From: Daitooryoo <> Subject: [PW!] Reflections II Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 9:37 PM In respect to Rayea's post, here comes mine! They take place at the same time. -- "What is it Alex", a voice within him asked him, "Are you afraid". Alex looked at himself in a mirror that didn't exist, "Yes I am, I'm afraid that I'll be alone". The voices in Alex's head questioned him, "But why, you have Asuka, all your other pokemon, and Rayea", Alex felt unsure, "When Asuka dies, and Rayea leaves me". Alex jumped up to a higher level of understanding, he was really all alone, "You're not alone" the voices said. Alex rested on nothingness, "I am alone, I am all alone, I have no family, I only have a dog, Rayea, and enemies." The voices once again absorbed his mind, "Why do you think she'll leave you, don't you love her". Alex put down his staff and was empty handed, "I do love her, if she goes, then I'll be empty handed, like I am now". The voices floated around him like a magic mist, "If you love her, then you'll follow her anywhere, won't you". This triggered it, an illusionary forest appeared in Alex's mind, he was alone with his enemy "Seiya". Seiya chuckled looking at Alex, "You'll follow her anywhere, then if she comes to the dark side, you will become the dark side". Alex looked shocked at the thought of it, "You're right, I would, I'd follow Rayea anywhere". Seiya got closer to Alex as his eyes grew an evil red, Alex could feel the pure evil in him, "You wouldn't follow her to evil, you'd try to save her, wouldn't you". Alex's staff appeared in his hands out of no where, "You're right I would, I want to be with her forever, but in a peaceful world". Seiya laughed even more, "And who could turn her over to the dark side", Seiya said this evilly pointing to his massive chest. Alex gripped his staff stronger, his eyes started to display a fire indicating psychic ability, "You would, won't you". Seiya stepped back, "Yes I would, only I could do that, prevent it, defeat me right here". Alex readied his fighting stance, "You're right, if I defeat you, Rayea will always be with me, and I'll have everything I want". Seiya laughed even harder, "Exactly Alex, heh heh". Alex started to ready for the execution of Seiya, he walked slowly towards Seiya..his hair grew red, his eyes a pitch black, his skin a dark tan, all the light in him was fading. Seiya laughed evilly and his dark skin started to turn the like of Alex's previous skin, "Exactly, mwa ha ha ha ha ha". Before anything happen, Alex heard it, the voice he loved more than any other voice, Rayea's. "Alex, why, do you really think I'd become evil", Rayea spoke into Alex's mind, "You know I won't, look at you, slowly turning into the evil monster you don't want to be". As Seiya was laughing he tried to block Rayea's voice, it was useless, Alex's desire for Rayea was stronger, he kept on listening to her. "Don't you understand, if you become this evil monster, you'll kill want to kill Seiya to have me in your arms forever..but it'll just make you kill me", Rayea spoke to Alex as he continued to walk towards Seiya, "Alex, even if you don't kill Seiya, you'll always have me". Seiya got closer to Alex extending his sword to Alex, "Take it, kill me, and you can be with Rayea all the time", Alex wanted to take the sword but he held his staff instead, "Come on Alex, you know you want her, take her". Rayea continued to speak for Alex, "Consider it all, everything, our moments, our travels, our pokemon, if you kill Seiya, you'll become evil, even Asuka will hate you, I WILL HATE YOU". These words shook Alex like the winds could send an Oddish flying, he took his staff and walked the opposite way, while Seiya's laugh started to die down. Rayea's image, appeared stronger in Alex's mind, while Seiya went away speaking his last words for the days, "You didn't make the right choice, say good bye to her while you can". Alex's skin turned to it's normal color, everything went back to normal as the illusionary Alex faded away from Alex's mind and saw the reality, Rayea sitting over him, looking at him with her beautiful eyes. Alex thought of everything and came to one conclusion, "I hope this is the reality that will exist forever", Rayea's face started to get closer..her lips touched Alex's softly. "Thank you", the words spoken from Rayea's mouth as she walked away. TBC