From: Anonymous <> Subject: [PW!] The Odd Couple (part II) Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 11:46 PM Mac hasn't had the best of luck with his Porygon. Now, they're both hiding out in an abandoned warehouse until the police stop looking for him... ------------ <<Hey, kid, wake up!>> Porygon was hovering over Mac. <<Come on, get up!>> "Mmmph, I don't wanna go to school..." <<Let's try this on for size...>> The Porygon converted its arm into a large bell, which it began hitting in rapid succession. "DING DONG!! DING DONG!! DING -" "OKAY! I'm awake!!!" Mac rubbed his eyes for a few seconds, then stared at Porygon angrily. "Why did you wake me up? Is this important?" <<Of course it's important. I was getting lonely.>> "Lonely? Why I - never mind. I guess it's for the better." <<Well, now that you're up and all, what do you wanna do?>> "Actually, I was planning on going online for a bit. Maybe I can dig up some dirt on Team Rocket and -" <<Yeah yeah, that's all well and good, but first let's get a bite to eat. I'm starving!>> Mac raised his eyebrows. "I didn't know that Porygon ate food." <<Well I never knew that humans could be so ignorant, but time and again you prove it to me. Anyway, since you're so busy surfing the net, how about I go grab us some chow?>> "Strangely enough, I have to agree with you. I can't let anybody see me around here." Suddenly, Mac grabbed Porygon by the neck. "Just don't do anything I wouldn't want you to, or it's back to the disk with you! Above all, don't blow anything up! żComprendes?" <<Whatever, Paco,>> and Porygon converted into energy, slipping through Mac's hand and through the wall. --- <<Where can I grab some fine dining?>> Porygon was floating down the sidewalk, occasionally turning its head left and right, looking for food (obviously). As it rounded the street corner, it finally found what it was looking for: a deli. Its mouth began to water as it pressed its face against the glass window. It quickly fell through the window and sprawled out on the floor. <<Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm not a solid...>> Seeing the butcher behind the counter, Porygon sprung into action. <<Uh, all right, this is a stick-up!>> His arm converted into a gun, which he pointed at the butcher, who raised his arms towards the ceiling. "I don't want any trouble, the register's over there!" <<Money? I'm a Pokémon, what use would I have for money? No, this is a MEAT stick-up. Just toss over that set of sausage links behind you, and no one get's hurt.>> The butcher, though confused, still obeyed the Porygon's orders. Links in tow, Porygon floated towards the door, then stopped. <<Since I have the upper hand, having a gun and all, run in circles and quack like a Psyduck.>> "Psy duck! Psy duck!" <<That's better.>> As Porygon began its journey back to the warehouse, it congratulated itself. <<I must say, sometimes I amaze even myself!>> "That doesn't sound too hard," said a voice behind him. When he turned, Porygon saw a police car, Officer Jenny waving to him. "Just where do you think you're going with those hot links?" <<Uh, well I, um... Circumstantial evidence! That's all you've got!>> Jenny stepped out of the car, brandishing a set of handcuffs. "Good enough for me. I'm gonna have to ask you to come with me." Before she could get any closer, Porygon started the ignition on her cop car. "What in the -" Jenny was dumbfounded. The vehicle went into third gear, and began speeding towards the deli. The butcher saw this, then ran screaming from the mart, still doing his decent Psyduck imitation. Just after the buther leapt from the building, Jenny's car made contact with the stove, which had been left on. The stove ignited the gasoline, which promptly blew up the car and the building. The shock wave knocked Jenny down to the pavement, and she passed out. Meanwhile, Porygon floated nearby, watching the flames consuming the building. <<Wasn't there something I was supposed to not do?>> "Psy ie ie!!" ------------ TBC (ATTN Forest: How about you be in the area when the explosion happens, and you see the Porygon and decide to follow it back to the warehouse?) -Anonymous (you know, the guy who wrote all the poems) REASON ODDISH REIGNS SUPREME #2: Doesn't need a Solarbeam TM.