From: Anonymous <> Subject: [PW!] Now What? (Was Re: [PW] IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS) Date: Tuesday, September 14, 1999 9:06 PM >Jamie and Tiki left Pipian to sleep. > "Tiki I never said this but thanx for saving my life." Jamie said. > Tiki was astonished, "WHAT thank you, Jamie I'm the one that >killed you!" Tiki retorted. > "I know," Jamie said touching Tiki's cheek, "But your soul beat >the darkness within you, and you were able to come back and save >me...." There was along silence, they just stood there "OH I almost >forgot," Jamie said. "Here," Jamie handed Tiki his pokeballs. > "Thanks," Tiki said, "Foir taking care of them and all." > "No problem," Jamie said, "Anyway what are friends for?" > Tiki looked into Jamie's eyes... then turned and walked outside, >and sat on the steps holding his pokeballs. What was he going to do >know? Meanwhile, Jamie decided to wait for Pipian's recovery in the lobby. Fortunately, this gave her some time to think about the events that had occured up to this point. It had been a long time since she had made that life-altering decision to leave Team Rocket, to abandon a life of reasonable comfort to leap into the unknown. Through the experience, she had discovered new powers, captured new Pokémon, earned some badges, and rejected them. And somewhere in there, she got wrapped up in the affairs of the Anti-Mewtwo Crew. Mewtwo was no longer involved. Now, she had a very important decision to make: would she stick around or leave? "One things for sure," she said to herself, "I'm gonna have to find some some reason to stay..." When the guy sitting in a chair across from her started to stare, Jamie decided to think to herself from now on. Well, whether or not she had a grudge against any omnipotent cats, they were out of the picture. Scratch Mewtwo. She wasn't going for badges or the Pokémon League, which seemed to work best with groups anyway. So forget about that. What would that leave? With Mewtwo gone, and badges out of the question, why else would she stay? There didn't seem to be any other reason... Then again, if there wasn't any reason to stay, why was she putting so much thought into it? Something was nibbling at the back of her mind, something she hadn't thought of yet. What had led her to these people whom she otherwise would've probably never met? Jamie thought back to when she discovered her powers. She had gone to Saffron to see Sabrina, just to make sense of things. While in the presence of other psychics, she had blacked out and had the first of her many psychic visions. Then she got Drowzee, and... She backtracked a bit. In the vision, what happened? Jamie was in the Safari Zone, watching a battle. The Spearow attacked a Pikachu, and... that's it! "Tiki!" The guy across from her got up and left, staring at her like she was crazy or something. Of course, her frequently yelling out random words didn't really help the situation. At that, Tiki ran into the lobby. "What is it?" "Uh... um... how are things?" Tiki stared at her, not unlike the man from the lobby. "Some humor you've got there, Jamie. If you've got any real emergencies, I'll be outside. If we're lucky, maybe more of TAC will show up." At that, he walked back through the double doors. Once he left, Jamie sighed. "Just great." ------------ TBC -Anonymous (you know, the guy who wrote all the poems) REASON ODDISH REIGNS SUPREME #4: He just looks good. Aagh! No more room for my .sig! AOL sucks!