From: Chuck Einhorn <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Old Friends, New Problems Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 3:40 PM wrote: > Mara looked a little sheepish, then tossed Gads something else. It > was a now-much-smaller wad of cash that Dow had won him at the Big P > Pokemon Race. "I used some of your money, since the potions WERE for > you..." > > Gads glared at her for a moment, then sighed, and pocketed the money > and the potions. "Oh well... let's go see what that attract potion can > do..." Gads, with Sketch still upon his head and a doodled-on Monk-chan > close behind, followed Mara out the door and to the edge of the city. Gitano looked at the bueatiful city. God, he loved Celadon. Where else can one causse so much trouble? He decided to have a little fun with it, and play an old trick. He spotted a perfect white, fluffy, billowing cloud directly above the city. He closed his eyes and concentrated. His little Eevee hair suddenly went white all over. Gitano looked like a little puffy snowball. That's just what he needed. He looked up at the middle of the cloud, concentrated, and teleported. Gitano appeared at 5,000 feet, directly below the cloud's center, and plummeted like a rock. The trick was simple. People saw him and reported crazy alien sightings, or missile attacks, or kids cried to their mommies how the clouds were dieing and falling like in the fairy-tales. Gitano flipped and somersaulted, corkscrewed and twisted, enjoying the fleeting freedom of it all, the joy of independence......then realized he was a little close to the ground. He teleported to a favorite hiding place of his, in an old church. When he teleported, he lost all kinetic energy, and didn't feel the shock of 5,000 feet, but 6 inches instead. Teleporting was scary, yet exhilirating, as he saw himself travel near the speed of light to far off places, zipping effortlessly through solid objects and touching down gently, as he would on the church roof. He wasn't so lucky. Gitano appeared on the roof, but there WAS no roof. He simply fell to the church floor, amid ashes, policemen, reporters, and coroners. Heh, he caused mischeif even unintentionally it seems, as everyone was shocked to see an ash-stained, yet pure white Eevee fall from the sky. Before anyone could say a word, he bolted out of the church and as far away as he could, letting the people decide for themselves what happened. Boy, what a rush! First sky-diving, then befundling people everywhere. He decided to teleport around, get into more trouble. The game corner, the Pokémart and Center, no signs of possible trouble-making. He made a chance stop at the outskirts. A girl, a guy and Jigglypuff, and a Mankey. Fun fun fun fun fun! Gitano changed his coloration to normal brown/white, and stepped out of the bushes, in direct view. Gads was extremely excited to see such a rare Pokémon present itself. "Wow, an Eevee!" he almost yelled, pulling a Pokéball. Monk-chan, go! The Mankey was the obvious choice for Gads, as it was already out and ready to go. Monk-chan charged Gitano. He waited, waited, waited.... now! Gitano jumped straight up, lightning fast, then stomped on the Mankey's head, dropping it down. He charged Gads and Mara! He swerved, in an out, between their legs, around and around, quite confusing them..... and teleported out, back to the Pokémon Center, snickering to himself. Fun fun fun fun fun stuff, it was! TBC. Heh, I knew this Gitano would have a blast annoying people..