From: Jon Ference <jonf911@aol.comSPAMu2> Subject: Re: [PW!] Post-Race Party of Parting Date: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 2:56 AM In a message dated 9/22/99 12:09:05 AM, writes: >Roberto Perez-Villa wrote: > > > >>On the evening after the Big P Pokemon Race, there is a huge party at > >>Lara's house! Some of the people who participated in the Race aren't > >>there - Gads Trisan, John Laramie, Sirius Raynor, and Dario. Loud > >>festival music exudes from Lara's House, and pretty decorative lights > >>glitter all over the Laramie Ranch. > > > ><snipped> > > > >>Felix, Kirsty, and Dustin are huddled near Robert, talking about > >>something called "a Pokemon newsgroup." They mention about the >delays >between > >posts and the fact that they've been waiting for a while, > >>but Robert doesn't understand. > >> > >>Bored of waiting, Robert stands up and heads into Lara's House. > >>Inside are Christy, Damian Fox and Drake the Dragonite, Julia, and > >>Purgatory. Damian, Bulletproof the Magnemite circling his head once > >>again, has his nose buried in an archaic book, oblivious to the loud > >>music around him. Julia is trying to socialize with Purgatory with > >>little success. Christy is walks up to Robert and says, "Nobody here > >>wants to dance! Wanna dance, Robert?" > >> > >>As tempting as it is to dance around with the tanned cheerleading > >>beauty, Robert isn't up to it. He just wants to see Mithril-rama, his > >>girlfriend, once again. Robert sighs, "Sorry, I don't know how to > >>dance..." > >> > >>"Bummer!" Christy pouts, and starts dancing by herself, which quickly > >>cheers her up. > > > >Damian looked up from the tome. He almost couldnít believe what he > >was doing. With a party going on around him, he had put his head in a > >book. Even worse, it was _that_ book. This just didnít seem right. > >With all these people here he should be doing something more social. > > > >The young trainer stood up and shoved the tome over to Drake. If > >Damian had been looking over he would have seen the look of irritated > >confusion that practically said "What are you handing this to me for? > >Do I look like your pack animal?" The dragonite took the book anyway > >since it didnít look like the human was paying any attention to him > >anyway. At this point, Drake shoved the book into Damianís backpack. > > > >Drake saw the young human begin to regard the Magnemite circling his > >head and decided to take some action of his own. The dragonite walked > >over to the sound system. He muttered low enough so no one else could > >hear "I donít care if they call it Folk or if they call it Country and > >Western, I call it annoying!". The large orange pokemon put one hand > >into the leather bag at his side and pulled out a CD. It was by a band > >called "Ķ2". The dragonite shrugged and wondered how to even > >pronounce that correctly. He then waited for the current song to end. > >Drake chose that moment to stop the CD in there and make his own > >substitution. > > > >Some of the ranch-hands saw someone messing with the music and > >decided that that was a bad thing. A half-dozen of them rushed over > >and formed a semi-circle around the hunched-over Dragonite. They all > >had their arms crossed and appeared very intimidating until Drake > >turned around and straightened up to his full height. > > > >When they noticed that the Dragonite stood a foot taller than the largest > >of their number, their stances became much less intimidating. Drake > >gave them an angry glare and two of the men mumbled an excuse about > >having to get up early tomorrow to attend to the injured pokemon. Both > >tried to turn to leave but were unable to do so since the dragonite had > >wrapped one of each of their ankles, unseen by anybody. > > > >Since the others still seemed as if they had not been fully dissuaded > >from trying to keep their music going, Drake put the CD he had > >removed from the stereo system in-between two of his fingers. His > >fingers were held open in a ĎVí shape with the edges of the CD > >touching his fingers. The dragon pokemon snapped his fingers together, > >shattering the CD into several dozen pieces. > > > >Those who had looked intimidating, now looked intimidated. Save for > >one, who now had a look of concern on his face. "That cost me some > >real money. They donít even sell that one anymore." Drake looked at > >the man and the dragoniteís expression softened. He reached into his > >bag and pulled out some money. After counting out some of it, he > >handed it over to the man. > > > >"Oh, uh, thanksÖ" the man counted out the money and brightened up. > >"Hey, thanks! This is enough for their 5 CD collection. I guess it canít > >hurt to listen to something enjoyed by such a generous man, eró" The > >expression on Drakeís face said to try a different word. "pokemon, er, > >um, Dragonite?" > > > >Drake smiled upon hearing what he considered the proper address. He > >then released the men he had been holding and motioned for them to > >come over. They did so hesitantly, but joined their friends. The > >dragonite pressed the play button and joined the ranch-hands as they re- > >joined the party. Half-way through the first song the ranch-hands had > >already decided that generosity and good taste in music did not go > >hand-in-hand. > > > >While his dragonite was heading over to change the music and almost > >start a fight, Damian tried to regard the Magnemite circling his head. > >He wasnít very successful, but he talked to it anyway. "Iíve gotten used > >to you orbiting me like a rogue comet, but I think that it really wonít > >make it easy to talk to people while youíre doing it." He grabbed a > >pokeball from his backpack and then held it up directly in the > >Bulletproofís path. > > > >Ordinarily, the Magnemite would just move around anything in its path, > >but it stopped upon seeing what was in its path this time. It turned to > >its adopted trainer. "Mag?" > > > >Damian responded "Youíve pretty much saved my life twice now. I > >wonít abandon you. No matter what. But for right now, I would really > >like it if for once you would go into a pokeball. Itís only for a short > >time tonight." > > > >The