From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: [PW!] The End of the Summer Festival Date: Monday, September 13, 1999 10:14 PM Roberto Perez-Vila wrote: > The Nurse Joy look alike kisses Marvin on the cheek, > "Thanks, Marvy! Now I totally wantstha pink cotton candieeee! > Fersure!" Bozo points off to the corner where a cotton candy > machine is churning out the meal made of pure sugar and > dye. Famifax grabs Marvin's hand and races over to the > destination to make her festival experience more enjoyable! > > Xerox, the Growlithe, looks rather bored. "I sense... I sense a > psychic... prescen... What was I saying? Curses, I've > absorbed Marvin's absentmindedness. How wonderful." Xerox > blinks, "Curses, I've also absorbed his sarcasm!" As Marvin hands over payment for the candy, a nervous-looking man in a lab coat walks up. "Excuse me, Miss Joy?" Famifax glances at the stranger, at first just to judge whether he is cute enough to date. His eyes drift to his clipboard before he can see what she is looking at. "I've run the DNA tests you wanted, and you're right. That woman in the hospital really is your sister." He looks up and locks eyes. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to elaborate on your suspicions. You said you were afraid she'd run off to join Doppler, and...well, the police got involved to see if this was an assault, but once they heard the D-word, they got curious real fast. I'd rather ask you myself rather than have the police drag you down to an interrogation." Marvin has, by this point, returned with a bundle of pink fluff shaped like a Jigglypuff. "I think you've got the wrong Joy." "Yes," another stranger pipes up. This one, a small Hitmonlee, waves one hand back towards the main festival. "Your Joy over there." The doctor blinks, sweatdrops, and starts staring at minutae on his clipboard. "Umm...right. Look, could you do me a favor and not tell anyone about this? I'm still not sure how you tell each other apart." "Noprob, cutie healy man. Fersure!" "On second thought..." He walks away. Marvin ponders what he just heard, but soon files it away. Noticing the Hitmonlee still standing nearby, he nods towards the helpful one. "Thanks." "Welcome...Marvin, right?" "That's my name. Marvin the Magnificent, master of illusion." "Though you needed help to make that man dissapear," Xerox quips. Trying to forestall any negative feelings, the pokemon quickly queries, "Xerox?" He looks around for a bit, before setting gaze on the Growlithe. "Mimic want..." "Mimic? MIMIC?!?" Famifax grabs Mimic off the ground. "You no hurt sister ever again! You BAD, naughty, evil, awful, badbadbadbadbad..." Each syllable receives a slep for punctuation. Marvin soon stays her hand. "Famifax, people are *staring*." Once again forestalling an argument, Mimic spits out, "Mimic want apologize." Xerox cooly glares at her assailant of some time ago. " want remember certain parts of Mimic's past, but Xerox make Mimic remember. Remember no control, remember pain...Mimic go back to how Mimic was. Mimic no want go back; Mimic hope Xerox understand why. But Mimic no should have lost control. Mimic *should* be strong enough to fight Mimic's memories. Mimic sorry Xerox hurt by Mimic's failure. Please forgive Mimic?" An icy silence descends on the four. Marvin holds Famifax holds Mimic, with Xerox still looking on. TBC?