From: Its Dun Dun Dun Raven <aznfrenzy@aol.comingtoyou> Subject: Re: [PW!] TV Guide Quest! Date: Saturday, September 04, 1999 3:47 PM "What? Who stole them?" James asked. "Ok You know what Burger King is right? Well thier offshore department has stated they have hacked into the ATR computers and stolen the TV guides. EVERY single TV guide is stolen or missing. I called Tank. He acknowledged it. One of his clerks have found a nonregistered login to our computers sometme last week and stayed about a hour." Raven kept babbling. James raised his eyebrow as he listened. ".........But I think this collector is probably taking them. Its probably an old antisocial man who came from S.S. Anne. He probably owns Burger King but I couldn't find any trace of TV guides in that offshore so we have to find out where does the man live. There we will find our TV guides and we will get back EVERY single one." Raven finished. "How do you know all this?" James asked as he try to read a grim stony expression that replaced his companion's face. "Well a dark tall voice with long hair told me. " Raven said. "Oh what are we going to do?" James asked. "We are going to first find the place and then infiltrate it. We will be hidden in shadows and be thieves of the night. Come with me I have gotten us some black attire." Raven said motioning James to the Pokecenter. ______ James checked himself in the mirror. He was wearing a black shirt and black pants. It was for better movement Raven had said. He was also wearing black sneakers for sneaking and was wearing black camoflauge on his face and hands. He wore a black cap over his head. James was surprised at his appearance . He almost couldn't recognized himself. He looked like a robber. He glanced at his pokemon. All his pokemon have been given Dark clothing too. His Farfetch'd now had black feathers and a black leek stick. His ponyta had a black mask on and so on. He looked at Raven. Raven was wearing almost exactly the same thing as James except that he was wearing more black equipment. He was wearing black lens so his eyes were entirely black. He was also wear a black mask over his face. James could hardly see Raven since he was entirely black. "And I thought I was crazy." James said. Raven started showing James some tools. Grappling hooks, Koffing smoke bombs, a thieving kit, and some other equipment. Where Raven have gotten these stuff James never knew. "Do you know what you are doing?" James asked. "No. But we are going to practice tonight." Raven rasped. Raven suddenly had a gas mask on. "Won't you get hot and like Die?" James ask. "We will go in the night and strike into the hearts of our enemies." Raven laughed maliciously. "Are you mad?" "Yes. Probably. Maybe. Yeah." "Oh ok trying to make sure." James looked at Raven's pokemon. They were dressed in black too. Raven's Scyther had a black mask on and his skin was grayish/dark. Even the Scyther's scythes were painted black. Raven's Charmander, Primeape, and Rhyhorn were also dressed the same. Raven's Electrode did not look like a pokeball anymore it was just a black ball with eyes.....mouth.....and...explosions..... The only one that wasn't wearing anything black was Raven's Haunter since it was black already. James's Abra also looked on. <<Quite determined to get back TV guides...>> "Yeah.....Why aren't you in black clothing?" James said. <<They did not have my size for a masks.Won't you guys look like robbers?>> "Um....I think Raven knows what he is doing." James answered. Raven interuppted, "You guys ready?" Raven haven't heard James's conversation because he was too busy. "Oh yeah if we do very bad I think Koga has this ninja class going on." _____ Martin sat at his bed waiting. Tomorrow would be the big day. He would be able to start his journey to Pallet to get his first pokemon. He had waited for this day all his life. Tales of how great pokemon masters were heard always from friends and family. Martin's mom entered the room and kissed him goodnight. "How about a bedtime story for one last time?" "Mom......I need my sleep. Please don't." Martin begged. "Once apon a time there was a family who lived in a house......" Martin dropped his face to the pillow realized that he will have to listen. ".......well there was this boy who was named Marty........He was almost day he was about to go to sleep.........Now it was a full moon that night.....So he could see everything from out of his window." Martin looked at the window and noticed that tonight was a full moon even though some clouds were blocking it. Or were they clouds? There was a sudden movement and the clouds disappear. "......Well two robbers.......decided to rob the house.....where the boy.....lived......and......that night.....was the