mechanical pokemon inclined forward slightly, looking like > >someone nodding their head. "Mite" > > > >"Thanks." Damian tapped the pokeball against Bulletproof and the > >pokemon was enveloped in a red glow as it disappeared. He then > >carefully placed the ball in his backpack. > > > >The young trainer then moved out to join the others in the party. When > >the current song ended, the first person he ran into was Christy. > >Despite being shorter and several years younger, Damian still was able > >to summon up enough courage to ask "Uh, are you dancing with > >anybody?" > > > >She looked at him strangely. After thinking about it for a second, she > >decided that it couldnít hurt since nobody else had asked her to dance > >yet. After all, he was only a kid. "Do you want to dance?" > > > >"Yeah, sure!" A second later the music resumed and had completely > >changed from what had been playing before. Most of the people who > >had been dancing looked a little confused at the sudden change, but > >resumed dancing anyway. > > > >It quickly became obvious that Damian had probably never danced > >before and wasnít coordinated enough to make it look like he had. In > >fact, it looked more like he was trying to get rid of a Rattata that was > >running around inside his clothes. > > > >Christy began to giggle. It continued to build until she started laughing. > >Finally, she had to stop dancing because of how hard she was laughing. > >Soon thereafter the song ended and Damian stopped trying to dance. > >In-between a few giggles she asked "Iím guessing you havenít danced > >before, right?" > > > >"That bad, huh?" > > > >"Yeah, but youíll get better with practice." Damian nodded "I guess so, > >but I think Iíll try doing something a little less humiliating for tonight." > >He started to move off and said "Have fun!" as he waved. > > > >"Thanks!" Christy looked for somebody else to dance with as the next > >song started. > > > > > >Cat-Gonk meehed: > > > >>"What do you think of the group, anyway?" asked Kirsty. "They're nice > >>people." She removed the thin silver-coloured lackyer keeping her hair > >>up in a ponytail, and tossed her head to the side. > >> > >>Felix was still toying with the mysterious green Safari Ball, staring > >>into the deep blue orb of its centre. "We're a bit left out, but, I > >>mean, they've been traveling together for what, half a year? They're > >>a pretty close-knit group." He fastened the ball back onto his > >>Pokebelt, and began to fiddle with his black cap. > >> > >>"Yep." Dustin shook nervously, hyperreacting to the cool night air. "I > >>don't think I 've actually done anything, I'm just here." > >> > >>"Where are we going afterwards, anyway?" > >>"Seafoam, I think." > >> > >>Gouts of flames shot out from behind the house. There appeared to be > >>a battle raging back there. > >> > >>"Dustin?" > >>"Yeah?" > >>"Your hair's on fire..." > >> > >>As soon as he smelt the smoke, Dustin leapt up, and was thrown to the > >>ground by a high-pressure blast of water from somewhere behind the > >>house. > >> > >>"Hey, we haven't had a match yet," said Felix to the drenched Dustin. > >>"How about one?" > > > ><more snipped> > > > >>"Galahad! Twin Needle!" > >>"Zaryon! Pound!" > >> > >>The two inched closer together, before passing out. > >> > >>"Draw?" said Kirsty from the grandstand. > >>"Something like that. Let's go back inside" > >> > >>Felix and Dustin shook hands, and headed back to the party. > > > ><and even more snipped> > > > >>As the trio moved to enter the house, some girl they didn't know > >>almost ran into them as she stormed out from behind the house. After > >>entering and rejoining the group, Kirsty asked "Did we miss > >>anything?" > > > >Damian had just walked over to the trio as Jon came in from behind the > >house. Jon replied "Candi showed up again and almost got toasted by > >the Charizard her daddy bought for her." > > > >Felix asked "Candi?" as Damian slapped his hand over his face while > >muttering "Not Candi again. It couldnít be just one time." > > > >Jon explained "Sheís a spoiled brat from Sarah Janeís hometown, > >Rosetta Town. She was dumb enough to think that a Voltorb was a > >giant pokeball and that she could control a Charizard without any > >badges." > > > >He continued "If Sarah Jane hadnít taken that Charizard down with > >Nipper, we couldíve had a little action. But I guess this was good too. > >If Laraís house had caught on fire, Iíd hate to have to be bailed out >by a > >flock of Psyducks. Thatís just too embarrassing." > > > >This time Damian asked "What about you? Anything interesting out > >where you were?" > Jon shrugged. "Nothing much. I'm working on getting Sarah Jane's Ponyta to trust me." He looked at Damian a second. "HEY! Where's your Magnemite?" Damian smiled, pointing to the Pokeballs at his side. Jon nodded. "I asked it to kindly go in the Pokeball tonite..." The two continued talking, until, seeing two Pikachu break-dancing, Jon decided to let a couple of his Pokemon have some fun. Damian reminded him. "Watch out what you let out... Jolteon has spikes, remember... Jon nodded. "Vulpix, Ninetales, Bulbasaur, c'mon out!" Jon knelt down to the Vulpix that had so recently stayed in its Pokeball for the first time. As the Pokemon began to dance, the floor cleared a little bit as a ranch hand and a squad of Psyduck brought in a trampoline. Jon's Vulpix and Ninetales were the first Pokemon on it, followed by several others from other trainers. They began to bounce in time to the music. "Jump Around" comes on, followed by "Pokemon: Dance Mix." Everything goes well until a Psyduck waddles onto the trampoline. Of course, it ends up boucing on the wrong cycle, causing commotion. A Jynx lands on Lara's head. "AHAHAHAHHH! GET IT OFF ME!" the normally calm trainer screamed, batting at it. Jon, Runt, Felix, and Damian extracted the Jynx, which quickly departed for a bedroom. (Everyone in the room: o.O) By the time everyone was extracted, the party was almost ready to wind down. -------- Sig v.1.7A Deathclock says I die June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person ICQ: 32262691 Azure Heights Pokemon Lab! Poke-zine 773 Posts to AGNP and Counting!