From: Omega <> Subject: [PW!] Lie of Reality 1.1 Date: Friday, September 24, 1999 12:02 PM Thunder. Not again. The electric bird flew overhead, sending lightning off in all directions. Why was he here? It spun around, flying back towards him. It's eyes narrowed and, as it got near, it shot out lightning at him. All bolts connected, and his world dissolved into pain. [...Not dead....?] [No, I have to be....] [What's happening to me?] [Idiot.] [What?] [Stop acting like you don't understand.] [But...I -don't-....] [Yes. You do.] [No.] [You really are a stubborn person.] [Stop talking in riddles.] [You know how to stop them.] [Who?] [You know who.] [Knock it off, dammit!] [You're going back. And you're going to stop it.] [....] [They're coming...] [.......] [You'll know what to do when the time is right.] [Whatever...] [I'll see you soon.] [What?] The darkness was pierced by a suddenly flash of white light. [No....wait! Who are you?!] The white light drowned by a swirl of colors. He could hear his heart beating....far louder than it should be. His eyes were open. Had they been the whole time? Where was he? He was staring up at the clouds. So...that had to mean he was outside. There weren't any bodies of water nearby from what he could tell. He didn't remember getting knocked out....or passing out. And he wasn't going to just fall asleep in the middle of a field. Something was wrong. He couldn't move. Nothing save for his head, that is. Then he saw it, from the corner of his eye. Just a brief twinkle as it ran past. Blade? No. Was it? It all happened so soon, he didn't know what was happening. There was a eardrum-shattering screech, followed by a flurry of movement, and then at least a dozen blades slashing into his flesh. He screamed out, but the creatures just kept attacking him. He shut his eyes and prayed for death. [....] [Yes. It was.] [It seemed so real.] [Of course it did.] [I thought I was awake.] [Of course you did.] [Where am I?] [Reality.] [What?] His eyes shot open. Trees. He quickly lifted his arm. "Well....that's nice to know." He stood up slowly, groaning. "Scy?" "Wh..." Scyther blinked at him, holding a bunch of fruits. "You got, son..." He sighed and walked over to Spectre. "That's what you get for staying up late. You fall asleep when I ask you to go get some food for dinner." Something was definately wrong. "Dad? Scyther? What the hell's goin' on?" "Hm?" "Scy?" He blinked and dashes towards his house. leaving his father and Scyther standing there in confusion. Running up to the second floor, he shot down the hall and into the bathroom. He closed the medicine cabinet quickly so he could see in the mirror. "My scar...." "Scar? What scar?" Spec ignored his dad and touched his face. That's what was odd. He could see from both eyes again! didn't make any SENSE! "Oh man....." He slipped past his still confused dad downstairs again, and met up with Scyther. "Scyther, uh...have....we been anywhere lately?" The pokemon shook his head. "Another false world? Am I still asleep?" "Scyther scy?" He pinched himself. Nothing. Well...that ruled out possibility one. He spun around and ran back outside. Looking skyward, he looked around, then yelled out, "WHERE ARE YOU?!" ...... "ANSWER ME!" ...... Great. So what the hell was going on? Was everything he thought he had done the past few months a lie? Was it all a dream? Or...was -this- the dream? He fell down to his knees and stared at the waterway to Cinnabar. Cinnabar... Kat? If...he hadn't done anything....was the possibility of Kat being alive possible too? There had to be. And he had to know. He turned back to the house. "Son, are you feeling alright?" "Oyaji, for the first time in a long string of first times, I think I may be feeling terrific." He ran inside and up to his room. He quickly grabbed a few items; his trenchcoat....which strangely wasn't torn and tattered now....his pokeballs, and some money. He ran back down and passed Scyther. "C'mon! We're goin' to Cinnabar!" "Scyther scyth er?" "Yeah, now hurry up!" Scyther nodded and took to the air, flying closely behind his trainer and friend. "....." Spec's father went off to talk to Professor Oak. Maybe HE knew what was going on. ...TBC -- Reg