From: Nendil <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Post-Race Party of Parting Date: Monday, September 27, 1999 10:08 PM [NS] This is way late, but... just insert it before Time Lady's post. Roberto Perez-Vila <> wrote in message > > Mithril-rama chuckles nervously. She gazes down into the Pokepedia in the palm of > her hand, "Hmm. Let's see. You wanted to learn more about Primeape, Starmie, and > Machop, right?" > > Robert nods eagerly, "Yes, ma'am! Teach me about the Pokemon, please. I'll be a > really good student, I promise! You won't have to spank me... Unless you want to, > of course." Robert's chuckles, waiting for his cute teacher to respond. Rilli sweatdropped at Robert's statement, and even moreso upon overhearing the comments in response to that. She quickly pulled him to some chairs in the corner away from the crowd, though she was sure such an action would also earn similar comments. Oh well, that's the way it goes. "Now then..." Rilli tapped at the buttons of the Poképedia until she scrolled to the appropriate entry. "Primeape," the device reported. "A pig-monkey pokémon, the evolution of Mankey. It is very single-minded and never gives up chasing its target. If anyone makes eye contact with an enraged Primeape, they might as well start digging a grave. Primeape's signature moves are Thrash and Rage, though some trainers prefer to teach it more fighting-type moves." Rilli looked up, a bit embarrassed, from the Poképedia. "You don't need me for your teacher, Robert, this Poképedia can teach you all you need to know." "That's not true!" Robert protested. "Learning from a machine's not the same as learning from you, Rilli! The Poképedia can't answer the questions I have, like how that Primeape got its cufflinks!" "Mankeys have a natural curiousity for many objects, particularly shiny metallic substances," the Poképedia piped up. "They will hoard many small pieces of metal in their fur. When a Mankey evolves, the metal is molded around their wrists and ankles." Robert and Rilli both stared at the Poképedia with sweatdrops. "I don't know, that sounds pretty Farfetch'd..." Rilli commented. "Uh... well, but my point is, the Poképedia doesn't dance with me at parties!" Robert continued. "And it can't keep me company like you do, Rilli!" Rilli couldn't help but giggle. "You really know how to encourage a girl, Robert. All right, I'll still try to teach you." She scrolled to the next entry. "Machop, a fighting-type pokémon. It evolves into Machoke, and then Machamp. Its small size may be misleading of its mastery with multiple types of martial arts. Most of its strength comes from its massive forearms, which are used to execute brutal Seismic Tosses. Due to its less developed legs, the Machop is generally slow on its feet." "Machoke? I'm sure I've heard that name before..." Robert pondered. Rilli tapped a button and flipped to the next entry, showing a picture of the muscular creature. "Oh, no wonder, that's the pokémon Jeremy sent out against Clefable! Hard to imagine such a little guy evolving into THAT..." The next entry took even less time to find. "Starmie, a mysterious pokémon. It evolves from Staryu when exposed to a Water Stone. Both Staryu and Starmie are considered valuable because of the colorful gems in their centers that are viewed as jewelry. Starmie's popularity grew after Misty, the Cerulean City Gym leader inserted it into her lineup, and it is much favored by many trainers because of its resistance to psychic powers. A Starmie can be very versatile in its attack, using not only water moves, but able to learn ice, electric, and psychic attacks as well. One armed with both Minimize and Recover may become nearly immune to damage." Robert frowned and scratched his chin. "I fought Daisy for the Cascade Badge, and she didn't use a Starmie... I'll have to meet this Misty that everyone talks about sometime!" Rilli stretched as she switched off the Poképedia. "Hm, that wasn't too hard... I'm getting a bit tired, so unless you have something you would like to do, Robert, I'll be heading for bed..." Nendil (late! late!) -- The Aquafraternal Fanart Corner