From: Bandraptor <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Moonlight Sonata Date: Wednesday, September 29, 1999 3:33 AM >(Figured this thread needed to move along, but my post doesn't really >add anything...) Thanks for posting this, Gonk. I never did find the original message... > >Meeh! Meeh meeh Sat, 11 Sep 1999 07:04:11 -0400, caheeh meeh meeh >M.W.F. <> meeh caheeh! > >>"Bet Schmet. I said I'd help her find one anyway. Besides, we don't >>need to go through Mount Moon to find one anyway. Jigglypuffs don't live >>in there." >> >>> "Your Dragonite, Draconi," Blizzard raised a paw at the large mass of >>> Dragonite beside her "could he fly us to Cerulean? He seems to obese >>> to be able to fly at all." >> >>The 10 foot Dragonite stood up. "What was that you scrawny little >>hairball?!?" An aura surrounded, on filled with the urge to battle. >>White Blade intervened. "Draconi, calm down. She wasn't insulting you, >>she was merely saying you looked to big to fly. As to answer you, >>Blizzard, first, Dragonites can't fly unless they are specially trained >>from birth. Draconi here wasn't. Second, don't say things that sound >>insulting. Third, I just remembered. I may have a TM of my own, some of >>the older ones that aren't registered to trainers." >> >>Keri asked, "What do you mean not registered?" >> >>White Blade continued, "It used to be TMs were unregistered. They had no >>need for it. A few years ago, though, a trainer in Cerulean had his >>house broken in to. He specialized in Diglett training and created TM >>28, Dig. After that, it was made law to have TMs registered so only the >>registered trainer could use it on his pokemon." >> >>Orion thought for a second. "So, if Blizzard learns what she wants >>though the old style TM, she'll still be a wild pokemon." >> >>"Technically yes. That's if I have it. I usually keep strage cleared >>out. But recently, I stockpiled some TMs. I may have a Bubblebeam TM." > >"Didn't we need to go to Cerulean to meet Darwin and Nurip?" said >Samuraichu in a strangely human voice. "And when are we going to think >of a name for this litte group? "The Pack" or "Gleaming Blades" sounds >fine to RAI?" > >All the group turned amazed. Samuraichu himself seemed startled. > >"Chu?" > >>Blizzard purred with delight. "Excellent. I won't have to deal with >>that other leader." >> >>White Blade laughed. "Heh, especially since her specialty is water. >>Now, I suggest we all get some sleep. We have quite a journey through >>Mount Moon the next couple days." >> >>Draconi nearly jumped at the mention of days. "What do you mean days?!? >>I always took us a few hours!" > >Samuraichu's mind burst into images of an Alakazam wearing a cloak and >Pokeballs on a belt, swinging his fingers from side to side with a >troupe of Clefairy behind him. The ground before him opened up into a >deep Fissure, tearing the cave wall before him open. He was the first >Pokemon to become a Pokemon Trainer, he was, his name was.... > >"Chu rai raichu?" > >Somewhere, in the Newsgroup, a Space Marine banged his head into the >keyboard with frustration. He'd seen the Alakazam a week ago.... > >>"I know. But that route usually has a lot of human trainers. And I >>don't know if you noticed or not, but training season is still in full >>swing. We don't need trainers harassing us." In truth, the route he >>took when he was human was commonly used by Team Rocket as a shortcut. >>It was rarely used since it was usually worthwhile for Rocket member to >>ambush the regular trail. "Also, I need to see if I can find a Moon >>Stone. I need..." > >"Grr..." > >Samuraichu, frustrated with the disconnected thoughts floating around >his head, hefted his halberd and lunged at the nearest object, >Blizzard. A sweet soothing melody filled the air, stopping the Raichu >dead in his tracks. > >"Huh?" said a suprised Orion. > >>"Um, Blizzard, if you look behind you, you'll find what >>you're looking for." Blizzard turned around. In the grass was the cute >>little curl that told of a Jigglypuff. As Blizzard turned to look, the Jigglypuff's ears pricked up, alert. "Jiggly?" "Persian..." Blizzard whispered, dropping low to the ground, and stalking towards the balloon-like Pokémon. "You seem a bit disoriented... purr... Could it be, that you are lost in these woods, away from your home?" "Jiggly puff puff..." It nodded, sadly. "Siannn.... Not to worry, though. I'll help you find your way home." Blizzard licked her lips. The Jigglypuff stared deep into her dark blue eyes, as if in a trance. Suddenly, the Persian was dangerously close... "PUFF!" Jigglypuff cried, inflating itself to twice its normal size. "Jigglypuff puff!!!!" "Persian?" "PUFFFFF!!!!" Jigglypff raised an open palm, and brought it down across Blizzards face. Then again. And again. And again, and again, and again. "PUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFPUFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!" Blizzard fell over backwards, as the Jigglypuff snorted, and hopped off into the underbrush. "Hmm..." White Blade mused, staring after the Jigglypuff, "That didn't go especially well, now did it? Say, Blizzard, what do you plan on doing with the Jigglypuff, once you capture it?" Blizzard was busily brushing down her fur, trying her best to appear nonchalant. "Purr..." she mumbled, "I suppose I'll chase it around, until it pops...." "Lofty goals..." The Clefairy sighed. Blizzard eyed her companion carefully. "Speaking of goals... what's this about you wanting a Moon Stone?" TBC... -Beth "Ii kanji!"