From: Sirius <sirius259@aol.comeleon> Subject: [PW!][NC] Pokemon League Showdown: Kyle vs. Tenchi Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 9:09 PM "We are now in the fifth game of the tournament," spoke the announcer, "with #5 seed Kyle Richter squaring off against #60 Tenchi Inverse. Kyle has chosen Scyther, named something like 'Torrasque" if I remember correctly, while Tenchi has chosen Nightbird, his Flareon. The arena, this time, will not be completely flat. Instead, large rocks and boulders are placed around the arena to provide a little more variety in match. This should be in interesting battle, so let's get started..." Tenchi and Kyle entered from opposite sides of the arena. The crowd was quiet, compared to the games before. They released their Pokemon into the center of the arena. "Flare! Flare! Flare!" barked Nightbird. Torrasque appeared bored and didn't give Nightbird a second glance. Nightbird stared at it inquisitively. "Nightbird, Flamethrower!" yelled Otaku. Nightbird took a few steps back, and the stadium began to become increasingly hot... Torrasque sighed and got ready to dodge. "FLAAAAAAAAARE!" Flareon blasted a huge ray of fire from its mouth, nearly scorching Torrasque. Luckily, the Scyther got out of the way in time and dove behind a rock. Burned, but not beaten. "Torrasque, Slash!" shouted Kyle. Torrasque leapt out behind the rock and dashed to Nightshade. Torrasque raised its blade and slashed down on Flareon. Flareon dodged Torrasque's slash and rammed it backwards with its head. "Excuse me... Kyle?" started Torrasque. "Yes?" "How can I win and not kill this Flareon?" "Beats me. Well... try to slash, but don't try too hard," answered Kyle. "That's all you can think of!?" Torrasque fumed. The Scyther barely escaped another Flamethrower by Nightshade. "I think I've got it..." Awkwardly using his arms, Torrasque weakly lifted up a rock and threw it at Nightshade, konking it on its head. "Flare..." Nightshade passed out. "What!? This isn't fair!" complained Tenchi. "It looks like Kyle has won it, and is moving on to the second round. Watch again tomorrow," said the announcer, "we promise it'll be better. We do." TBC... Sirius Quote of the day: "I dunno. I've heard things about beef."