From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] The End of the Summer Festival Date: Friday, September 10, 1999 9:30 PM Marvin places his arm behind his back as he falls into his green bean bag chair within his caravan. "That Benjava person sure seemed to be in a hurry for some reason! But maybe he-she's onto something... Summer's on the verge of ending! The Maiden's Peak end of the summer festival is kicking into full gear!" Famifax, the pink Ditto, stares up at Marvin, and giggles, "Does tha mean iss party time, Marvy?!" "Yeah, you know it's party time!" Marvin the magician reaches for some multi-colored shades nearby and covers his bright blue eyes with them. "I suggest you change into a person in a kimono for the festival, Famifax... You too, Xerox." "Kim-huh?!" Famifax squeals, question marks appearing over her, "I like totally dunno what thass iss!" Marvin chuckles and leaves his bean bag chair. He stumbles over towards the clothing racks, heads through, and comes back in a nontraditional rainbow colored kimono. "This is a kimono! The other one I have in the clothing racks is too... small for the usual girls you turn into, if you catch my drift, but you can just transform into someone you see outside!" Xerox, the purple Ditto, looks up from her novel, 'Pokemon Farm', and snorts, "You are going to be wearing *that* tacky ensemble? Let us hope there isn't a fashion police in Maiden's Peak, or you will need a 'get out of jail free' card!" Marvin scratches the sides of his head, where his blue top hat isn't covering his thinning brown and silver hair, and says, "Gee, Xerox, that sounds like something I'd say... Well, *sort of* like something I'd say, at least..." Xerox shudders, wobbling her entire purple Ditto body, "After experiencing your inner most subconscious while consuming your dreams to awaken you, it surprises me that I didn't say something even more absurd." Bozo, the Mr. Mime, walks up dressed in a red kimono, the one that Marvin was suggesting that was too small for Famifax. The Psychic Pokemon tugs on Marvin's multi-colored kimono, and points to the caravan door. "Wow, Bozo, you sure are eager to party!" Marvin raises his arms high and sings, "We're ready to party - we're ready!" Famifax, the pink Ditto, squeals out, "YEAH!!! Fersure!" "We hope you like lots of spaghetti!" Marvin continues the song. Famifax giggles. Xerox groans since she actually knows where Marvin's song originated. She sighs, "Has a great portion of the space in my mind been occupied by the useless trivia that my master absorbs from the idiot box? Oh dear. I hope not." Marvin grabs Famifax the pink Ditto and cradles the cuddly Pokemon in his arms. He starts to walk outside, followed by Bozo. Before leaving, Marvin pauses, "Coming, Xerox? You could use some time outside of the stuffy caravan!" "I suppose." Xerox transforms into a Growlithe and leaps next to Marvin. Marvin heads outside, holding Famifax, followed by a dignified Growlithe, and a curious and feisty Mr. Mime. After walking around for a while, Famifax shouts, "YAY! I sees a girlie I can be! Coool! Woo hoo!" The pink Ditto tosses herself onto the floor and transforms into a nearby young woman in a pink kimono. The woman just happens to be the local Nurse Joy. Famifax looks down at her new form, "Ooo! Pretty! I look like healy lady! Where my Chansey?!" Marvin rubs his chin thoughtfully, then sees a nearby prize booth with a plush Chansey as one of the prizes. To win the plush, however, Marvin has to toss darts at some Pokemon balloons. Marvin frowns at the Jigglypuff and Pikachu balloons, and approaches the booth manager, "Seems kinda cruel to pop those Pokemon... Hasn't anyone complained?" The carnival worker shrugs, "Never came up. In fact, been makin' more money since I added Pikachu to the lineup! If ya'd like ta try yer luck, just step right up! Only 3 dolla's." Marvin slaps the money onto the table, and gets three darts. Marvin closes one eye and aims at a Jigglypuff balloon, but changes his mind when he realizes it might be a real Jigglypuff. Instead, he aims for a Wigglytuff balloon. He tosses a blue dart towards the balloon, it makes contact, and the Wigglytuff explodes into a pile of goo! The carnival worker's jaw falls open and tobacco falls out, "Guh? No one's been able ta pop that one! Ya got some sorta psycho powers, sport?" "Not quite..." Marvin grins and tosses a yellow dart at a Pikachu balloon, popping the inanimate object! The worker squints at Marvin, "No one's gotten two in'a row fer-ever! What's yer trick?" Marvin tosses the final red dart, popping a Paras balloon, before revealing, "It's magic, my friend, magic! Now, I'd like to get that big Chansey plush as my prize!" Marvin eagerly points at the plush Chansey, which the carnival worker regretfully has to hand over to the magician. Marvin hands the fluffy fake pink Pokemon to Nurse Famifax. The Nurse Joy look alike kisses Marvin on the cheek, "Thanks, Marvy! Now I totally wantstha pink cotton candieeee! Fersure!" Bozo points off to the corner where a cotton candy machine is churning out the meal made of pure sugar and dye. Famifax grabs Marvin's hand and races over to the destination to make her festival experience more enjoyable! Xerox, the Growlithe, looks rather bored. "I sense... I sense a psychic... prescen... What was I saying? Curses, I've absorbed Marvin's absentmindedness. How wonderful." Xerox blinks, "Curses, I've also absorbed his sarcasm!" -Marvin