From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] Pop! Goes the Weedle. Date: Thursday, September 23, 1999 3:55 PM A tall red-haired Rocket marches through the tall grasses north of Saffron City, trying to flush out some Pokemon to add to her personal collection. Omelette the baby Chansey peeks her face out of the black sack hanging on Minax's waist, giggling her own name, oblivious to her master's cruel nature. A cruel nature that is bound to surface any minute now. Minax clears her throat. She opens her mouth, and a gentle song is sung slowly: "All around the tall grassy field, the Mankey chased the Weedle... The Mankey thought it 'twas all in fun... Pop! Goes the Weedle. Minax needs some new Pokemon... Whatever she can find here... And that is why she sings this song... Pop! Goes the Weedle." Minax's beautiful, sweet singing voice lures a few Pokemon out of hiding. Coincidentally, among them are a Mankey and a Weedle. A Bellsprout also wobbles into the audience. It's a scene out of a Clefairy tale, but Minax certainly isn't Snow White. Minax crouches and scratches the Mankey on his tummy with her blue fingernails, "You sure look strong..." The pudgy white pig-monkey's eyes show his happiness as he nuzzles up against Minax's hand. "Mankey! Mankey!" Minax continues to hum the soothing tune, almost with a cynical tone. The Weedle gets jealous of the Mankey and starts nuzzling up against one of Minax's boots, craving attention from the lovely young woman who sings so well. "Weeedle!" "You're both wonderful!" Minax giggles, the Mankey's fur tickling the palm of her hand. She glances at the Bellsprout, who is too timid to approach her. "What's wrong, Bellsprout? Afraid? Never seen a seductive sexy siren?" The Bellsprout stands frozen, with a sweatdrop hanging off the side of her bud-like yellow head, "Bell?" "Not a bell, a siren. There's a difference." Minax smirks, continuing to pet the Mankey, who has grown quite fond of Minax's touch. Minax uses her free hand to beckon the Bellsprout to come near her, "Don't be afraid." The Bellsprout shakes her head, already taking a few steps back, "Sprout... Bell..." Minax chuckles and calmly whispers under her breath, while reaching for her skinning knife, "All around the tall grassy field, the Mankey chased the Weedle..." She stops petting the Mankey and holds the knife in front of the Pokemon, who doesn't fear the blade, "The Mankey thought it 'twas all in fun..." She drives the knife into his heart, pulls the knife out, and licks the blood off of the blade. She stabs the Weedle at her feet! Blood splatters. "Pop! Goes the Weedle." Witnessing the death of her friends, the Bellsprout pukes out a green liquid. She then shouts, "BELL! BELL! BELL!" Minax hides her skinning knife and stands up. She slowly walks towards the Bellsprout, "Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you as long as you stand still. I'm going to capture you, since you seem to be a wonderful judge of character!" Having heard the Bellsprout's cries for help, a lone Oddish leaps out of the tall grasses! The brave little Seed Pokemon places himself directly in front of his best friend, the female Bellsprout, "Oddish! Oddish!" "How cute." Minax scoffs and pulls her silver pistol out of its holster. She closes her large black sack over the baby Chansey's head, to spare Omelette from seeing another Pokemon get murdered. Minax points her gun directly at the Oddish in front of her, and the Grass Pokemon doesn't even flinch. Minax smiles, and still keeping her gun pointed at the Oddish while she says, "Bravery is another virtue that I like in Pokemon, so I'll give you a chance. If you answer my next question the way I want you to, I'll spare your life and I won't capture your untrusting little friend. Deal?" The Oddish narrows his already small eyes and says, "Oddish. Oddish..." Minax licks her lips, then solemnly asks, "Do you believe in Goddish?" "Odd?" Minax pulls the trigger. The loud gunshot startles nearby Pidgey, who fly out of the tall grasses and escape into the sky. The Oddish topples to the ground, nectar dripping out of a large hole in his body, his once brilliant green leaves quickly withering into a dry brown heap. Minax sniffs a laugh, "How dare he call his people's deity 'odd'? That's sacrilegious." Deeply phased by her best friends death, the Bellsprout cries, not moving at all, not wanting to meet the same fate. "And as for you..." Minax slides her pistol back into its holster, then grabs the third Pokeball on her belt and enlarges it. She hurls the sphere towards the Bellsprout, who gets sucked inside. The Pokeball doesn't wobble, as the Bellsprout accepts her fate, knowing that death awaits her if she tries to escape. Minax grabs the Pokeball and speaks to it, sure that the Pokemon inside can hear her, "Smart choice, Bellsprout. Make one wrong move, and I will kick your Grass." -Minax