From: Enter your name here <> Subject: [PW!] Slow and Steady Wins The Race Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 10:47 PM Chris awoke in his small tent on the outskirts of Pallet. He held three pokéballs in his hand. "Well," he yawned "it's the beginning of a new day. Horsea, Venonat, Tangela, go!" The three pokémon burst out of their pokéballs. "Tang tang!" the first one cried. "Veeenoooo nat!" the second one yelled. "Hoooooooooooooooooor seeeea!" the last one said. Chris got his tank filled with water and dropped Horsea inside, as he walked outside. A Spearow soon dashed by his head, almost colliding with it. "That was close!" he gasped in relief. "Tangela, bind it down!" With one lash of it's vines, the unsuspecting Spearow fell to the ground. Tangela chocked it, and eventually, it suffocated. Chris found two sticks on the ground, made a fire, and began to roast the Spearow. He gave each of the pokémon equal parts, as the four sat down to eat. Many pokémon flew by as the three were eating. A Slowpoke suddenly staggered by. "A Slowpoke!" Chris shouted with joy. "I gotta catch this one! Horsea, go! Horsea dove out of the tank into a nearby pool of water. "Horsea, Smokescreen!" "Pooooke?" the Slowpoke said, as he stared blankly at Horsea. "Seeea!" Black ink spat out of Horsea's mouth and hit Slowpoke right in the eyes. Slowpoke kept staring at the Horsea. Suddenly, Horsea sprawled over, obviously fainted. "Whaaaaaaaaa?" Chris yelled. "It didn't do anything! Horsea, return!" A beam of red light spat out of the pokéball and Horsea immediatly was returned. Chris pointed his Pokédex at Slowpoke. "Slowpoke. A Dopey Pokémon." the pokédex said. "It is so slow that it can be hurt for 5 seconds without noticing any pain. One of it's attacks is Confusion. While doing seemingly nothing, it emits Psychic waves at the enemy." "So that's what it's doing!" said Chris, knowing what was going on. "Alright! Tangela, you have an advantage! Use Constrict!" "Tangee!" the Tangela yelled, as it extended its vines at Slowpoke. The vines stopped right before they hit Slowpoke, as Tangela fell over, fainted, just like Horsea. "Augh! Return, Tangela!" Chris yelled. Another beam of red light shot out, and Tangela was returned to safety. "Venonat! Go!" "Venoooo!" the bug yelled as it ran straight at Slowpoke. "Venonat! Supersonic!" yelled Chris. "Venoooooooooooooooooooooooooooonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!" the pokémon screeched, as supersonic waves immediatly emitted from Venonat. Slowpoke was obviously confused. It attempted to use it's Psychic powers again. Slowpoke immediatly sprawled over, just like Tangela and Horsea. "Alright! It hurt itself!" yelled Chris. "Pokéball, go!" Chris hurled a pokéball at the fainted Slowpoke. The ball began to wobble. Eventually, it stopped. "Yessssssssssss! I caught Slowpoke!" Chris yelled. "Venoo venooo naaat!" the Venonat cheered, as it hopped on Chris's shoulder. 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