From: Shimarisu <> Subject: Re: [PW!]Luke makes his entrance Date: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 10:05 AM In article <>, (Ncnc123) wrote: > Splash looked at Roland... Luke... Dernam's brother. He wondered why Luke > had not just told him his real name. Could he be hiding something? > He quickly dismissed that idea. He had no reason to assume that, except > that he had lied about his name. If Splash had been in Luke's position, he > would have done the same thing. > 'Wait a second,' Splash thought, 'No I wouldn't. I wouldn't do that.' > Splash looked at Dernam, then back to Luke, and then Dernam again. > Suddently, Dernam turned into Splash, except that he had spikey hair, and > was wearing different clothes. Then he turned into Splash, but with longer hair > combed to the side. He also had a sort-of mustachethe. Then, Dernam turned into > the rocket lady and Splash started crying again. > Dernam looked at Splash, then at his brother, and back to Splash. > "Uh... are you okay Splash?" Luke asked, as 6 jumped on top of his head. > Dernam looked at 6, then at Splash, and sighed. Followup to "Nisemon Strikes Back..." A short time later, in fact, a very short time later - before anyone else had a chance to react to Spash's complete breakdown, a brown-haired Rocket agent strolled into the diner. The Rocket agent looked as if he was having a bit of a breakdown himself. His clothes were torn and dirty, and he was carrying what looked like more TR issue garments in his hands, which appeared to be in an even worse state. He dropped the extra clothes onto a table, then slumped into the facing chair. "Damn!" he yelled, while covering his face with his hands. "There are no girls in here!" He collapsed over the table, weeping audibly. - TBC? - Shimarisu Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.