From: Pipian <> Subject: [PW!] The End of TAC... Well Not Really, But... (Was Re: [PW] Now What?) Date: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 2:22 PM syke6888 L <> wrote in message news:7rochj$h76$ > > > Tiki stared at her, not unlike the man from the lobby. "Some humor > you've > > got there, Jamie. If you've got any real emergencies, I'll be outside. > If we're > > lucky, maybe more of TAC will show up." At that, he walked back > through the > > double doors. > > Once he left, Jamie sighed. "Just great." > > outside of Cerulean, John and Ariel had finally returned from the power > plant, both looking ragged. > > "Aggh, Ariel. Zapdos, Electabuzzes, Pikachus, Thundershocks, and no sign > of any member of TAC." The two entered the town and suddenly a familiar > scent reached Ariel's nose. "Vapor vaporeon." John got the message, then > immediately yelled, "Tiki? Jamie? Where?" Ariel broke out into a run, > and soon they saw Tiki waiting at the entrance to the hospital. "Tiki! > Hey Tiki!" Hearing his name, the boy started looking in John's > direction. > > "Hey John! Where have you been! I expected you to be with the group." > > John caught up to Tiki and began to fill him in on everything that > happened, from getting his @$$ kicked by the Black Fog, meeting Mimic, > Seth and Aerie, taking part in the Big P Pokémon challenge, to playing > UPS deliveryman and bringing a package to Ash. Tiki was surprised at > everything, most notably meeting Mimic. "You mean all we had to do to > find the Ditto was let a Haunter kick your butt into next week? geez, > talk about ironic." John sweatdropped. > > "Very funny, Tiki. It is to laugh. Anyways, fill me in on everything > that happened to you guys." The two entered the hospital. > > TBC? > -- > "Feel the Storm, It's coming"-Terry Bogard (Fatal > Fury- The Motion Picture) > The Three-Hit Eeveelution Combo! > Flamethrower-Water Gun-Thunderbolt > > "After all, we're only human."-Robocop, while tightening a bolt on the > side of his head - I love the irony of this statement. > > > Sent via > Share what you know. Learn what you don't. "Well, from what I know, from Jamie, I found out that my purpose in life was to be Mewtwo's... Well... Apprentice. I sorta losrt my mind after that... Pipian attacked me in this psychic battle with Jamie around... Umm... Jamie got killed but some weird thigs happened and Jamie came back to life and I lost my powers and Pipian is in the hospital and stuff like that..." said Tiki. "I think Pipian might know a little more than me... He's in a stable condition and is doing fairly well." They walked into the room, where Pipian was awake again. "Hey, Pipian!" said John. "Looks like you've been bruised up a bit there..." "Yeah, Tiki here almost blasted me into next week..." said Pipian. Tiki shrank in embarassment. "What happened?" asked John. "Well, I went off to Pewter to go off to Viridian to find Orion and Keri, and when I arrived, I recieved a videogram saying that they were leaving the group and had already been saved..." "They're part of Team Rocket?" "No. They joined up with another group... They felt that their interests in the group were negligible. Anyway, that night I had one last vision from Mew with him saying that *he created me* (Sorta like someone else here, huh?) and that Jamie would play a role in the end of Tiki's madness. I traveled back towards Cerulean and met up with Jamie outside of Mt. Moon, where we had the battle... By the way, the doctors came in while you were out and said I should be fine in a few days. I've lost my psychic powers... Or at least most of them... Ah well. Oh, I was reading this one section of the newspaper and it said that Score disappeared... Oh, well. I suppose Mewtwo's probably not after us any more, so we need to come up with another name and objective... Because as one would say, 'The end of TAC is nigh...' Any ideas?" TBC? Pipian