From: Chuck Einhorn <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Poke-Ball Date: Tuesday, September 14, 1999 Maria Rocket wrote: For a moment she stood there watching. She very seriously considered staying to watch the building collapse around her. With a sigh, she changed her mind for some reason a deafening roar rose from the basement. She turned and ran out the side of the building as fast as she could. She didn't look back as flames rose up and the entire building began to shake. Alone again. It was better that way. Note: Refurbished, ignore last post about Gyarados catching up to Maria plz. Dernam realized he was in a helluva mess almost instantly. The building rocked back and forth as people, pokémon, and the building's structure screamed in unison. Someone had set something off in the basement, and Dernam had 3 guesses and needed one. Red-head? No. Green-guy? Too big a sissy apparently. Maria? Yeah, probably. Flames licked along the walls near the back as people struggled to get to the doors. Dernam might as well buy them some time, and let a ball fly. Gyarados, all 25 feet, 580 pounds worth, reared, ready and true, to combat the enemy. She quickly realized what it was, too, and immediatly Hydro Pumped at the flames, fighting them back the best she could. After the people were out of the way, Gyarados gave the walls one last spray-down, to retard the flames. Now the concern was escape. The doors were now useless, clogged with the bodies of people trying to escape the inferno that followed them. Gyarados got an idea. She turned to a nearby wall, drew back, concentrated herself, and let out a powerful Hydro Pump, cracking the now-weakened walls. She then realed back and slammed them down, sending a portion of the wall out. Afterwards, she sent her body over the hole, making a stairway for people to evacuate. Gyarados also saw someone in a dress running away with a Meowth. Sensing the evil intents that seemed to surround the ball house, she drew the conclusion that it was a malicious person. She screamed at the fleeing girl, but was unable to follow because of the panicked people using her as a living bridge. Instaed, she concentrated on her physical features, her face, searing them into her vast dragon's memory. Next time, yes, then she would not be so lucky. If there WAS a next time...........But that was a thought for next time, now wasn't it? The last of the people crawled off of her back, and Dernam and 6 followed. He jumped on her head, and they were off. Must avoid press, after the fiasco in Saffron, any more press would kill him. He got to a quiet part of Cerulean's outskirts, and recalls her. Dernam breaths heavily, thinking of the events that had just unfolded. He had suspected them, if only he had worked on those thoughts instead of holding back! Lives may have been saved. But no, again Team Rocket gets it's way, and he is left holding the bill of his concious. If only he had acted. But it was too late for "if only"s, what had happened had happened. He coud only hope nothing TOO bad had happened. Now it was time to get going. He had had his fun with Misty's mind, had been to a ball, now was time to move on. Dernam skulked back to his motel room, brooding over this failure. 6 was seemingly just as gloomy as him. <My shinys...........> Back at his room, he changed into similar clothes after a hot shower, and strapped hi backpack on, along with Magnemite and his weaponry. He must leave town now, he had no choice. But first, he had to go to Brock's Diner and get his money back from Splash. Only time would tell what would happen next...... TBC? Unfortunately, must add new names to Dernam's enemy list...... -- The Droe .sig V1.2! 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