From: <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Big P Pokemon Race! Date: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 5:09 PM > Jon straddled the Pokemon, slowly inching down to its back. The smaller > electric Pokemon was amazingly strong, easily holding his weight. Jon stroked > its head. > > "Good, Jolte.." > > He was interrupted as the Pokemon's Pins bristled with contentment. Jon flew > ten feet into the air. > > "Ouchhhhhhh!" he screamed in pain. > > The rest of the crew began to chuckle, as Jon knelt once again. > > "There are things you shouldn't do. And that > 's one of them!" > > "Jolt! Eon!" <Heh...> > > Jon remounted him, and soon had worked a system to use his feet as brakes in a > stop. They were darting around like pros. > > Jon finally got up, rubbing the seat of his pants. > > "Where's everyone else?" "MAN MAN MANKEY!" "I can't belive you got us lost again, Monk-chan. It should of been as simple as 'follow road, reach Veridian City.' But you had to attack that Rattata..." "MANKEY!" "Yes, you clobbered it good, but you got us WAY off the road doing so, and the end result is that we're still lost." Jon turned around. He couldn't couldn't belive it. What was someone on the way to Veridian City doing way out here? Gads looked at the Jolteon-mounted trainer with some about of amusement, then decided to ask for directions. "Excuse me, do you know where we are?" "You're at the Big P Ranch, near the Safari Zone" Gads's jaw dropped for a moment. "Safari Zone? We're near... the SAFARI ZONE?" He then started laughing. "Monk-chan, you sure got us lost this time." The Mankey just looked down at his trainer as if he'd just snapped, then Karate-choped his head. Better safe then sorry. This time, Gads somehow remained conscious, but dazed. "OW OW OW! Don't do THAT!" Gads then started rummaging through his pockets for his painkillers. Jon and Jolt both looked at the pair. And what a pair they were. Was he a Pokemon trainer? It would be hard to belive. After downing two aspirin, Gads contiuned. "Well, it seems Pokemon Trainers are just migrating here. What's going on?" Jon regained some composure before he replied. "It's the Big P Pokemon race. You're just in time to sign up." Gads looked cheered for a moment. "So that's why you're mounted on that Jolteon. You know, that's usually not a good idea." His face then fell. "But all my pokemon are too small for me to ride. Even my largest, Dow, is half my size." Jon just nodded. "If you have a well-trained Pokemon, they can act as the mount..." Gads thought for a moment, then rummaged for a Pokeball. "VINAL, GO!" The Tangela came popping out. It looked at Gads, wondering why it was summoned. Gads then turned to the Mankey. "Monk-chan, get on Vinal. I want to see how it works." Both Monk-chan and Vinal looked at Gads as if that was a very, very stupid idea, but eventually, Monk-chan got on top of the vine-covered Pokemon and started to try and ride it. "Tangela! Use constrict to pull yourself! You can throw your vines faster than you can run! NO MONK-CHAN! Don't get off and start carrying Vinal. YOU'RE THE JOCKEY!" Gads looked on in fustration. Meenwhile, Jon continued to look on in bewilderment. Out of nowhere, this... character... and is going to enter a TANGELA of all things into a race, and with a MANKEY as a mount. That had to be the stupidest... Jon then looked over at Robert, who was still trying to figure out how to make his Slowbro break the sound barrier, then shrugged. It was going to be an interesting race. Meenwhile, the Tangela ran around madley as Monk-chan beat upon it's vines with Fury-Swipes to make it go faster, then entire time with Gads sitting there, trying to get the pair working together. He filled out the entry form, shaking his head. Nearby, a shadowy figure searched for it's quarry. 'Those two got lost good this time... better find them again. Oh well... maybe I'll stick around and watch the Pokemon races. They're always lots of fun.' From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.