Oak's brick gate. He held his nose and sat down in pain, not noticing the shadow that fell over him until he heard a voice say, "You can't get a Pokemon sitting down, you know!"It was his rival, Zender. Kedzen took his hands off his nose, wiped the blood off, got up, and said to Zender, "Well, it turns out I'm starting right now! I'm gonna get me a Bulbasaur!" "You wish!"snorted Zender."I just got the last one!"He twirled a Pokeball in front of Kedzen's face. "Aaaagh!"gasped Kedzen. "Oh, I'm sorry. I had nooo idea that you wanted one! Well, it should serve me well in battle! See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya! Heh heh heh!" Zender walked off, leaving Kedzen in shock and disappointed. Prof. Oak will still have other Pokemon left, he thought. He walked into the mansion. Professor Oak was waiting! "I was wondering where you were, Kedzen! You're quite a lucky boy, I have only one Pokemon left!" "Only one?" "Yes, nobody wanted...I mean nobody saw it." He took out a Pokeball and threw it on the ground. Kedzen hoped to see a sweet but powerful Pikachu, a fiesty Squirtle, or a friendly Charmander. Instead, he saw a small blue and green Pokemon. It walked up to him, snuggled his leg, and mumbled, "Oddish..." "An Oddish?"said Kedzen. "But those are so weak?" "Well, it's either that or nothing!"said the Prof. What choice did Kedzen have? "I'll take it,"He sighed. The Prof. handed him A Pokedex and six Pokeballs, wished him good luck, and led him out. Kedzen stared down at the Pokemon beneath him, "An Oddish..."he murmured. The Oddish stared up at him with a sweet smile. "How am I going to succeed with such a weak Pokemon?"he murmured. The Oddish gasped, and tears formed in its' eyes. "Odd-o-oddish..." She ran off into the forest. "Hang on a sec! I don't want you leaving me! I like you!" Kedzen crashed into the undergrowth, and looked for his Oddish. There was no sign until its' screams began piercing the quiet air. "ODD! OOOOODDISH!" Kedzen looked through a bush, and saw a horrible sight. Oddish was by a river shore, and a herd of Grimer were oozing out of a sewer pipe and smothering her. As Kedzen stared in shock, the Grimer began spraying Oddish with Poison Acid, causing her to bleed and scream. With a cry of the berzerk, Kedzen charged into the herd. They began spraying him. He screamed as the acid cut holes in his arms, but he didn't run out. He ran to the middle, grabbed his now unconcsious Oddish, and ran out of the forest. Carrying the critically injured Oddish in his bleeding arms, Kedzen searched for a Pokemon Center on the path. When he finally found one, he ran through the door and collapsed on the floor. When Kedzen woke up, Oddish was gone, he was sitting on a chair, and his arrms had some bandages on the holes. "Where's Oddish?" he yelled. Nurse Joy rushed in. "I've never seen an Oddish in such bad condition! What happened?" "She ran off, and a herd of Grimer attacked her!" "Well, that explains those injuries on you. Wait here, my Chanseys are tending to Oddish in the emergency room." It was already midnight, but Kedzen didn't sleep a bit. The next morning, Nurse Joy stepped out. She smiled to Kedzen. "It's all right. If you hadn't brought it in that soon, it probably wouldn't have survived!" "Thank you, Joy, I need to go now." Oddish stepped out of the ER. She had stitches on some parts of her stomach. She waddled over to Kedzen, and fell asleep on his lap. He sat smiling and stroking her leaves. Nurse Joy shook her head. "It's amazing. Most Oddishes wouldn't have had a chance of surviving, but this little one came through! It must be excepptionally strong for its' kind." "I never thought of that, but thanks for informing me. I gotta go now!" Kedzen walked out of the center and kneeled down to the Oddish. "I'm sorry I called you weak. I'll care for you as best I can!" "Odd..." Oddish waddled over to Kedzen, and they both embraced. But then, Oddish jumped up and nodded to the forest, and let out a bunch of angry shrieks. "You can't fight those Grimer! They almost killed you!" Oddish just laughed, and ran off toward the forest. Kedzen groaned, and ran after her. When he caught up with her by the shore, he saw an amazing sight. Oddish jumped over the Grimer herd several times, blowing a mysterious powder over them. The Grimer for some reason began glowing. Kedzen realized that this must be Absorb, and that the glow was the Grimers' energy and strength. Oddish began sucking up air, and the glow dimmed a bit. Oddish had sucked up some of their strength and was now stronger! "What a great move!" said Kedzen. He jumped out from behind the bush. "YOU CAN DO IT, ODDISH!" The Grimer turned around, noticed him, and began oozing toward him. Kedzen screamed as they prepared to poison him, but Oddish jumped up and sucked up more energy! The Grimers stopped, and stared at Kedzen, then Oddish, too stupid to realize which to attack. Oddish took a huge gulp, and the glow vanished. The Grimer swayed, then fainted. Oddish ran back to Kedzen, and leaped into his arms. "Oddish, you're wonderful!" said Kedzen. "Nurse Joy was right! You're a Pokemon like no other!" Oddish smiled. "Oddish!!!" Kedzen stared at the heap of fainted Grimer, and took out a Pokeball. He nodded to Oddish. "Should I?...." Oddish nodded back. Kedzen tossed the Pokeball at a Grimer. The sludge Pokemon was turned to a beam of light, and the ball began wobbling. Kedzen and Oddish stared as the ball wobbled, and wobbled.....and stopped. Kedzen grinned, and ran over and picked up the Pokeball. "Yes! I caught a Grimer! Thank you Oddish!" They embraced, and both sensed a connection between them that would never end. They found the path, and walked off.... TO BE CONTINUED Author's Note:I hope everybody liked this. Yes, I changed "John's" name and Pokemon owned a bit, and the PKMN League rule, as I felt some things didn't fit right and people said I shouldn't change the League rules. I hope everybody enjoyed this beginning chapter!