From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Old Friends, New Problems Date: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 7:12 AM > The Mankey was the obvious choice for Gads, as it was already out and > ready to go. Monk-chan charged Gitano. He waited, waited, waited.... > now! Gitano jumped straight up, lightning fast, then stomped on the > Mankey's head, dropping it down. He charged Gads and Mara! He swerved, > in an out, between their legs, around and around, quite confusing > them..... and teleported out, back to the Pokémon Center, snickering to > himself. Fun fun fun fun fun stuff, it was! > Gads watched as the Eevee teleported. "I didn't know Eevees could learn to do that... guess I'll try a little harder next time." Mara couldn't resist from commenting. "Why didn't you just kick it? I'm sure that while it was running between our legs, you could have gotten at least one good, swift kick in." "It'd be like... I dunno, kicking a puppy. While rather high on the potental fun level, kicking something that annoying, it's not exactly something to be proud of, kicking something that... cute." "Jiggly! Jiggly!" The Jigglypuff, now on the ground, was waving it's crayon around. Monk-chan took the chance to reclaim it's rightful spot on Gads head, earning a glare from Sketch. "What? I'm not that great at Jiggly-speak yet. You..." "Jiggly Jiggly!" "You... got him? OH! Well, at least he didn't make a CLEAN getaway." At the Pokemon Center Gitano was heading for the exit to cause more trouble, when suddenly it passed by a mirror. After a moment, Gitano realized that something was wrong. It backed up to the mirror, then turned to face it. The cry of agony that followed could be heard three miles away. Hey, you try getting red crayon out of pure-white Eevee fur. Annoying is as annoying does. Enjoy your new tatoos, Gitano. >:) From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.