From: James Giblin <> Subject: [PW!] The Forest (part 2) Date: Sunday, September 26, 1999 12:11 PM (Hey Dryad48 Thanks for taking me up on my offer) Last Time: James Arrived at Viridian Forest. He found and caught a weedle. Now he's lost. "Well let's look at the good side of this. We caught a weedle." said James. "Meow." said the cat as it went in a circle and lied down. "Okay let's rest." James pulls out a map of the forest. "Well the only thing that can help me here are that there are a lot of tree's. Oh yeah we're in a forest. Duh. Well I'm gonna look around. Okay Meowth?" said James "Meowth(Whatever.)" said the lazy cat. "Jeez. The map says When I get back on the trail I'll see a sign of some sort." said James. "Maybe One of my Pokemon can help. Hmm. Weedle should know it's way around here. Weedle I CHOOSE YOU!" said James. "Okay Weedle show me the way to the path. Wait let me get Meowth. MEOWTH!!!!" said James. "Meowth(That's ME! *couldn't help it*)" said the cat. "Good Weedle is gonna help us find the path. Weedle get to it." said the Excited trainer. Just then a Pikachu walked in front of them. The weedle not noticing it got scared and poison stung it. "Pika. PI-KA...." "Oh NO! Weedle watch out!" said James as he dove to get weedle out of the way. "CHU!" said the mouse as it shot out a bolt of electricity hitting the tip of James's heel. "AHH!" said James when he woke up from his dazedness it was to his suprise he was back on the trail. "Cool well then let's go Meowth. Weedle return." James then walked down the trial all the way to Pewter City.