From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Big P Pokemon Race - And They're Off! Date: Monday, September 06, 1999 11:05 AM > The Tangela overestimated it's speed as it went shooting down the > hill. It fell over, catching Monk-chan with it, and started to form a > tumbleweed. The pair quickly reached the bottom, tangeled in a heap. > Vinal was out cold. The Mankey quickey climbed out of the mess, and > started to work at recovering the dazed Pokemon. > > And on the hill, the rest of the Pokemon were catching up. > > Gads, at the observation area, was shaking his head. Things were not > looking good. Go figure. He was even getting a headache. > > "Dro dro?" > > "No, Dow, I don't think we're going to win. Unless Monk-chan can > find a way to revive Vinal, we're finished." > > "Drowzee..." > Monk-chan was not having much luck reviving the dazed Vinal. It had tried shaking, Fury-Swipes, and even slaps to what it guessed was the Grass Pokemon's face. The leaders had already passed them, and the Mankey looked on as Jon, on his Jolteon, ran past them and started crossing the rocks, careful not to wind up sending his electric pokemon into the cold water... THAT WAS IT! Monk-chan grabbed the Tangela, ran to the water's edge, and slam-dunked it into the water. A moment later, it came to. "TANGELA!" The viney pokemon shot itself out of the water, then glared at the Mankey. "MANKEY!" "TAN...gela?" Sure enough, the Tangela saw that they were falling behind. Now passing the pair was Julia and Tidal, who ignored the rocks totally and started Surfing across the water. Once again, the Mankey decided to bend the rules. "MANKEY MAN!" "TANG! LA!" Vinal shout out a volley of four vines, binding one around each arm of the Water Pokemon. They waited a moment, then jumped into the water... And began to ski across via Tidal. The Tangela was occupied trying to keep it's balance, but the Mankey used the free time to start doing some acrobatics. "STARMIE!" The Starmie, just noticing the hitch hikers, told Juila about them. "What?" Julia turned around and looked behind her. Monk-chan sheepishly waved at her. Julia faced forward again, muttered something under her breath, then turned back around, brandishing a large knife. "TANGELA!" Panicked, Vinal let go of Tidal, and the pair slowly began to lose their momentum, and began to sink into the lake. Back at the sidelines... Gads was once again making use of the nearby rock by slamming his head into it. It was now sporting small cracks. The other trainers, understandiably, were once again laughing at the mishaps of Monk-chan and Vinal. So was Dow. Then, the pair came shooting out of the lake, courtacy of one of Monk-chan's Sisemic Tosses. They landed a good distance onto the shore, right in front of the Starmie and it's trainer. As the Tangela began to run, sending out a volley of vines to pull itself, the Mankey took a moment to blow a raspberry at Julia. Before the angered trainer could retaliate, Vinal reeled itself in, and wound up in front of it's food dish. Then the Tangela used it's great equalizer... It shot ALL of it's vines into the dish, each one wrapping around a piece of food, and then sent it ALL into the gaping black hole it called a face. The bowl was clean, and the Tangela full in less then three seconds. Monk-chan just stared at the empty bowl. As did the trainers and pokemon still at the feeding zone. "TangelBURP!" Vinal had the good grace to look emberrased, then took off for the finish line, not too far behind the leaders. At the sidelines, Gads took a moment from head-banging to look at how his pair was doing. He didn't expect to see them back in the race, and especially not past the feeding zone. He just sat there, looking at his monitor, hoping beyond all hope that, despite all their mishaps, they'd be able to pull off the upset. The Drowzee was still laughing at the antics of his comerades. "Dro zee zee!" NS: Sorry about the double-post of part two. I'll try to keep it from happening again. My local ISP went on the blink, and it just... happened. Well, I'm done Roberto. All yours. Try not to make my boys look TOO bad on the final leg of the race. >:) From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.