From: ScytherNMk <> Subject: [PW!]Tainted Souls (Part I) Date: Saturday, September 18, 1999 5:22 PM OOC: Well, here's my 2nd PW!, hope you like it --- Zero slashed at the night sky with his sword. His life was plain, boring, so he just trained with his sword a lot. In the depths of the night sky, a dark figure watched him. The figure was what a human would call, a “Haunter”. Even if Zero could see him, nobody knew who he was, or what he was capable of. Zero appeared to be a skilled fighter, the Haunter had almost made his decision. He only had to do one more test, and Zero was about to take it. The Haunter held out his hand, and 2 men with Swords appeared. They charged at Zero, smiling. Zero saw them coming, and took a defensive position. At the last second, the 2 men jumped, in an attempt to surprise Zero. Zero saw it coming, and slashed one of the men from under. The man fell, and Zero shoved his sword though the injured mans stomach. He pulled his bloodstained sword out of the mans stomach, and turned. He came face to face with a sword, and was hit directly on the face by it. Zero reeled back, and grabbed his face in pain. He saw the other swordsman charge, and threw his sword, preying for a hit. The Swordsman simply stepped aside, and let the sword fly past. Zero growled. The Swordsman was off guard, after avoiding the flying sword. Zero saw his chance, and leaped at the Swordsman. He brought up his fist, and smashed into the swordsman’s head. The Swordsman was down, down for good. The Haunter smiled, very satisfied. He had made his decision, Zero would be the one. He flew towards the unsuspecting Zero. The Haunter held out his hand, setting it on Zero’s head. Zero screamed, as he lost control of his body. The Haunter smiled, this new body was very strong and fast. Zero could only watch in horror though his own eyes, not able to control his body. Finally the Haunter spoke “I am Shadow, soon to be the most powerful being on the planet. I am using your body, so get used to it”. Zero couldn’t reply, he had no way of talking. Shadow, testing his new body picked up the sword. It was double bladed. “What kind of weapon is this?” he mumbled, before throwing the sword into the street. He quietly re-entered the house, and walked up to a rack with about 3 Swords on it. Shadow carefully inspected each one, then took one. It was a Scimitar, and very sharp. Shadow slid the sword into a holder on his back. As Shadow crept to the door, a large Electabuzz stopped him. “Zero, what are you doing?” asked The large Electabuzz. “I am not Zero” stated Shadow. In a flash he brought up his sword, and slashed the Electabuzz twice. The Electabuzz reeled in pain, before Shadow charged, and slid the sword through his stomach. Shadow smiled as he pulled the Sword out of the Electabuzz stomach. He let out a triumphant laugh, as he left the house. TBC??(You can bet on it! =P) -- ScytherNMk Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.