From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The End of the Summer Festival Date: Monday, September 13, 1999 11:34 PM Adrian Tymes wrote: > " want remember certain parts of Mimic's past, but Xerox make > Mimic remember. Remember no control, remember pain...Mimic go back to > how Mimic was. Mimic no want go back; Mimic hope Xerox understand why. > But Mimic no should have lost control. Mimic *should* be strong enough > to fight Mimic's memories. Mimic sorry Xerox hurt by Mimic's failure. > Please forgive Mimic?" > > An icy silence descends on the four. Marvin holds Famifax holds Mimic, > with Xerox still looking on. The orange Growlithe, the form Xerox is currently occupying, pauses to think. She thinks with some fear in her thoughts, since she remembers hearing that Mimic has psychic powers at least ten times greater than her mere empathy. She senses that Mimic can notice her fear, so she tries to mentally hide it with little success. "Why Xerox afraid? No can forgive Mimic?" The short Hitmonlee in Famifax's arms seems ready to shed a tear. Xerox shows off her Growlithe teeth... but in a friendly way. In a gentle smile, if such a smile is possible coming from the lips of a Puppy Pokemon. Xerox says, "Of course I forgive you. Everyone's past is a cloudy one, and one should try to look towards the future, only keeping the past in mind so that prior mistakes aren't made again." "And if are?" Mimic asks in his natural awkward speech. "Should past be forget for good?" Xerox blinks and turns her face away from Mimic, "I believe that you have much more experience than I could ever hope to attain in my lifetime, no matter how many books I may read. I feel like an ignoramus before you, Mimic. Thus, I cannot answer your queries out of fear of sounding stupid. Know that I forgive you for whatever you may have done because of my lack of consideration when reviving memories long forgotten by you. But... I can't tell you what is right and what is wrong. I'm certain you know much more on the issue than I can even fathom." Marvin takes the Hitmonlee from Famifax's hands into his own. The magician looks down at the curious eyes, and he says, "Well, Xerox might not have an answer, but I always have some sort of answer, and I don't care how stupid I sound when giving it!" Marvin places Mimic on the floor and the shape shifter transforms into a copy of the magician. Mimic stares at the human in his bright blue eyes, wondering what this person could tell him. The man shares no common bond with him and keeps those who he can relate with as some sort of property. Mimic keeps his thoughts under control and listens to what Marvin has to say with interest, still wishing Xerox would have given her answer instead. Marvin, somewhat startled by the exact copy of himself since his own Ditto don't usually do it out of respect, finally realizes that Mimic is actually a Ditto, and paces around while saying, "A man's... or in this case, a Pokemon's life is a sum of all he has done. I remember hearing that somewhere, but I can't quite remember where... Maybe the Gary Springer show? Anyhow, you can't deny or forget what you did in the past, Mimic! But you can't *mimic* what you did in the past, either. People grow up. Look at me! You wouldn't think I'm grown up at all by the way I am..." Famifax, bored with Marvin's speech, and feeling that Mimic isn't the threat that she originally thought him to be, stuffs her face with some pink cotton candy and merily skips away, "La Dee Da..." Bozo, the kimono-clad Mr. Mime, worried that Famifax might get herself into trouble, runs after her, pretending he's caught in a windstorm! Some people in the festival laugh at the sight of the Miming Pokemon. Marvin casts a glance at the Nurse Joy look alike to see that she's not wandering off too far, then continues his discourse, "I went to school, made some mistakes there, big deal. Then I became an accountant. That wasn't exactly an exciting existence, but I *haven't* forgotten it altogether! I keep it in mind... and every day I go out there and perform a magic trick, I compare with what I used to do in the past, and it feels so much better! The more I remember that I spent half of my life in a cubicle makes me enjoy my new profession so much more! I don't know if this applies to you or not, it's just my two cents." Marvin reaches behind Mimic's ears and pulls out two pennies, which he quickly disappears into thin air. Mimic takes a moment to soak in the information, and attempts to figure out if it does apply to him or not. Xerox, the Growlithe, clears her throat, and says, "Well put, master. Mimic, I must confess that ever since you visited me, I have questioned my conceptions of the past. Famifax has no recollection of your presence in the Cinnabar Labs, yet I clearly remember you sharing a room with me and Famifax for a brief span of days before the Mewtwo project. Though I never spoke to you, I do remember chatting with your supposed 'older brother' before he had his experience with Mewtwo. I never questioned these memories, but when you didn't recognize me, I started to. I have, ever since." Mimic shrinks down to his natural Ditto form, and Xerox follows suit, in order to be on equal terms. Mimic asks, "What Xerox want hear from Mimic?" Xerox looks downward at the ground in front of her, "I guess I just wanted to tell someone what's been on my mind. Someone who might actually understand what I'm talking about. I just wanted to get it off my proverbial chest." Marvin lets out a long, exaggerated sigh of relief, "WHEW, now that you've let that out, we can go enjoy the festival, right? Mimic, you can come along with us and have some fun! You can get your mind off whatever's depressing you!" Famifax comes running up and tugs on Marvin's sleeve, "C'mon, Marvy! Peeps here in Maids Canspeak are now playin bongo drum and like flute too and coolio noise makie thingies! We can like totally play they too! YAY! Fersure!" Bozo runs up behind Famifax, using an imaginary respirator to help reduce his heavy, word-less panting. Marvin sweatdrops, facing the two Ditto on the ground in front of him, "I'm sure both of you can find appropriate forms for the festival. You shouldn't be so sad all the time. When the world hands you Magikarp, make Gyarados! Let's go!" -Marvin