From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: Re: [PW!] New to the job Date: Tuesday, September 28, 1999 3:31 AM >>>**Thread for Chris and Patricia, Twin Rockets* >>> >>>The two stepped outside, Patricia with the orders in hand. >>> >>>Once far enough away from what was now the DCBFHe, Chris eagerly beckoned >>>her >>>to open them up. >>> >>>"C'mon, c'mon, sis!" >>> >>>His sister slowly slit it upon, pulling out the orders. >>> >>>The two read side by side. "Pokemon Center in a small town called Lavendar >>>has >>>lost power. This is traditionally the first real mission for every recruit. >>> >>>Maps enclosed. Go swiftly." >>> >>>Ready to leave, they started walking. However, as they reached the edge >>>of the >>>clearing, a voice called from behind. >>> >>>"Wait! Your Pokeballs!" >>> >>>They whirled around, Chris jogging back over to the entrance. A taller >>>male >>>Rocket, name of Butch, handed Chris two Pokeballs. >>> >>>"Giovanni said to give these to you. They belong to you, something about >>>waiting to give them to you until your first mission." >>> >>>Chris nodded, and rejoined his sister. They fingered the Pokeballs. >>> >>>"He said these were ours." >>> >>>Patricia stared at them. They were green, meaning Ultra Ball. Probably >>>a >>>powerful Pokemon was inside. >>> >>>Their basic knowledge of Pokemon and their attacks would be sufficient, >>>at >>>least for now. Chris picked one of the two, leaving his sister the other. >>> >>>"May as well see what's inside, eh?" he posed. She nodded. >>> >>>"Ultra Ball! Go!" Chris called, throwing it. >>> >>>"Go!" His sister did likewise. >>> >>>They stared at what came out- a Fearow and a Dugtrio. They smiled. Two >>>evolved, powerful Pokemon. >>> >>>Kevin called back Dugtrio. He was about to walk off, when his sister >called >>>him. >>> >>>"We can ride this thing to Lavendar!" Patricia said. >>> >>>The two eagerly climbed on. "Fearow, fly to Lavendar." >> >>As the two flew toward Lavender, they received beautiful views of most >of >>the >>local Pokemon world. The SS Anne steaming into Cerulean... Rock Tunnel.. >>then >>Lavender town, with the Pokemon Tower. >> >>They landed on the outskirts, near the exit of the tunnel. Recalling Fearow, >>the two strode into the Pokemon Center. Sitting on a bench, they analyzed >>the >>building and where things were. Unfortunately, this rather small PokeCenter >>was not extremely busy. >> >>They continued to occupy themselves, reading a paper which had the map >posted >>inside. A group of trainers came in, several females and males. >> >>One could be heard loudly, "I can't believe the guard wouldn't let us into >>Saffron." >> >>As the trainers neared the desk, Patricia nodded to Chris. He pulled a >>smoke >>pellet from his pocket. >> >>The two put down the paper and walked towards the desk. Right as heads >>began >>to turn, Chris dropped the pellet. > >Immediately, smoke filled the building. Chris and Patricia lept up high >onto >the desk. Background music filled the air. > >Chris: "From Cinnabar to Cerulean.." >Patricia: "From Pika to Chu..." >Chris: "We take your Pokemon..." >Patricia: "Away from you!" > >"Chris!" "Patricia!" > >The two threw their Pokeballs. > >"Team Rocket! Trio trio! Row!" > >As they finished the motto, Patricia lept backwards over the desk. Chris >went >forwards, grabbing at trainer's Pokeballs. > >As he grabbed at a Lass' ball, he accidentally missed and grabbed her skirt. > >Expecting her to look at him and send out Pokemon, he stood stock still. > >Instead, she jumped on top of him and knocked him to the ground. What followed >was neither a beat down nor intercourse, but something in between. He still >didn't get her Pokemon. > >As he was busy doing this, Patricia was tying up Nurse Joy. However, the >two >unskilled Rockets did not account for the emergency Pokeball transport, >or the >emergency button that Joy could hit with her nose. > >As the smoke was clearing, several of the dazed trainers were on the floor, >thanks to the Dugtrio that had knocked them down. One, however, stood back >up. > >"Go! Pidgeot and Beedrill!" > >As Chris pocketed three Pokeballs, he saw the two flying Pokemon being released >from their balls. He called for Patricia, who came running to his side. > >"Uhm... do we know any attacks for these things?" Patricia asked. > >Chris shook his head. "All we can do... wait, I do know a couple." > >"Dugtrio! After the Beedrill! Earthquake!" > >He whispered to Patricia. > >"Fearow! Use da drill peck on Pidgeot!" > >The two Rocket Pokemon dove forward toward the trainer's Pokemon. The extremely agile Beedrill slowly buzzed forward along the ground, while Pidgeot, seeing the Fearow, went aerial. Chris saw that Beedrill was just in Dugtrio's range. "Quick! Dugtrio! ATTACK!" It executed the earthquake, but the Beedrill managed to fly up a matter of inches to avoid it. The trainer kept his eye on the Pidgeot, but focused on Beedrill. Pidgeot could hold its own, but Beedrill could be a problem. "Beedrill! Twin needle!" Chris clenched his fists. The Beedrill attacked with excellent aim. The stingers went right through the dirt, however. "Alright! Dugtrio! DIG!" The triple Diglett dove down into the floorboards, edging toward the Beedrill. The trainer swore. This was Beedrill's problem. As the Beedrill buzzed aimlessly, the floorboards below it began to crack. "Nooo!" the trainer cried. Unfortunately, Dugtrio had gone clear through the board and had hit the Beedrill square on before it even turned its head. The Beedrill slumped to the ground, as the trainer pulled his Pokedex. "Beedrill has 35% life left." "What?! Must be preparing to take back off..." Chris noticed this, and quickly ordered Dugtrio. "KEEP IT ON THE GROUND AND YOU'VE GOT IT!" The Dugtrio quickly followed its master's orders, catching a wing with its claws. Despite the Beedrill's attempts to fly, Dugtrio had it. The trainer swore. "Beedrill, return!" The two focused on the aerial battle. *** For about three minutes, the Pidgeot had been fighting for itself. Patricia's inexperience with Fearow wasn't getting anywhere fast. "OK! Fearow!" Patricia called. Kevin whispered into her ear. "DRILL PECK!" The Pidgeot missed the Fearow flying above it on its Wing Attack. The 'row came down at it hard, knocking it down about 2 meters. Pidgeot was nowhere near gone. "MIRROR MOVE!" It executed the same maneuver as Fearow, but, unlike Fearow, didn't have the beak for power. Patricia knew what attack she wanted this time. "Uhm.. FLY!" Fearow went sky high, to the ceiling of the Pokemon Center. It then smashed back down, narrowly hitting the Pidgeot. "WING ATTACK!" The more agile Pidgeot began to bash at Fearow with its wings. Both Pokemon began to fail. "Finish that Pidgeot off! MIRROR MOVE!" The Fearow also repeated the Pidgeot's move, but on doing so failed. A knock from Pidgeot sent Fearow crashing to the ground. "RETURN!" Patricia yelled, and they both ran towards the Pokemon storage room. Grabbing Pokeballs, they noticed something- more than 75% were gone. "SHOOT! The generator got the Emergency transport moving." They grabbed the remainder of the Pokemon. As they came out, they were faced with a problem.. TBC... -------- Sig v.1.7A Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person ICQ: 32262691 Azure! 'zine 773+ Posts to AGNP! Quote du jour: Sailor Moon says, "LEGGO MY FUUKU!"