From: wonkycyber the Rider of Lugia <lugiarider@aol.comyourself> Subject: [PW!] Onix Assault, Nurip and the Clefairy Date: Friday, September 17, 1999 7:13 PM Pokewars! Onix Assault, Nurip and the Clefairy By wonkycyber, The Rider of Lugia "So, this is Mt.Moon…" Nurip looked up at the huge mountain before him. Koi-chan, Marinya, and Popem stood a few feet behind him. Across the field was the lass he had just rendered unconscious, and a few stray Jigglypuffs he had killed lay on the ground nearby. "Well, I suppose… I should enter…" He did not know he was being watched by the silent figure. Nurip and his group entered Mt.Moon. Marinya boldly marched forward, while Popem lagged behind, floating with Koi-chan atop him. Nurip looked around, rather worried. He had heard of travellers dying within the mountain… "KARP!!!!" Koi-chan jumped from Popem's arms ontop of Nurip, tackling him. A Zubat buzzed over his head, nearly striking it with his wing. "Gah!" Nurip rose, angrily. "You're mine, Zubat. Popem! Knock it out of the sky with Twineedle!" "BEEEEEEDRILLLLL!!!!" Popem flew at the Zubat, and the two began to battle for a while, poking, slashing, hacking at each other with their wings and other weapons. The Zubat flew upwards and unleashed a Supersonic attack. "BEEDRILL!" Popem fell to the ground, as did Nurip and the rest of his pokes. Another group of Zubats came as well. More, and more. All performing Supersonic. It was too much. "STOP IT!!!!" Nurip screamed, and grabbed a huge rock off of the ground to hurl at the Zubats. "TAKE THIS!!!!!" "Dude?" The rock said. Nurip dropped the rock and screamed. "RUNNNN!!!" Popem began flying as fast as he could, Marinya not far behind. Nurip, of course, was at the head. "Talking rocks… gah! This is… KOI-CHAN!!!!" Behind the group, the Geodude and the Zubats were attacking the helpless Koi-chan, who merely flopped around. "KOI-CHAN!!!" Nurip yelled and ran at the Zubats, drawing his sword. "Kaaaiiii----YAAAAA!!!" He hacked and slashed at the group. Suddenly, he felt a heavy impact on his back. The Geodude had Body-slammed him. The Zubats began to continue doing Supersonic, rendering everyone useless. A group of Geodudes began to float out of the ground as well. Nurip screamed. The Zubats slammed his face with their wings. They bit him. He began to bleed. There was no hope. Nearby, Popem and Marinya fought a losing battle with the Zubats and Geodudes as well. Koi-chan just flopped around. "Fai-ry!" A Clefairy popped out, and disabled the entire group of Zubats and Geodudes. It grabbed Koi-chan and ran. "KOI-CHAN!!!!" Nurip screamed, his face bleeding. He picked up his sword and chased after the Clefairy. Marinya hopped on his shoulder, with Popem flying above him. "Koi-chan, I'm coming!" "Karp!" Koi-chan flopped around, slapping the Clefairy around a bit. The Clefairy Disabled the helpless Magikarp and kept running. Suddenly, it was mildly struck by Popem's needle. "FAIRY!" "Now, Clefairy. Return my friend." Nurip stood, his sword pressed up against the Clefairy's chest. "Surrender, Clefairy. Raise that finger and it comes off." "FAIRY!!!!" The Clefairy screamed, and fell to the ground. Suddenly, and Onix shot out of the wall, nearly hitting the whole group. "Fairy…! Cle-Cle, Cle-fair, Fairy fairy, Cle-fairy!" "Wha…?" Nurip watched as the Clefairy made strange symbols with it's hands, trying to figure out what the hell it was saying. "What the hell are you saying?" "As humans abandon their Pokemon, the Pokemon look throughout the wild for an ideal location to live. The Onixes chose Mt.Moon." A strange looking weirdo dressed in a labcoat appeared. He adjusted his huge glasses and combed his messy brown hair back with his hands. "The Onixes are competing with the Clefairy for nest-space. The Clefairy took your Magikarp because they need a water-pokemon to defeat the Onixes. I apologize." "Well… the Clefairy did save our lives, so I'll forgive you. Just this once." Nurip held his sword up to the man's throat "But I must know where the Jigglypuff live. Where are they?!" "Jigglypuff? I have no idea…" The man shook visibly "I'm… call me Seymour. I meant no harm… leave me alone… AGH!" "You know where they are, don't you?" "Yes. I'll… I'll tell you if you help us." "Howabout you tell me or Goddish help me because I WILL slice that head clean off your shoulders." "The Clefairy saved your life… have a little compassion…" "How about not?" "CLEFAAAAAAAAABLE!!!!" "Ach!" Nurip fell, glaring at the Clefable who just Double-Slapped him "What the…?!" "You have to help us!" Seymour whined "The Onixes are takeing Mt.Moon over… Please!" "Clefab…" The Clefable growled. "Then… I guess I have no choice…" Sometime that night… "GWAORN!" "GWAORN!" "GWAORN!" "GWAORN!" "GWAORN!" "NNINIXXX!!!" The Onix mouved towards the Clefairy nest. They had been abandoned by their masters because of whatever reason, and now they felt resentful, hurt, and angry at their treatment. They would destroy the pathetic and weak Clefairy, and then they would become the King Creature of Mt. Moon. They could taste the sweet taste of blood on their rock-like lips. They were ready. "Koi-chan, got it?" Nurip knelt over his Magikarp companion "When I give the command, activate this switch under your left flipper. The machine Seymour gave us should do the work from here." He drew his blade and pointed it a Seymour "After this, you're mine, punk." "Agh!" Seymour stepped back "The TMs have been distributed… the Onixes should be attaaaaaaaaaagh! "GWAORN!" A huge Onix burst out of the ground, slamming Seymour into the wall. All around, they appeared. The Clefairies bounced about, singing, Metranoming, Bubblebeaming, Watergunning… A few Onixes fell, but for every one Onix that fell, three more popped out after it. The Clefairy's numbers slowly dwindled, and they fell prey to the vicious Onix's. Popem and Marinya hacked and slashed at their enemies to no avail. Nurip ran up, drawing his sword. One rather large Onix was heading towards Koi-chan. Koi-Chan! Use your Water Gun!" "KARP!" Koi-chan smacked the switch beneath it's flipper. The machine Seymour had made shot out huge sprays of water at his Onix opponent. Marinya and Popem struck the weakened Onix, knocking it over and down. Clefable began to fly in and join the ranks of the Clefairy. Perhaps they had a chance. Then Golems, Gravellers, Geodudes, and more Onixes popped in. Golbats, Zubats, Parasects, and Paras came in as well. Maybe not. "Damn…!" Nurip returned his pokemon, grabbed his sword and Koi-chan's machine, and ran like hell. To be continued? ________________________________ ~wonkycyber, The Rider of Lugia "Koi koi, koiking!" ---GOT WONKY? "Death is lighter than a feather, duty is heavier than a mountain" [={Remove Yourself to EMail me}=]