From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Big P Pokemon Race - And They're Off! Date: Sunday, September 05, 1999 6:34 PM > When the dust clears, Robert is only five feet in front of the starting > line, his Slowbro coughing at all the dust he inhaled. Robert mumbles > something under his breath, pats the blue Shellder on Slowbro's tail, > and says, "Bite harder." The parasite Shellder opens its mouth up wide > and bites Slowbro's tail as hard as it can! Five seconds later, Slowbro > shouts out his name in pain, drops on all fours, and runs forward > quickly, trying to escape the creature that it has latched on his tail, > unaware that its the creature he *always* has latched onto his tail! > Robert hugs his Slowbro tightly, careful not to slide off, "Keep > running, Slowbro! I'm sure we can still catch up to the others!" > *WHAM!* Vinal, bearing Monk-chan, came down running from the Mankey's sisemic toss at the lead of the pack. Sending out a set of five vines, the Tangela constricted the ground, and pulled itself forward. Even with the rush in speed, the Mankey still noticed that the Rapidashes and Dudrio's in the pack were still catching up, so it executed another Sisemic Toss to toss them over the first part of the obsticle course. Too bad Monk-chan didn't notice that Vinal's vines were still in the ground. The pair went flying up about fifty feet before the vines lost all their slack, then the pair came crashing down at their point of orgin. After a moment, the dazed duo came back to their sences, and saw that the entire pack, save one slowbro, was in front of them. However, seeing the flying Dragonites and Beedrill, the Mankey got an idea... Back at the sidelines, Gads was busy slamming his head into a nearby rock. Dow, the drowzee, as shaking it's head. Purgatory, Sarah Jane, Runt, Christy and Dustin were all laughing their asses off at the disasterful duo. Then, Monk-chan launched yet another Sisemic Toss, aiming itself for the closest Dragonite. In mid-air, the Mankey flipped over so it would land feet-first, the Tangela above it. They landed on the back of the first Dragonite, Drake, next to it's rider. Damian looked shocked as the pair landed, a full mass of vines in his face. "What the..." The Mankey then lept over to Beedrill, landing on the trainer's head. Felix, noticing himself slipping down towards the bottom stinger, panicked in an attempt to keep a hold on, ignoring the pair on his cranium. Monk-chan made one, final leap, flipping Vinal back to the bottom... And unexpectedly landing on Reis's head. Before either Dragonite or trainer could do something about the mess, a panicked Monk-chan Sisemic-Tossed as strongly as it could. When they landed, they were back at the front of the race, at the other end of the obsticle course. Monk-chan quickly lowered it's face into the Tangela's, both smirked at each other, then contiuned the race. Back at the sidelines, all six parties had a shocked look at their face. Gads was the first to recover. "What the hell..." Sarah Jane was next. "Was that legal?" "Looks like, I don't see anything in here against it..." Runt was busy looking through the rule book. Dow was too busy laughing to be shocked. "Dr dr DROWZEE!!" From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.