From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] Mommy Knows Best Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999 2:55 PM Minax pokes Omelette, her baby Chansey, below the egg on her tummy. The Chansey moves her tiny arms downward and squirms about, giggling, "SeeSee!" Minax licks her lips, "You know, you're just making yourself more appetizing, Popin Fresh." The tall red-haired female Rocket in tight clothing is crouching in her usual alleyway in Saffron City, and her Chansey stands before her, giggling even in the dark and grimy atmosphere. Minax looks down at the happy little Pokemon, "Don't be so optimistic, Omelette. Marcie's mother was nice to her when she was a little girl... but later on..." * Flashback * A middle aged, anorexic, sickly woman with pale purple hair shakes her fourteen year old daughter, "Honey, I need cash. Business has been slow, and daddy needs his cut. I know you're hiding money in your Mankey bank." Marcie, the blonde teen, shakes her head, holding back tears, "I don't got any money, mommy. I'm sorry." A loud gruff voice belonging to a bitter overweight man booms out in the background, "Give me my cash, whore! If I find a single penny in your purse, you're going to get your ass kicked worse than a Diglett by a Gyarados!" "Honey, don't you love your mommy?" Marcie's pale mother starts to cough horribly, "Cough up the cash." Marcie runs to her bed and hides in her covers, burying her face into her hands, "I don't got any money! Honest!" CRASH! A swear word is heard. SMASH! Another profanity is uttered. SHATTER! Yet another verbal curse is shouted by Marcie's mother. Marcie pulls the blanket off from over her head and sees her mother holding a blue clay sculpture of a Zubat up high over her head. The Zubat's body is made of clay, cotton is placed around the neck, and Marcie's own baby teeth act as the fangs in the work of art. Seen from a distance, the beautiful sculpture could be confused for a real Zubat. Marcie watches speechlessly as her mom throws the clay Zubat onto the ground. DEATH. "Damn it all to hell, Marcie, don't you have hidden money in any of these crappy things?" Marcie's mom kicks the shattered works of art with her bony bare feet due to frustration, "You're much stupider than I thought you were." Marcie looks down at the floor. Alongside her destroyed Zubat sculpture is the shattered pieces of her Oddish paperweight, the remnants of her Mankey piggy bank, and the ruins her symbolic Dugtrio made of glass. The teenage girl's tears continue to flow. Her mother had never destroyed her artwork before. It was expected of her father, but she always believed that her mother loved her, "Mommy, I'm sorry I didn't hide money... I'm sorry I'm not smarter..." "Sorry won't cut it, you damn moron! Now daddy's going to hurt mommy. I hope you're happy, you idiot." Marcie's mom hides in Marcie's closet, her mauve trampy lingerie pressed close to her sweating, frail, breakable body. The door to Marcie's room is broken open by Marcie's balding, overweight father. His beard hasn't been shaved in about a week. He wears a white undershirt and torn up blue shorts, and he holds an empty beer bottle in his hand. He shouts out, "Where the hell's your mom, little whore? I gotta spank her hard. And when I'm done with her, you're next!" Marcie can't speak, still choked up about her destroyed art work. If the art had been destroyed by her father, she wouldn't have cared as much, but it was destroyed by her mother. She is sure that no one has ever loved her and no one will ever love her. She tries to speak, but the only thing that comes out is, "Don't... mommy... hurt... fault... my... fault..." "Yer a damn *teenage* whore now! Ya can't cry like that anymore! I'll learn ya." The fat man stomps over to his daughter and grabs Marcie by her cute Pikachu shirt, tearing the fabric in with his surprising strength, "Stop crying." The direct order causes the opposite effect to occur. Marcie starts to bawl louder than ever. Her mind tells her to shut up, but her body continues to cry, unable to do otherwise, "Sorry... I'm... sorry... sorry... I'm... sorry..." Marcie's father drops his beer bottle and grabs Marcie's neck and squeezes hard, choking the poor blonde girl that is his daugher, "Stop crying right now or I'll kill ya, damnit, I'll kill ya! I'll kill ya, then I'll rape yer freakin' corpse, whore!" Through watery eyes, Marcie sees her mother exit the closet behind her father. She is holding Marcie's baseball bat in her hand. It is the baseball bat Marcie crafted all by herself in school. Marcie smiles even though she's being choked, "She does love me! She does love me! I didn't think so, but she does! Daddy, you're about to get what's coming to you!" "What the hell are ya going on about?" The unloving father punches his daughter in her stomach, "Stop crying already!" Marcie's mom smiles back at Marcie, winks, and blows a kiss to her, as if saying "Thanks for taking the beating for me!" She quickly turns around and runs out of Marcie's room without looking back, taking the baseball bat with her. "She didn't... She didn't..." Marcie's words are cut off by blood coming from her mouth. She coughs, "Mommy..." * End of Flashback * "Chaaaanseeee?" Omelette taps Minax on her kneecap, trying to knock her out of her trance, "Chansey chan?" "There is no such thing as love, Omelette, not even the love of a mother for her daughter." Minax cups her hands, grabs Omelette, and raises the foot tall Chansey up to her face, "But I'll try not to make the same mistakes as Marcie's mom." Omelette understands the seriousness of Minax's tone, and rubs her small hands over her owner's face, "Chan Chansey." She presses her rubbery body up against the Rocket's face, her arms outstretched. The hug makes Minax smile. -Minax