From: Neokind <> Subject: [PW!]....PEWTER! Date: Monday, September 27, 1999 1:32 PM Neo smiled as he looked up at the words "Pewter City" Rigel smiled too. I mean, COME ON! After being attacked by Beedrills wouldn't you be happy? Needless to say, it was getting dark. Rigel looked up, "'s getting dark." Neo looked up too, "Yeah, let's go to sleep." -Morning- Rigel woke up to the sound of a Dodrio calling in the air. She didn't wake up but slept smiling at the sound. Then her eyes smashed open as she heard another dodiro come and start attacking the other one. She got up as both Dodrios squawked and dropped dead. Neo got up and rubbed his back, "What's wrong?" asked Rigel. Neo groaned, "You want a bad night?" he picked up a small ball, "Try sleeping on one of these." the ball unrolled into a Sandshrew and Rigel squealed, "Oo! I want it!" Neo groaned, "Now come on there are many perfectly fine HUMAN boys out there....." Rigel punched him, "No! I want to catch it!" Neo groaned, "Oooh" Rigel threw the ball, it caught Sandshrew and she yelled out, "YES!!!!!" Neo groaned, "Ow......" The Neo-Stunticons, Neo J. Menasor, Mike Browne Transfan code:G+++ FR+ FW M #78 D+ AD+ N+++ W+ B+++ OP++ BC CN++ OM- P54 The Covenent of's a COOKBOOK!!!---------------