From: Chuck Einhorn <> Subject: Re: [PW!]Luke makes his entrance Date: Monday, September 20, 1999 5:53 PM Ncnc123 wrote: > Splash looked down at the hamburger and fries that he didn't know he had > until the guy, Roland, came up to him. Splash had to stop buying food. He had > already had about three diners today. > Splash looked at Roland smiling at him. Something about the way he smiled > at him... Roland wanted something. > He sighed. Splash didn't care. As long as he wasn't a Rocket... > Splash glanced at Roland again, who was still smiling at him. He sighed > again and took out his wallet. He hid it under the table and opened it. He > reached in and took a wad of bills out. It wasn't too much, Splash was broke > from buying three dinners that day. > Splash put his wallet back in his pocket and tossed the cash on the table > in from of Roland. It hit him in the face, because he was still smiling at > Splash. > Roland blinked a couple of times, as Splash buried his face in his arms > and started crying again. Dernam barreled into the Diner, having effectively blown off the guy who blathered on and on about Goddish. Good to be back in home territory. He hadn't seen Splash or his....friend, at the ball, so he figured he was still here. He searched the room for Splash. <Shift> 6 cautiously looked in Splash's direction. He had hit him, after all. But now something was different. He was crying. Heh heh heh, don't feel good, does it, bub? But the guy he was talking too...."Sniff sniff" ..... smelled like Dernam......only not. Half of Dernam.....half not, half of, half not......his animal instincts told him.....Brother! 6 carreened through the diner, dodging people, and zipped under Luke's feet. He bolted up the table, and perched in front of him, making a squeaky sound that meant, "Hi, who are you?", which Luke of course could not make out. Splash looked up. "6, what do you want, go away." And continued to cry. "This your Eevee, Splash?" "No, it*sniff* belongs to a friend of mine." "Ah, and who is your friend?" Splash looked up to see Dernam approaching with a worried expression on his face. "Him." <Shift> Great, guys in trench coats, talking to my friend. What else could go wrong? Maybe my mother show up? My dad? That would be grand. 6 had already run forward to the black one, and was acting frieendly. WTF? 6 usually had a good idea of whether someone was good or not, but this one looked anything but good. Then he turned around as Splash pointed. That face.......those glasses...that smile.....Luke. Dernam's face brightened considerably. Dernam: Luke! Luke: Dernam! Splash: Luke? Luke: Splash! Dernam: Splash! Splash: Dernam? Dernam: Splash? Luke: Dernam! Splash: Dernam?! Dernam: Luke! Splash: Roland? Dernam: Luke! Luke: Luke! Splash: Luke? Dernam: Luke! Luke: Dernam! Splash: LUKE!?!? *Smack* Dernam slapped some sense into Splash. "YES, Splash, this is my brother,Luke, yer talking too!" TBC?..... Together at last! Ethan Einhorn