From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The Odd Couple (part II) Date: Friday, September 03, 1999 6:39 AM > "Paras!" Paras cried as it came out of its pokeball, ready to defend its >master and best friend. > "Paras, scratch it, now!" Forest cried. Paras walked up to the Meowth >and >scratched its cheak. > "Meowth!" It cried as it clawed at Paras. > "Paras, stun spore!" Forest cried. > Paras shot out a wave of spores stunning and paralizing the Meowth. > "Pokeball, go!" Forest cried. The Meowth was sucked into the pokeball. >Then it started wiggling. The Meowth was trying to get free. After a few >moments, the wiggling stopped and Forest had captured a second pokemon. > Forest walked over to the pokeball and picked it up. Then he turned back >to Paras. > "Good job Paras," Forest said before recalling him into his pokeball. > After Paras had returned to its pokeball, Forest decided to head to >Vermilion and take Diglett's cave to Viridian City, which was where Splash >had >been last seen going to. > 'And maybe I can catch a Diglett or something in Diglett's cave," Forest >thought. Then Forest focused on the road ahead. It was getting dark, so >Forest >headed back to the pokemon center. He would spend the night there, heal Paras >and Meowth, and set out for Saffron in the morning. Forest was heading towards the pokemon center when an explotion knocked him off his feet. Officer Jenny had fainted for some reason. 'Officer Jenny was there?' Forest thought. 'Uh... Ow!' Forest slowely got to his feet and saw a Porygon with a string of sausage in its mouth floating away from the explotion. > Meanwhile, Porygon floated nearby, watching the flames consuming the >building. <<Wasn't there something I was supposed to not do?>> > "Psy ie ie!!" 'I wonder what that Porygon is doing with those sausage,' Forest thought. 'I should probably follow it... and if its wild, I can catch it!' Forest followed the Porygon as it headed into an abandoned building. The Porygon didn't seem to realize that Forest was following him. Forest stepped into the building. It seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. The Porygon headed to another, smaller room. Forest slowly followed. When Forest got to the room, he slowly opened the door. There was a guy sitting there, on a computer. The Porygon was also looking at the computer screen, but looked up at Forest when he entered the small office in the abandoned warehouse. TBC......? ---------- AIM: ncnc123 ICQ: 47668217 e-mail: ----------- It took me 3 months to figure out how to set my signature, and only now do I realize that I have nothing to say in it.