From: TheRunt <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Big P Pokemon Race! Date: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 8:09 PM (For your convenience, a compilation repost of this thread will be posted upon its completion. A summary will be included.) Runt wakes up as the sun begins to rise; spreading glorious shades of red, orange and purple through the early morning sky. Careful not to wake the baby Kangaskhan next to him, Runt sits up in bed. Looking around he spots Spunky, Roo's "bodyguard," facing the door - sound asleep. Runt pats the head of the curled up Dragonair at the end of his bed and stands up. "Nair?" Tiny asks sleepily. "Go back to sleep," whispers Runt, "I'll wake you when it's time to go." While getting his pants on, Runt taps Spunky's backside with his foot. The young Nidoran springs to attention, "Ran! Ran!" "Keep it down, you'll wake the entrants..." "Nido Ran.." replies the bunny, glaring. After he finishes getting ready, Runt gently lifts Roo and sets him in his Poké-pouch. "Tiny, time to go..." The Dragonair yawns, stretches his sinewy body, then floats to the floor. The small group quietly makes their way to Lara's house and opens the door. "Ni ni do!" cries Spunky as he dashes for Sarah Jane. "Looks like someone's happy to see you," comments Runt. "Looks like..." Sarah replies, "How'd you sleep?" "Pretty good I guess. You?" "Okay - my ankle woke me though," she says limping towards the cupboard. "You sit down, you need to stay off that ankle when you can." Runt helps her to a chair then returns to the kitchen area. "Besides, it's not often that I get to cook a nice ranch-style breakfast - What'll it be?" "How about some toast?" "Toast?!?" When Lara enters the room, she finds Runt busy cooking in the kitchen area; Felix seated at the breakfast table, apparently considering something; Robert and Rilli getting situated; and Sarah Jane nibbling on some toast, watching her Nidorans chasing each other around the room. "Mornin', folks," Lara called out cheerfully as she stepped in the room. "Everyone ready for the big race today?" "MACHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP!" shouts Stallone as Sarah Jane rolls her eyes. "Stallone is ... excited ... about the race," she says as. Spunky seems to tire of chasing his sister and decides it would be more fun to chase Lara's Growlithe. "Do they ever stop?" asks Robert as he watches the Growlithe try to back away from the playful young Nidoran. "Almost never," says Damian as he walks in, followed by Drake who nods emphatically as he hopes Cuddles and Spunky don't notice him. "How's the foot?" asks Rilli. "Sore. It'll take a few days," replies Sarah Jane. "I'd like to be able to ride in the race myself, but I don't think I'd be able to ride Ferdinand the entire race." "Got about an hour till race time," interjects Lara. "So ya'll eat up." While everyone present who hasn't eaten gobbles up their breakfasts, Robert paces around the room, "The race is making me edgy. I actually woke up before Rilli today! The excitement is getting to me!" Lara chuckles and places a hand on Robert's shoulder, "Like I said b'fore, it's not all about winning th' race, just try yer best. But remember, anybody who wins the Big P Pokémon Race becomes an honorary members of th' Laramie clan! It's probably why Dario wants ta win every year, ta tag our name onto the Dodrio he raises! Never does, though, an' with so many great trainers in th' race, I'm sure one'a ya'll are gonna win insteada that jerk!" Stallone, Sarah Jane's Machop, proudly flexes his muscles, "Machop, Chop, CHOP!" Robert looks outside the window, "I'm going to go take a walk, let my Slowbro stretch before the race, then I'll meet you guys at the starting line! See you then!" Mithril-rama drops her fork and speaks while still chewing on some breakfast, "Mway op fuh mwe!" Rilli sweatdrops at her rudeness, remembering her mom's lessons, and finishes swallowing her food, "Wait up for me! I think Deimos should stretch out too!" Though not finished with her meal, Rilli excuses herself, and heads out the door with Robert. "I almost forgot about that," comments Runt as he picks up Rilli's plate. "What?" asks Sarah Jane. "That the winner gets to be an honorary member of the Laramie Clan..." "So?" asks Felix. "So, I always figured that I'd prob'ly end up in the family business - that would just be the clincher... If I became an honorary member of the Laramie Clan, not only would I have the Cloverwood name - but the prestige of the Laramie Clan as well..." * Scene Switch : Starting Line at the Race * Fireworks burst in the bright blue sky, not a single cloud visible. A voice on a loudspeaker announces: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to this year's Pokémon challenge, sponsored by the Laramie Clan! Our course takes our challengers over rugged terrain, to test their speed and ability. Whoever clears all the obstacles and crosses the finish line first is our winner. All Pokémon trainers who wish to compete must apply at the Information Center." Runt looks out towards the horizon. Almost everyone is there, but Robert, Rilli, and Dario still haven't shown up. Runt pets the baby Kangaskhan nestled in the fake pouch , "Are you ready to ride Tiny, Roo?" The baby Kangaskhan squeals, "Skhan! Skhan!" and nods contentedly, happy to finally be able to do something. Just then, Rilli dashes up to the group riding Deimos like a pro. The Doduo doesn't feel any pain and Rilli doesn't seem uncomfortable at all. One of the Doduo's heads exclaims, "Do! Do! Do!" The other nods and shrieks, "DUO!!!" Christy squints towards the distance, but sees no one else, "Like, I don't see Robert anywhere. Is he coming?" After a long pause, a huge blue Shellder comes into view. The Shellder is dragging a young trainer wearing a black shirt and blue jeans as well as a large pink mass, the rest of the enigmatic Pokémon known as Slowbro. Robert comes into view, apparently skiing on the Shellder on Slowbro's tail, "Hey everyone!" Slowbro gradually turns around, looking annoyed at the fact he was being dragged by his lesser half. He lets out a dopey growl, "BRRRRR!!!" Robert hops off of his Slowbro and rubs his gentle underbelly, "I'm sorry, Slowbro, but I let Shellder lead so that you wouldn't get tired. You can be in the lead during the race!" After some consideration, Slowbro smiles, "Ahhh, Slow!" Damian Fox and Drake, the Dragonite, walk up to the group. Damian lets the group know, "Hey guys, go over to the Information Booth and fill in your applications. Basically, they want to know your name, age, Pokémon used for racing, and if it applies, Pokémon jockey. I've already filled mine out. I just hope Drake doesn't change his mind." Drake crosses his arms, insulted that his trainer would even consider him to break his unspoken promise. The group heads over to sign up for the Big P Pokémon Race. Mithril-rama hands in her application without any problems, since Doduo is a common choice for smaller jockeys. Robert quickly fills in his application and hands it in to the woman working behind the booth - the woman then breaks out into laughter. After a moment, the laughter dies down and Robert joins his friends. Jon walks up, finishing a bagel. He nods to the group, and walks over to the application desk. He fills one out, and hands it in. Soon after walks over to the area where the group is chatting. Runt then approaches the booth. "I'd like a Race application form please." The lady hands him one, he fills it out and turns it in. "Cloverwood, huh?" says the woman as she looks over the sheet. "I always wonder'd how one of you folks' Pokémon would do - Good luck..." "Thanks..." <To Be Continued...> _______________________________________________________________ "Slow and steady wins the race."