From: Zagro <> Subject: [PW!] Some New Quest... Date: Friday, September 10, 1999 3:30 PM [Last time, Zagro got shot in the leg and fell 10 feet onto it. Ow. That should clear everything up.] Zagro woke up in the emergency room. 'Twice in one week?' he thought. 'I'm on a roll'. He looked around. Goddish sat on a stool nearby. "Oh good, you've awakeneth. I'm surprised you livedeth." Zagro grinned. "Thanks for the confidence. What's up?" "Well, Zargo and his Pokemon are nowhere to be foundeth, and the rest of Us be at the Pokecenter. Puffers and Pikachu are resting, and Caterpie..." He grinned. "Caterpie hath 50 newborns to take care of." "50??" "Yes. I must have bleddedeth her good fortune, before I losteth My memories. As you might expecteth, Caterpie and Weedle will be unable to accompany Us anymore." Zagro nodded. "Of course. I'll wish them luck once I can walk. When can I, anyway? My leg is numb." "The nurses wisheth thee to walk on crutches for six weeks while the cast fully heals thy leg. I suggest staying put for a time; the Brotherhood of the Comet probably wisheseth you dead. Some good news, though. The policeman that was shoteth by Outsider survived, and due to your Jigglypuff's bravery plus a bit of clearing up, your name's been cleared at Pewter City. We merely toldeth them the full story. You were a victim of idiotic circumstances." "Thanks. I'm not staying put, though. I need to get all eight Badges, and catch some strong pokemon. Then maybe I can challenge the Brotherhood and win." "Why obtaineth all eight? You only needeth the Earth Badge to control thy Pokemon." "I know, but we'll need the training. Also, then I'll be eligible to face the Elite Four, if I need even more training... sounds like fun." "I see. Just don't try to evolve Me." A nurse peered in. "Oh good, you're awake. Don't worry, you'll be fine. We just want you stay another night, for safety." Zagro nodded and grinned. "Good, I need time to set up a boat ride to Pallet. I hear Professor Oak gives out free Pokemon, with Pokedexes. Heh."