From: Zagro <> Subject: [PW!] Mag-Oak-Karp, har har har Date: Thursday, September 16, 1999 1:52 PM {OOC: Magikarp... the best pokemon ever. What? What's a Gyarados?} Professor Oak finished his lecture and looked at Zagro. "And that's how the Pokedex works. You get a free one, since I'm so insanely kind to strangers, and with it you get... a free pokemon of your choice! Would you like Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle?" Zagro picked one at random, not recognizing any names. "Charmander!" Oak went into a back room. A couple minutes later, he came back empty-handed. "Odd, I seem to be all out of Charmanders." "Okay then... a Squirtle!" Oak left again, and came back with a pokeball. "No Squirtles. And I checked... I'm all out of Bulbasaurs, too. Mmmm, I'll have to go catch some more later. I'm sorry, but all I have is this." He tosses Zagro the ball. "It's a Magikarp." Zagro grinned. "Cool, don't those evolve into Gyarados?" "Yes, they do! This one should be near evolution, it's fought many battles." "Works for me! I'll name it Dragon. ... You won't miss it?" "No, I like giving powerful pokemon to people I've never met." "Cool!" They shook hands, and Zagro left. A small kid approached him. "HEY! I WANNA BATTLE YOU!" Zagro grinned and readied his Magikarp's pokeball. "Sure, I'll battle. Dragon, go!" "Metapod, ATTACK! Use your Harden!" "Dragon, Dragon Rage!" The Magikarp just flopped there. "Metapod, harder!" "Dragon, Hydro Pump!" Dragon rolled it's eyes. "METAPOD, GET REALLY REALLY HARD!!!!!!!" Zagro thought about that. "That sounded nasty." "You're right. Sorry." "It's okay. Dragon, evolve!" Magikarp flopped about some more, unsure of what else to do. Zagro pulled out his Pokedex and hit a few buttons, then pointed it at his Magikarp. "Magikarp - the crap pokemon. This pokemon is all scales and bones. It is deemed by many trainers as worthless, until it evolves into Gyarados. This particular Magikarp, named Dragon, is level 100 and knows Splash. The kid was impressed. "It's level 100? Wow!" Zagro moaned. *It can't evolve now, can it,* he thought. "Yeah, it is! But tell you what. I've got places to go, so how about we just say you won?" "Really? Thanks, mister!" He recalled his Metapod and walked off, happy as a Shellder. Zagro sighed. "Level 100. I'm so lucky." Zagro sighed and walked towards Veridian, wondering if Professor Oak knew about this problem.