perfect time..........So they started to climb to the house roof....." A sudden movement caught Martin's eye. There was this shadow right near his window. IT was black but there was something about it. It seemed to be staring right at him. There were eyes. Eyes of something. Completely black. Martin began to pull his covers over his eyes. "....So they sneaked through the window and ........" Martin glanced at the window. The shadow was MOVING!!!! Yes it was definately moving. It was dangling on something like a rope. The shadowry figure was upside down for some reason and dangling from a rope. Martin screamed. "What? What? Oh sorry is the story too scary? I thought you wanted a good scary story. Ok? You know we will never be robbed by monsters or whatever. You want to keep the night light on? I have to check on your sister. " "Yes...please...." Martin shuddered. The shadowy figure was still dangling but was pulling itself up. The shadow disappeared just as Martin's Mom looked up. Martin's Mom turned to the window and closed the covers on the window. "Gosh. You looked like you have seen a ghost. You must be cold. Well here you go. Have a good night." Martin's mom left the room. The door made a loud noise when it was shut. Martin was alone. He hid behind his covers. Maybe in 2 years he can go out to Pallet alone. _____ Outside on the roof. "Damnit..what was that?" Raven whispered. "Why aren't you using your walkie talkie?" James whispered to his walkie talkie. "Because Im next to you." Raven whispered back. "Oh." James said to the phone. "Why are we whispering?" "Because we are thieves and this is a real life simulation practice." "Damnit you got heavy. How the hell did you slip from the rope? No exercise or something?" James asked. "Heh Try eating burgers for 2 weeks and have no exercise then after 2 days trying to climb a house." Raven shouted. "Heh be quiet. You want us to be heard?" James yelled. "WHOSE THERE?" A voice not of the two ATRs said. It was Officer Jenny on the night shift probably. Raven and James froze in silence. "Hmm must be the wind." Officer Jenny walked pass the house. "SHhhhh..." "NO duh...." "Shhhh..." "Shut up." "HEH!!!" "Ok Ok Ok" "We almost got caught. You were upside down with the ropes tied on your leg. It took me almost forever to pull you up." James said. "Yeah and guess what? I can't find the rope. We might have to stay here until the morning." Raven said. "DAMMIT!!!" "shhh.....quiet....." ______ Morning. 2 pairs of eyes with rings under there eyes looked at the sky. Of course you couldn't see the rings because of their masks. James and Raven had to stay alert all night. James had lost the flashlight and the batteries somehow before they left. "Um Raven." A very tired James said. "Yeah?" his very tired companion muttered. "Why are you sitting on the rope?" "Uh. My bad..." "Remind me to throw you off the roof next time we are in this same situation and Im not tired." James said. "Oh ok. Should we get down?" _____ After much confusion and climbing later. "Tell me why we had to sneak up there last night?" James asked. "Um I forgot." Raven answered. "HEH YOU TWO HOLD IT RIGHT THERE." A voice snapped. James and Raven raised their hands. Officer Jenny arrived in her motocycle and studied the two ATRers. "Hmm You guys sound familiar and look familiar why are you wearing masks and black clothes? Don't you know its the summer?" Jenny questioned. "Uh we have skin cancer right James?" Raven nudged James. "Heh WHY ARE YOU NUDGING ME? STOP IT...OH.....Yes...I mean ....Yeah. If we um like show our skin the to skin we will get hurt. ...Yeah." James stuttered. "Yeah. thats why we are wearing the black clothing." Raven said. "Because we were trying to sne...Ouch!!" James howled in pain as Raven stepped on his foot. "WHat? Sneaked where? ARe you guys robbers?" Jenny asked. "No.No.No...What my friend here was trying to say we trying to find some sneakers because we need shoes." Raven nudged James. "Yeah uh know." James said. "Um you guys alreayd have shoes on." "Oh so we do..I see you have shoes on too." Raven said. "Um ok. Carry on. You guys are wierd........So are you guys staying in this city?" "No" Raven said. "Yes" James said. James and Raven spoke at the same time. "WHAT?" Jenny looked back but Raven and James were gone. ______ After being chased by James for a hour for being an ass and stepping on his foot, Raven recieved a call. "Tank has gotten a force ready to raid that offshore Burger King. We are meeting them back there. LETS MOVE NOW!!!" Raven said. Raven dodged as a chair almost took out his head. TBC.... _____ The Critics love ATR TakoTanku: *chants* ATR! ATR! SimynLocke: ATR rules! LimynSocke(Yoda): ATR rocks KrnTwnkyYu:ATR rocks! NMVdS: ATR rules