From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] Strange Sleepover At Maiden's Peak Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 9:52 PM ((NS: I'm sorry for posting this more than once. I'm trying to fix the Word Wrapping. If it doesn't work this time, I'm not even going to bother trying it again.)) Adrian Tymes wrote: > "Mimic thinking. Mimic no like pokeball, but Xerox do. Mimic...wonder > if Xerox mind help Mimic understand." > > "What do you propose?" > > "Mimic mimic Famifax, provide rest for Xerox. Mimic...*be* pokeball, > with Xerox inside, while all rest. Mimic no need sleep, no right now > anyway. Mimic no alter Xerox like real pokeball; Xerox still be loyal > to Marvin in morning. But Mimic be pokeball for Xerox in all other > respects. Mimic make sure hide near others, so other three no get wrong > idea, but Mimic and Xerox come quickly if spirit show up. Let Xerox > spend night in pleasure like used to...if Xerox want." Xerox melts down into a purple Ditto at the offer, then blinks, "I am uncertain on how to respond." Mimic says, "How? Is good for Xerox and good for Mimic." "It's simply that..." Xerox turns away from Mimic, "That it seems too much like intercourse. The only difference is that I'd be inserting myself into you, instead of you into me. As pleasing as the offer may sound, I must..." "Is different." Mimic argues, "Mimic only vessel, no 'insert' like Xerox say." "I suppose." Xerox paces around Mimic the Jigglypuff, "I can agree to it under one condition. If I feel uncomfortable, you must release me. Otherwise, it might as well be rape, and if you don't know what that means, it's forcing yourself upon someone when they don't want you to. Or possibly even tricking someone into having intercourse with you, a very sensitive issue, especially amongst us Ditto. How many humans has Famifax tricked? I tell her it's wrong, but she..." Though Xerox continues speaking, Mimic's mind wanders onto his exploits on the S. S. Anne. Fortunately for Mimic, Xerox isn't enough of a psychic to read minds. When Xerox stops talking, Mimic says, "Mimic agree." That said, the Jigglypuff shrinks down into a Ditto, then into a Pokeball... similar to the one Quethiril wore at one time. Xerox tremulously approaches the Pokeball that is Mimic, pushes the button, changes into red energy, and gets sucked inside... Mimic wobbles around three times, then makes a "ding" noise, true to the nature of Silph Co. Pokeballs. The intense surge of pleasure experienced by Xerox upon entrance into the Pokeball cannot be grasped by the human mind, thus there isn't an author in the world who can put the feeling into words. Merely an infinitesimally insignificant fraction of the sheer Hedonism, for lack of a better term, that Xerox experiences, is experienced by Mimic... As long as Xerox is within him, Mimic is in a state of pure and unrestrained gratification. This feeling, which is due to the powerful empathy with Xerox's mind, can be described as paradise, though the concept of paradise might seem a little depressing to Mimic in comparison to the second-hand joy that he is currently experiencing through Xerox. Mimic feels every single variation of happiness all at once: delight, felicity, rapture, bliss, mirth, and even enigmatic ecstasy... * Back Inside the House on Maiden's Peak * Famifax, still a sleeping bag, cries, "Why no you wantsta be in me, huh?! Ya dun thinks that I can protect ya?! Ican!" Marvin crouches down and rubs Famifax where he supposes her head must be in relation to where her eyes are, "It's not that, Famifax, it just wouldn't feel right for me to be inside you. I'm sure Xerox would understand that if she was here now. Maybe she could explain why it's wrong for me to sleep inside of you. She's much better with words..." "Where sisgo?" Famifax unconsciously reverts to a pink Ditto, "I like... no saws her leave! Noway!" Marvin stands up straight and motions outside, "She went to keep a lookout with Mimic in case the statue comes to life. At least I think that's what she went to do. I just hope that ghost comes so we can cheer her up!" "I forgots bout thass!" Famifax giggles, "Thass gonna be so totally coool! We cheo up the ghost-lady, fersure!" Unseen by everyone present, a wily Gastly floats in through the roof. The ghost Pokemon chuckles quietly, transforms into a ghostly young woman, and descends in front of Marvin, "You came back for me!" Marvin's initial reaction is shock, and he backs away. This reaction soon changes to mirth, and he removes his top hat from the top of his head. His thinning brown and silver hair is apparent. "I'm Marvin the Magnificent, and you're in for quite a treat, miss! Watch as I pull a Nidoran out of this hat!" Marvin reaches into the hat, his arm going in much deeper than the hat appears to be. He struggles to pull his arm out of the hat, "I seem... to be stuck..." The ghost of the maiden, in reality Gastly, sweatdrops, "But... I've been waiting for you..." "Yeah, yeah... Just wait a little longer..." Marvin finally is able to remove his arm from the hat, but instead of a Nidoran, he pulls out a baseball bat. The clumsy magician tosses the bat aside, and continues rummaging through his top hat... The baseball bat knocks Bozo, the Mr. Mime, out of his mimetic state! He topples out of his imaginary bed, his mouth moving in such a way that implies silent mumbling. He grabs the bat off the floor, stomps over towards Marvin, and impatiently taps the magician a few times. "Not now, Bozo! I'm trying to pull a Nidoran out of my hat..." Marvin insists, but the tapping persists. Marvin then looks down at the Mr. Mime, only to be met in the face with a baseball bat! Marvin crashes against the wall, "Owww..." Bozo runs around the ghost of Maiden's Peak, as if there was a baseball field within the small cottage. He slides when he reaches the imaginary home, and raises his arms up high to his imaginary audience... Famifax growls at Bozo when she sees Marvin plastered against the wall, "You big stupid head Bozo! You canno hurts Marvy like thass and gets away with it... Noway! Nohow! I SHOW YOU!" Famifax faces the ghost of Maiden's Peak and transforms into her... but the transformation fails, and she ends up turning into a Gastly, "Wha? I Gassy?" Bozo nods and waves his hand in front of his face, making a face of disgust. "GRRR!!!" Famifax uses the first attack that comes to her mind... Hypnosis. Not the usual kind of Hypnosis, but the kind that the Gastly of Maiden's Peak uses on travelers who are unfortunate enough to meet up with him... Bozo cowers away in fear, seeing his cruel master from the traveling freak show. A very lanky man with a giant stovepipe hat and a sinister handlebar mustache. The ringmaster carries a whip and shouts, "Your last performance sucked, you sorry excuse for a Pokemon! You're going to spend ten days in the cage without food or water! That'll learn ya." The ringmaster cracks his whip, the noise echoing as if it were a real whip being cracked... Famifax, the Gastly, leers at the ghost of Maiden's Peak, "You're so totally next, you stupid ghost!" "ME?!" The beautiful ghost shrieks, moving away from Famifax, "But wh-what did I do?" Famifax starts to use the special Hypnosis on the ghost, "You made Marvy panic and thass why he tooks out the bat and hits the stupid head no talk guy in the first place! Iss everyone fault! I hurt everyone cept Marvy! BWA HA HA!" Marvin rubs his aching head, and places his top hat back on his head, "Oh no... Famifax is out of control again! The only one who can help us now is Xerox. She's always able to handle Famifax's temper tantrums somehow. Why the heck hasn't she heard all the noise yet? Xerox-doobe-doo, where are you? We've got some work for you, now..." -Marvin