From: NinjaMecha <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Big P Pokemon Race! Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 8:08 PM Purgatory recalle his black Rapidash and headed into the sign up tent. Lots of trainers all around glanced at him, and shuffled out. Those few who didnt leave, edged to the sides. Purgatory swore under his breath. Just then, a cocky looking man walked into the tent, his Dodrio carrying the same face on each one of its 3 heads. "Well well, what have here? I did'nt know it was halloween already!" The man spoke in a thick country accent. Purgatory said nothing, and handed the form in. As he walked out of the tent, two menacing figures stepped in, doduos behind them. "Goin somewhere punk?" The first one spoke. "Yes. I am going to the race." Purgatory spoke, completly calm." "Heh, then your a shoe in to win. That ugly mug o' yers would scare a Jynx!" Both cracked up at this, as Purgatory quickly poked Darios Dodrio with his Scythers Scyhe. "Your pokemon is now posioned. I suggest you heal it before the race begins." Dario looked at him strangly. "What're you talkin 'bout?" But true to Purgatorys word, the bird fell over, its 3 heads green. "Dodrio! You cheater!!" He shouted, face blue with rage. "This is not the race. Therefore, i did not cheat. Good day." With that, Purgatory simply walked out and down to the start line, where several pokemon were in place. He released Hades, who trotted down to the line, in between a Dugtrio and a Kangaskhan. Zeus hopped onto his back, and waited for the race to begin. TBC -NinjaMecha What we can expect the 3rd season of DBZ to be called: "Large lizards male genetilla 26th letter of the american alphabet" TF4EVR \>;</ the mask of justice is watching! "POKMANZ R GAY!"-a troll about to feel flaming foon fire