From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The End of the Summer Festival Date: Saturday, September 18, 1999 5:08 PM Roberto Perez-Vila wrote: > Marvin runs towards the house situated near the statue - the house rumored to be visited > by the maiden's spirit herself. > > Bozo looks towards Marvin, then towards Xerox, then Marvin, then Xerox. He shrugs and > chases after Marvin, figuring that his good friend might need some help if any poisonous > ghosts do attack him overnight. > > Xerox stares as Bozo follows Marvin into the haunted house. "If master insists... but he > cannot say I did not warn him." Xerox, still in her human hippie chick body, wearing a > psychedelic kimono that claims to be a lousy T-shirt and violet spectacles on her nose, > runs into the haunted house with Mimic, still a Jigglypuff balloon, attached to her > wrist. Mimic detaches himself when they enter, floating up to the ceiling. The house turns out to have just one medium-sized room...a peasant's house, built to medival standards, and seemingly kept whole over time by little more than hopes and wishes. While the building is stable, still in good enough condition to serve as a residence, the only furniture is a shrine near the back; everything else has fallen into either obvious disrepair or dust over time. Xerox kneels before the altar, offering up a small, quiet prayer to the departed souls it was built too. "Why Xerox do that? Xerox no know personally." "It is a measure of respect. As long as we're going to be spending the night here, it can not hurt." "Can hurt. Mimic know. Long story." Marvin stretches and yawns. "I'm afraid I'm ready to collapse. Too bad I didn't bring a sleeping bag. But maybe..." He starts to conjure. "Marvy no need use magic." Famifax turns into the requested padded sack. "I gosleep too, but nowanna let mean ghostie get Marvy. Nasty spirit hafta gothough me to get Marvy this way, fer...*yawn*...sure..." Bozo is already asleep in mid-air, resting where the house's double bed used to be. Mimic drifts towards the door and points outside, slowly deflating from a balloon to a normal Jigglypuff, retracting his string to become his tail. Xerox takes the hint and follows him where their conversation will not disturb the slumberers. "Mimic thinking. Mimic no like pokeball, but Xerox do. Mimic...wonder if Xerox mind help Mimic understand." "What do you propose?" "Mimic mimic Famifax, provide rest for Xerox. Mimic...*be* pokeball, with Xerox inside, while all rest. Mimic no need sleep, no right now anyway. Mimic no alter Xerox like real pokeball; Xerox still be loyal to Marvin in morning. But Mimic be pokeball for Xerox in all other respects. Mimic make sure hide near others, so other three no get wrong idea, but Mimic and Xerox come quickly if spirit show up. Let Xerox spend night in pleasure like used to...if Xerox want." TBC?