From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] Sparks Fly in the Viridian Forest Date: Wednesday, September 29, 1999 4:51 PM Luthor the Slowpoke has been wandering around the Viridian Forest for a long while. He has run into a large amount of unintelligible Bug Pokemon, mostly Metapod and Kakuna, which he attacked when they failed to intelligently answer his questions. After being lost for so long, Luthor is not amused. When a Weedle inches into the area that Luthor is lost in, the Slowpoke approaches the Hairy Bug, "Tell me how to exit this forest on the other side or die a miserable death." "Weeedle?" The yellow Weedle doesn't seems confused. "Weeeedle?" "Grrrr." Luthor's eye twitches, annoyed by yet another failed attempt to ask for directions, "I will give you a reason to be Confused!" The half psychic Slowpoke closes his eyes and attacks the half Poison Weedle with Confusion! This particular Weedle, however, is stronger than all of his Kukuna relatives which fainted under one blast. The injured yellow Bug Pokemon races towards Icy's Bug Gym to seek sanctuary... but he bumps into a Pikachu on the way. The Pikachu is female, and it shows. She is white with blue marks. She leaps in front of the hurt Weedle and raises her arms protectively, addressing Luthor with an angry look in her eyes, "PiiiKA!" Sparks fly from her blue cheeks. Luthor stares...and stares... and stares some more, until he realizes who he's facing, "Livewire! So the legends are true." "Pika?" The Pikachu is startled by the fact Luthor speaks like the humans, "Pika... Pikapika Chu! CHAA! Pika Pika!" "Our hatred of Superman is what unites us. If you haven't realized it already, I am Luthor." The Slowpoke declares as if it were something important. He stands on his hind legs and slowly walks forward with an arm outstretched. 'Livewire' takes Luthor's paw, narrows her eyes, and Thundershocks the psychotic Slowpoke, "Pika... CHUUUU!!!" Luthor falls backward, thoroughly shocked by the unexpected attack. He tries to stand up while reaching for his belt, "So, you refuse to cooperate willingly, Livewire? Perhaps Poison Ivy can 'convince' you to join my army!" He throws the Pokeball that Professor Oak gave him, and a somewhat curvaceous Bulbasaur appears, standing on her hind legs. The buxom Pikachu on her hind legs and the buxom Bulbasaur in the same position both blink at each other. Poison Ivy gets a competitive glint in her eyes, "Bulba! Bulbasaur!" She places her arms on her hips and wiggles around, "Bulba!" The white and blue Pikachu frowns, and uses her tiny arms to fluff up the tuft of fur on her chest. Then she presses her arms together so that her cleavage increases, "Pika! Pika!" She sticks her tongue out at Poison Ivy, and sparks fly! Poison Ivy lifts one of her short legs off the ground and reaches over with her arms, running her small hands up and down the leg she finds so very sexy. She glares at the Pikachu, challenging her to do the same. The Pikachu lifts one of her legs, which are much smaller than Poison Ivy's, but loses her balance and falls over! "Piika!" She takes advantage of the situation to sit in a pose a model would - laying down with one hand resting on her head. "This is not the Miss Pokemon Pageant!" Luthor shouts, finally standing on his hind legs, "This is a Pokemon battle. Poison Ivy, use Toxic on Livewire now that her guard is down. Once poisoned, she will surely submit to me." Poison Ivy is trained by Professor Oak to obey commands, so she obeys Luthor, despite her urges to continue her vanity contest. She falls onto four legs and Toxic acidic rain spouts from the dark green bulb on her back, sprinkling all over the unsuspecting Pikachu! Poison Ivy then leaps forward and spits some dark grime onto her opponent. "Bulba!" "Pika... Piii..." The Pikachu starts to cough, and her eyes droop down, becoming weaker as time goes by. She tries to Thundershock Poison Ivy, but the Bulbasaur is only tickled by the weak electric static the Pikachu ejects while intoxicated. She looks at the Weedle hiding behind her, "Pi... Pika..." The Weedle understands this and runs away, knowing that his protector will fall unconscious. Soon after the Weedle disappears in the distance, the Pikachu faints. Poison Ivy quickly hops up and stands on her hind legs again, dusting off her dirty hands, "Bulba!" She strikes a pose, placing her arms on her posterior and shoving her ample chest forward, "Bulba! Bulbasaur! Bulbasaur!" Luthor reaches for an empty Pokeball on his belt, "Excellent work, Poison Ivy. I will now capture Livewire." "Not if we can capture you first..." The mocking female voice comes from behind Luthor. Luthor turns around ever so slowly. Only once he has made a full 180 degree turn and paused for a few seconds so that his mind catches up to his senses, his jaw drops along with the empty Pokeball in his hand. Two relatively tall women in Team Rocket uniforms loom over the small Slowpoke and his feminine Bulbasaur. Or is it one woman and one man who looks like a woman? Luthor can't really tell, "Who are you two? Livewire's Henchmen?" "Not quite. Prepare for trouble..." [ Commercial Break: "Who're Those Rockets?!" ] -Luthor