From: Cat-Gonk <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Big P Pokemon Race - And They're Off! Date: Tuesday, September 07, 1999 1:41 AM Meeh! Meeh meeh 07 Sep 1999 00:49:16 GMT, caheeh meeh meeh (TheRunt) meeh caheeh! > Meanwhile, as Tiny made his way past the fainted Tangela, Roo looked at the >Mankey and stuck out his tongue. Tiny began quickly surfing across the river >and easily passed Jon and his Jolteon > Upon reaching a full food bowl, Roo hopped out of his pouch/saddle and poured >the vial of gravy onto it. The two hungry Pokémon made short work of the >delicious repast and were soon once more on there way. As Tiny continued down >the mountain, Roo noticed the fainted Tangela that they'd passed slam down in >front of a food bowl and finish it off almost immediately. > "Skhan! Skhan!" urged the orphan. > As Tiny leaves the feeding area, the vitamins from the gravy finally kick >in... Taking to the skies once more, Felix pulled back on Galahad's reigns. They weren't really there to tell the Beedrill where to go, just to stop Felix from falling off during particularly nasty aerial trickery. Kirsty's Dragonite was having a lot of trouble getting its large maw into the bowl of food, and looked like being the last Pokemon to leave the feeding area. "Keep it up! Don't fly down the mountain, stay in the air and dive afterwards." At the moment, Galahad's energy was at it's peak due to the Pokefood, but by the time it neared the end he'd need the descent to bring up his speed. Also, this meant that the pair could stay out of the way of the surging mob below attempting to cross the river. Galahad's wings were a blur of motion, moving faster than the human eye could follow. Felix couldn't quite see who he was infront of just yet due to his lofty position above the racetrack, some idiot Mankey had almost thrown Felix off Galahad and his mount, a rather fast-eating Tangela seemed to be falling behind Jon's Jolteon and Runt's Dragonair. An almost vertical dive was in order. "Meeh! Twin Needle attack!" Galahad launched into a steep dive with lances outstretched, hoping to pull himself up before hitting the dirt. TBC by Rob..... -- Cat-Gonk. ---------------------------- Do you believe in Goddish? Webmaster of "The Kitty Litter Box". - Soon to have a REAL host! Azure Heights Theorist Prime. - Moof's Big Secret soon to be revealed! Keeper of the Wigglytech. - GOT WIGGLY? Writer for "The AGNP Pokezine". - Dedicated to Elwen Skye, Our Martyred Lady of AGNP. AIM: CatGonk Over 3200 posts to, and counting.