From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Poke-Ball Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 1:36 PM Shard Fields or Megasomething wrote: > "Oh, I'm sorry," said Shard, acting flustered. "Here, I'll take care of your > pokemon for you," said Shard, taking the pokeballs from the woman's purse. He > also took some money, but no one saw that. Shard smiled and walked towards the > punch bowl. At the fancy table where the fruit punch bowl is located, Shard sees a red-haired woman from behind, the back of her crimson dress open, showing off the smoothness of her back. The dress ends slightly below her tight rear end, and her long legs end at fancy black heel-less sandals on her feet. The woman has a strong tantalizing scent emitting from her, resembling a very rare perfume found only in Celadon City. Shard sees a matching red purse hanging from her arm, so he decides to strike again. The wily green haired Rocket tosses one of his Pokeballs onto the floor. Ash, the Magmar, appears right behind the woman dressed in crimson. The woman sniffs a few times, noticing a burning smell in the air. She turns around and sees the Magmar, then looks up at Shard, "Thanks, but no thanks, Shard. I already ate." Shard is surprised to see that the woman is Minax, especially since she's in such a low cut dress, which shows off her usually hidden cleavage very ostentatiously, which is an easy task since there's so much to show! Shard is actually flustered as he recalls Ash before the Magmar torches the entire place. Shard blinks, noticing that Minax's hairstyle is even different... bouncier than usual. Shard asks, "Who are you and what did you to do the real Minax?" "Oh, this?" Minax runs her hands down the side of her curvaceous body, "They wouldn't let me into this Poké-Ball in dirty jeans and my knee-high muddy black boots... So I bought this outfit, and took a bath to rid myself of any stank." Shard smirks, "I don't think there's enough water in all of Cerulean City to get the stank off of YOU!" Minax slaps Shard across the face. Hearing the noise, a curious baby pink Chansey peeks outside of her red purse and squeals, "Chansey?" Minax pushes the Chansey back into her purse, not really caring if the creature needs air or not. Minax shoves Shard aside, whispering, "Now watch how a *real* Rocket steals Pokemon." Minax faces a tuxedo-clad young man with brown hair and blue eyes. She winks at him and smiles, beckoning him to approach her. The young man actually falls for the trap and comes near. Minax says, "Hello, handsome. Wanna dance?" The drooling young man nods and starts to dance, except Minax is the one leading. They dance slowly across the shiny ballroom floor. Shard watches as Minax whispers something into the guy's ear and reaches into his pocket. For some reason, the man doesn't stop her, and simply grins widely when Minax grabs his balls. Shard raises an eyebrow. When the song ends, Minax gives the guy a peck on the cheek, whispers something else into his ear, and the young man faints from disbelief. Minax struts away from the guy, towards Shard. She comments, "It's good that he fainted instead of actually accepting my offer, or else his Pokeballs wouldn't be the only thing he'd be missing in the morning." -Minax