From: Dryad48 <dryad48@aol.commoner> Subject: [PW!] The Holy Libel Date: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 10:29 PM I am bored. Don't get offended CG or FOG. First came Goddish, who made the still stars and planets. "This is boring," he thought. So Goddish made action. He made the planets and some stars move. Then, he made water flow and trees grow on Earth and Mars. "It still is boring," he thought. And so, he made Oddishes under the form of Goddish and sent them to roam on Mars. Life was serene and boring. "We need more diversity." And so, Herasect, Exegguthor, Medusa, and Hellsprout were created. "I appoint thee Herasect as Godess and Keeper of the Underground." "Why? We need don't live underground," an Oddish asked. "When the soil is dead, it dries, causing water to flow in the opposite direction, and we will die out." "I appoint thee Exegguthor as God of War and all that is strong." "What is War?" one Oddish asked. "War has never happened before. When it does, we must fight for what we believe is right.That is War." "I appoint thee Medusa as Godess of Life and all that is wise." "What is Life?" one Oddish asked. "Life is what keeps us here and safe." "I appoint thee Hellsprout as thy advisor." Hellsprout was evil from the start. Goddish had accidentaly made the balance of Power and Love misproportioned. Hellsprout immediately revolted against Goddish. He became known as the God of Death and all that is evil. Hellsprout formed his own leige of evil enities leaded by the dreaded Weepinhell. Soon, they killed many Oddishes and kidnapped Harasect, causing great distress among the fellow Gods and Oddishes. The soil on Mars was slowly dying, without Herasect, they would soon perish. Furthermore, Exegguthor's army was losing to Weepinhell's army and Medusa was running out of energy to revive the dying Oddishes. Workers under Herasect, Exegguthor, and Medusa were no match. Soon, Medusa too, was captured and forced to heal Hellsprout's liege. And an epic battle which took place resulted in the disappearance of Exegguthor. With his remaining powers, Goddish called Allahkazam and Chartizan (on the other edges of the universe) in desperate need of help. He then created another advisor, this time with balance. This advisor was anounced Eternalplume. With the powers of the other three entities, Eternalplume attempted to save the others. He and a few Gloom warriors snuck into Hellsprout's evil palace and slayed Weepinhell. They rescued Medusa and Herasect. On the way back, they found Exegguthor. All three were in bad condition. Mars could not be saved and Earth was dying. Suddenly, everyone but Hellsprout and his followers were teleported to Earth and there, they found Allahkazam and Charzitan waiting. Eternalplume was too weak and in order to save Earth, he gave his powers to Herasect, Exegguthor, and Medusa. Eternalplume, the son of Goddish, died. Soon, Earth was back to normal and Hellsprout could not be reached. Goddish, Allahkazam, and Charzitan decided that, in order to prevent this, they needed to create even more diversity among the creatures, ALL needed a weakness. And so, other pokemon were created. As a final deed to his world, Goddish created his second son. This son, he named Bhuddasaur. Bhuddasaur helped maintain peace within the Earth with his wise ways. However, three pokemon grew to enourmous sizes and took over the land, the sea, and the air. They ruled for many years and all the other pokemon had to live in caves. 65,000,000 years ago, Hellsprout was bored on Mars, he had tortured everyone else to death. And so, he crashed into Earth, surprising the giant pokemon, killing them off with the eruption. He lives in the center of the planet now. Followers of Goddish believe it was his only good deed. Derrick finished reading the Holy Libel he found in Viridian City. "That was BORING," Rigel sighed. Neo was already asleep. "Uh, I was reading the brief description on the back." They were still waiting outside the gym. Soon, Derrick fell asleep. Derrick awoke to see he was sleeping in a bed beside Neo and Rigel. "Where am I?" "I'm Sara," a girl said. "We found you lying outside the gym." "You mean after all this time, we are actually INSIDE the gym?" "Uh, yeah, your injured pokemon are in the next room, they're doing fine." Derrick fell back asleep. To Be Continued _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~Dryad48: Unknown AGNPer Weekly Quote: "You can tell by the kindness of a dog how a human should be." "Hide people from bad things, and you've made them weaker." -Me