From: Shimarisu <> Subject: [PW!] [ATTN: Insanellama, Shard] Onward to HQ Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 8:46 AM Onward to HQ (I am crap at writing story titles) ------------------- Some time after finding Mondo's burnt out jeep, the trio of Murasaki, Kiniro and Sneakers were on their way to HQ courtesy of the stolen car that Kiniro was now driving. Kiniro had not specified which HQ they were travelling to, but Murasaki had assumed it was Celadon. Indeed, Murasaki was not aware that there *were * any other HQs. Sneakers on the other hand had kept his mouth shut. This was a free ride away from the farce that had been the Mt. Moon expedition, and - affront to his dignity that it may have been - he could always claim that the two other Rockets had kidnapped him if he got into trouble for not returning with anything useful. On the other hand, he could always go with their story (it was true, after all) and maybe get promoted. Already the trio had come to some conclusions. The events that had occurred at Mt. Moon were most puzzling. (warning, lengthy plot exposition sequence now follows. Press fast forward now) Firstly, Murasaki and Kiniro had encountered something odd in the caverns, which had disguised itself as both of them in sequence, somehow, and then acting as Murasaki, had tried to seduce Kiniro. That had been *most* traumatic. Nextly, somebody, presumably the same person/thing, had fired at them with a WigglyTuff launcher. Sneakers had protested that it was not his trainer, Maria. Murasaki had stripped down to her underclothes as a reaction to being covered in Pokemon remains, and had caused the other two to blush and nearly get nosebleeds. That in the context of any anime, had been doubly traumatic. Lastly, the trio had come across a burnt out jeep, belonging to Agent Mondo. That had caused them all, excepting Murasaki who obviously didn't care about any human on the planet, to become a trifle upset. But then Kiniro had recalled that Mondo had somehow lost his jeep. Somebody had stolen it. So maybe Mondo was alright after all. But the mystery as to who had been driving the jeep in the first place was not solved, as there was no trace of human remains anywhere. Surely nobody, not even a Rocket, could have survived that kind of explosion? Kiniro sure as hell didn't know how anyone could have crawled out of that plot thread alive. But he was trying not to dwell on it. Instead, he concentrated on the road, or lack thereof, ahead of him. He cursed as the wheels of the car found yet another pothole. Possibly one that had been dug and hastily refilled by one of his own comrades. "The suspension in this crate is shot all to hell," complained Sneakers, as he struggled to keep himself from falling off the seat. "You guys need some more... shall we say romantic transport? Why not ask Giovanni for a hot air balloon, when we get promoted?" he asked slyly. Kiniro leaned over and casually silenced Sneakers with a smack on the head. "I thought we asked you to drop that line of thought. Anyway, we're just coming into Cerulean now. Keep quiet, and maybe you'll understand what happens next," he told the sulking Meowth. "But... I," put in Sneakers, then was quietened by the hand that swiftly dove down and snatched him from his seat, holding him in mid air by the scruff of his neck. This time however, the hand came from behind his head. Murasaki smiled as she turned the Meowth around to face her. "Lady," yelled Sneakers, "If you pick me up like this one more time, you're gonna regret you ever..." Once again, he was cut short as Murasaki pulled him over to the back of the car, clamped his mouth shut and buckled him into her seatbelt with her. "Happy now?" she asked the Meowth. Sneakers was too surprised to respond. He didn't know what to make of being strapped onto the lap of a human, though the way in which his new position facilitated a view out of the window somehow made the atmosphere in the car a little less stifling for him. He decided that it would be perhaps foolish of him to utter another word. So the three Rocket agents spent the rest of the journey in silence. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Some time later, Kiniro pulled up beside a stray Pokecentre in the middle of nowhere. Close by, Murasaki and Sneakers could make out the entrance to a tunnel, that was hewn into the rock. "Okay you two, get out." Kiniro told them. "There's a secret Rocket HQ somewhere around here, and we're going to find it." "I'm not going in *there*," Murasaki said abruptly, without making any indication as to where she actually meant. But the others knew. They had had all too many nightmarish adventures in dark caverns to ever want to see the inside of one again. "Don't worry, Kiniro told her, as he opened the car door and climbed out of his seat. "We're not going in any more caves. But I hope you like swimming." He smiled at the two other agents. Swimming? Both Murasaki and Sneakers looked aghast. Neither of them were all too inclined to take a dip in the ocean, or even a small rock pool for that matter. Murasaki unhooked the seatbelt and made to protest. But Kiniro's attention was focused on Sneakers. "Right then, smarty-pants." Kiniro addressed the Meowth. "Mr high-and-mighty, better-than-you, pretty-high-up-in-Team-Rocket-thank-you-very-much Agent Sneakers." He mocked the Meowth's feline drawl in a condescending tone, while still managing to keep up a false air of respect for superiors. "You're going to tell us how to get into Cerulean HQ." Sneakers remained silent, as Murasaki lifted him off her lap and placed him on the seat next to her, so she could get out of the car. Murasaki wasn't interested in the macho rivalry that had presented itself at this juncture. Now she knew why they hadn't driven to Celadon instead. But she didn't care. She didn't care for anything that didn't concern her directly, and now her only concern was how to prevent the situation from affecting her. "I'm waiting," said Kiniro to the sulking Meowth. "Are you going to tell us how to get there, or will we all be doing time in the kitchens when they catch up with us, for failing to report to HQ?" - TBC? - Shimarisu * Sent from RemarQ The Internet's Discussion Network * The fastest and easiest way to search and participate in Usenet - Free!