From: Sirius <sirius259@aol.comeleon> Subject: [PW!][NC] Pokemon League Showdown: Lance vs. Derrick Date: Friday, September 10, 1999 9:50 PM "If you're just joining us, we're about to see the third matchup of the tournament: world-reknown Pokemon League former champion, and head of the Elite Four, Lance... is going to be facing some druggie named Derrick," said the announcer. "Lance is the #3 seed, after Sabrina and Ash. Derrick is the 62nd seed. "As his only Pokemon, Lance has chosen his famous, nearly undefeated Dragonite vs. Derrick's Victreebel," continued the announcer. "The match begins... NOW!" Derrick tried not to panic. The stadium was filled with thousands of spectators and Pokemaniacs, all surely expecting his failure. He gulped and sent out Victreebel. Lance smirked slightly at Derrick. He coolly tossed his Pokeball a few feet in front of Victreebel. It was thrown back by the huge Dragonite, as it was released from the Pokeball. Lance broke into an all-out grin and folded his arms, leaning back. Derrick narrowed his eyes at him. "Bell..." rasped Victreebel, becoming angry. "Victreebel, wrap it!" yelled Derrick. Lance remained silent, still smiling. Victreebel extended its vines and whipped them around Dragonite, who was immediately restrained. Dragonite roared and tried to tear the vines with its claws. Victreebel tightened its grip. and Dragonite winced. "Wow!" gasped the announcer, startled. "Victreebel has got Dragonite held tightly, and it can't escape!" The shocked crowd roared, but Lance remained unworried. "Finish it with a spray of acid!" commanded Derrick, excited from his early advantage. Victreebel loosened its grip, allowing Dragonite to escape. Panicking, Victreebel wildly spewed acid all around the arena, burning small holes in the ground. Dragonite flew back, avoiding the spray. It flapped its tiny wings hard and flew high into the air. "Victreebel, watch out!" shouted Derrick. "Hyper Beam, Dragonite!" responded Lance. Victreebel, unable to see Dragonite upside-down, released a huge flurry of leaves, propelling itself higher into the air. The leaves curved upwards, rapidly hitting and cutting the surprised Dragonite. Dragonite immediately used Barrier, causing the leaves to harmlessly bounce off and flutter back down. Victreebel, still suspended in the air, charged at Dragonite with full force. It hit hard into Dragonite's barrier, causing it to break and disappear. Victreebel sunk back down towards the ground. "Victreebel better watch out..." said the announcer, warily. "It's been doing well so far, but it looks like Dragonite is charging up Hyper Beam." Surely enough, Dragonite appeared to be concentrating, its head bowed forward and its eyes closed. Victreebel was getting tired, and was struggling to initiate a Vine Whip. Dragonite suddenly fired the huge beam at the defenseless Victreebel. Upon being hit, it flew back thirty feet and stayed on the ground, badly burned. "Bell..." it moaned. Derrick was speechless. After a moment, he returned Victreebel to its Pokeball and ran to the Pokemon Center inside the stadium. "There you have it, folks. Dragonite takes the match in one, devastating blow," said the announcer. "So far in the second round, we have surprise winner Trent Retwin facing Sabrina, and Lance facing whoever wins tomorrow's game: 4th seeded Giovanni vs. 61st seeded Natasha. Until then, the stadium is closed." TBC... Sirius Quote of the day: "I dunno. I've heard things about beef."