From: Insanellama <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [ATTN: Insanellama, Shard] Onward to HQ Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 9:58 AM Shimarisu wrote in message <>... >Onward to HQ (I am crap at writing story titles) >"Right then, smarty-pants." Kiniro addressed the Meowth. "Mr >high-and-mighty, better-than-you, >pretty-high-up-in-Team-Rocket-thank-you-very-much Agent >Sneakers." He mocked the Meowth's feline drawl in a >condescending tone, while still managing to keep up a false >air of respect for superiors. "You're going to tell us how >to get into Cerulean HQ." > >Sneakers remained silent, as Murasaki lifted him off her lap >and placed him on the seat next to her, so she could get out >of the car. Murasaki wasn't interested in the macho rivalry >that had presented itself at this juncture. Now she knew why >they hadn't driven to Celadon instead. But she didn't care. >She didn't care for anything that didn't concern her >directly, and now her only concern was how to prevent the >situation from affecting her. > >"I'm waiting," said Kiniro to the sulking Meowth. "Are you >going to tell us how to get there, or will we all be doing >time in the kitchens when they catch up with us, for failing >to report to HQ?" > Sneakers was in a state of confusion. Was there really an HQ near cerulean? He'd only heard rumors of the place. Something an agent whispered about the entrance being a wattery grave to tresspassers. "There's no Cerulean HQ you lunkhead" he said instead, not wanting to mention the rumors. Kiniro did not let his dis-pleasure with the response show. He slowly, and methodically walked behind a large boulder where he stripped down to his boxer shorts. He then walked out from behind the boulder and put his folded uniform into a plastic pack. "What in the name of Giovanni are you doing Agent Kiniro?" asked sneakers talking down to Kiniro. "What I am doing, is attempting to further the investigation of a possible murder. What I am doing, is attempting to save our collective arses here. What I am doing, is attempting to report in to hq. What I am doing, is going down into that pond to look around for anything remotely un-natural," Kiniro said, his adrenaline flowing, and just barely managing to keep the most remote hint of respect in his voice, "Now, you two can ethier stand there and discuss hydrophobia in committy, or you can help me." Kiniro was not merely a thinker, when action had to be taken, he was swift to move. Murasaki didn't like the fact that Kiniro had hit dead on with his accusation of her and sneaker's mutual fear of water. Nevertheless, she just couldn't make herself go skin-diving, no matter the purpose. At least not when the chance of success was so remote. Sneakers was thinking much the same thing at this point. Kiniro took their response, or rather lack there of, as a signal that they would not be participating. So he walked over to the edge of one of the fairly high cliffs bordering the pond, and stepped over the edge. The water wasn't quite as deep as he had expected, and he wound up wedging his feet in the mud. It took an amazing amount of effort to free himself, and then get to the top without blacking out. He inhaled voraciously, and went under to begin his search. After about 4 hours of meticulously working his way around the pond walls, the sun had begun to set. He went under one final time before it would be too dark. Then he found it. It wasn't much, just a small rock really that was attacked to a recessed button. When he pressed in on it, the edge of the pond literally opened up. He swam straight up from the button, and marked the spot on the shore with 2 pieces of driftwood in the shape of a T. Unfortunately, the pond seemed to be surrounded on all sides by the sheer rock walls. He was about to yell, when sly teleported next to him. Kiniro greeted the pokemon, which soon teleported him over to Sneakers and Murasaki. "I found the entrance, and I marked the spot. It is underwater, so get ready to swim." Kiniro matter of factly walked back towards the edge. "What are you doing?" asked sneakers. "Sly is to tired to do 6 more teleportations, we've got to get there by more, shall we say, conventional methods." With that said, he stretched a foot out into open space, leaving one still planted on the rock. TBC?