From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Old Friends, New Problems Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 10:55 AM > > Mara grabbed Gads's wrist and began running. "OOOH! We're going to > the Celadon Shopping Center! I hear they have EVERYTHING! Maybe > they'll even have a Water Stone for Whirly!" > > "Whirly? Your mom gave you her Polywhirl?" > > "Yeah. He helped me past the Black-Belt test. He's the only one I > got, but he's GREAT! Now LET'S GO!" > > Gads groaned as he was pulled out of the Pokemon Center and through > the streets of Celadon. "Not so hard! I'm still injured! Are you > listening?" The trio arrived at the large building that housed the Celadon Pokemart. For a moment, all three just stared at the sheer size of the thing, then... "WELL! What are we WAITING for?" Mara dashed through the doors into the large shopping center. After a moment, Gads, with Monk-chan upon his head, entered as well. They were greeted by department after department. Clothing, Pokeballs, Potions... Potions! "There's what I need. Right Monk-chan... Monk-chan?" The Mankey was no longer on Gads's head. "Where did he go?" In the Pokeball area... Monk-chan was busy juggling 3 Pokeballs. While he hated being INSIDE of them, they sure were fun to play with... "Monk-chan? Where are you?" The Mankey quickly caught all three and ran towards his trainer. "Mankey man!" Gads saw that Monk-chan was carrying three items he didn't need. "Now Monk-chan, we already have a good number of Pokeballs. We don't need anymore." Gads took the Pokeballs from Monk-chan, and walked back to where the Mankey had came from. The placed two Pokeballs back in their spots, but there was no room anywhere for the third. Gads shrugged, and threw it over his shoulder. A loud shout came from behind him. "JIGGLY!!" Gads turned around to see the Pokeball he tossed over his shoulder shaking, with the capture light lit. "What the..." The ball stopped shaking. "I... caught... Jigglypuff? What is a wild Pokemon doing running around a store?" Suddenly, a saleperson stepped out of nowhere. Her face was covered with red crayon. "Thank you. That wild Jigglypuff was let loose HOURS ago by some joker. It had been causing havoc everywhere, but no one had been able to stop it. As reward, you can keep the Jigglypuff..." The saleperson then got a serious look on her face, which looked silly with all the crayon over it. "And the Ultra Ball you hadn't paid for that you used to capture it." Gads looked sheepish. "Sorry 'bout that. I'll try to keep Monk-chan from taking items." The Mankey was too busy laughing at the salesperson to care. "Man, man, man..." Gads picked up the Pokeball containing the Jigglypuff. He chuckled a little. "Well, since it was obvious that YOU are the one who did that to her face, I'll call you Sketch. GO SKETCH!" The Jigglypuff reappeared, holding a red crayon in one hand. It looked at it's new trainer, then... "JIGGLY!" The Jigglypuff lept at Gads, landing on his head. Monk-chan looked outraged. That BALLOON was sitting on HIS spot. The Mankey lept at Jigglypuff, who dodged, and blurred it's hands into action. When Monk-chan landed on the other side, it's entire face had become one big tatoo. Both Gads and Sketch were laughing at that. "GADS, LOOK!" Gads, Sketch, and Monk-chan all turned to see Mara standing behind them, with a small vial in her hand, with a Rattata on it. Gads was puzzled. "What is it?" Mara smirked. "It's an ATTRACT potion. When you use it, it makes the type of Pokemon it was made for easier to catch. That nice man over there gave me a free sample, made for catching Rattata..." Mara turned and pointed, but no one was there. "He was just there a moment ago..." Mara then realized something and turned back to Gads. "Did you know there is a Jigglypuff on your head?" Now it was Gads's turn to smirk. "Yeah. His name's Sketch. I caught him in this store. There's something I don't like about that vial however. There's just something about ATTRACTING wild pokemon that doesn't seem right. And shouldn't the guy who sold it to you should still be there, unless..." Mara stuck her tongue out at Gads. "That's just because I got one and you don't. I'm going out into the wild to try it out!" Mara began to dash off. "MARA! WAIT!" Mara stopped. "At least let my stock up on my potions first, then we'll go." "Already bought some." Mara tossed Gads a decent-sized bag. When Gads looked in, he saw a dozen full heals and 24 Super Potions. "HOW DID YOU BUY ALL THAT?" Mara looked a little sheepish, then tossed Gads something else. It was a now-much-smaller wad of cash that Dow had won him at the Big P Pokemon Race. "I used some of your money, since the potions WERE for you..." Gads glared at her for a moment, then sighed, and pocketed the money and the potions. "Oh well... let's go see what that attract potion can do..." Gads, with Sketch still upon his head and a doodled-on Monk-chan close behind, followed Mara out the door and to the edge of the city. TBC? (Anyone care for an attract potion? >:) From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.