From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The PokeBall Aftermath Date: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 2:30 PM Bandraptor wrote: > Seeing an opportunity, several patrons abandoned their attempts at > the > doorway, and scrambled over the Gyarados, through the broken wall to > freedom. > > Back by the buffet table, one of the dowsed flames began to spark > up again; > and the spilt champaign caught on fire, creating a veritable wall of > flame, > through which nobody could pass. Nori turned to Minax for advice... Minax simply stares at the fire wall blazing before her. She tilts her head, "Why did David's Rhyhorn have to kill Poliwhirl? He could've used his Water Gun attack to douse the flames. Now he's dead." The nasal voice of Shard is heard calling out from the distance, "Yeah! Resurrect your Poliwhirl to save you! It was the best Pokemon *ever*!" Assured that Minax's Poliwhirl is going to come back from the dead to save Minax and Nori, Shard escapes through a hole in the wall made by Dernam's Gyarados! Minax ignores Shard's nonsense, not even wondering how he knew about her Poliwhirl. She looks at the fire, then back at Nori, who has fainted from the fumes. "Hmm..." Minax scratches her head, about to be consumed by the flames. That moment, a Wartortle shows up in the midst of the flames, using Water Gun to put them all out. "I'm not about to let the damn psycho who set this dump aflame take the credit for killin' Nori. Not to mention Mag-tard. That's *my* job." "Who the hell are you?" Minax narrows her eyes at the rude Wartortle. The Wartortle growls, "I was about t' ask ya the same thing. You look awfully whory. Anyway, my name's Rubix, and you'd better respect my authority or I'll..." Rubix is silenced by a swift kick to the head from Minax. The tall Rocket hefts Nori up onto her shoulder and runs through the gap in the firewall that Rubix's Water Gun attack made... Shimarisu wrote: > Nisemon was out cold. > > The last thing that Nisemon had been aware of was a loud explosion, the > impact of the concrete, and the casual utterance of the phrase "Oh > bugger" as blackness swept the Ditto's mind away. On her way out of the flaming wreckage that was once the Cerulean City Hotel Ballroom, Minax notices a frail woman on the ground, dressed like a member of Team Rocket would. Minax tries to guess 'her' weight to make sure 'she' can carry the 'woman' as well as Nori. "Hmm. I'd say less than 100 pounds. Damn anorexic whores that make me look fat. Still, a Rocket in need is a Rocket indeed." Minax uses her one free arm (*just* her one arm) to lift the twig-like supposed-female off the ground. Minax supports 'her' on her other shoulder. Fortunately for Nisemon, the fumes don't allow Minax to smell the distinctive aroma that some Ditto expel from their bodies, a scent that only people who have an intense sense of smell can detect. If Minax had noticed this scent, she would have tossed Nisemon directly into the flames to die due to her dislike for Ditto. Instead, Minax's extraordinary sense of smell was making it excruciatingly difficult to withstand the fumes all around her. She coughs as she stumbles out of the Ball through a hole in the wall, carrying Nori on one shoulder and Nise-Murasaki on the other. Once safely away from the flames, Minax relieves her shoulders of Nori and Nisemon. The two topple to the ground uncomfortably. Minax watches as an Arbok slithers out of the flaming building with a Bulbasaur on its back. The Arbok instinctively slithers towards Nori, and wraps around her to perform its own version of CPR. Minax wonder who set the building on fire. She remembers the Bob-Omb that Shard showed her in the alley, but also remembers that he said he'd never use it if it might harm Maria. That's when it hits her. Rubix, that is! Having escaped from the burning building, no thanks to Minax, he tries to knock Minax over with a Tackle attack, "Take that!" Giseisha, Nori's Arbok, knows that it was Minax who saved its master. The large purple snake Glares at Rubix, paralyzing the Wartortle in an uncomfortable position. "Chaaa...bokku." Minax blinks, realizing that Maria had to be the one who set the building on fire, "What a crazy inconsiderate pyro. She knew Shard and I were still in there. Damn, what a whore. I bet she has sex with Pokemon just for the cheap thrill." Somehow, hearing this comment from Minax revitalizes Nise-Murasaki. 'She' opens one eye grins an insane grin. Nori wakes up coughing, Giseisha's impromptu CPR working well. The girl sits up and watches as the Cerulean City Hotel collapses. She wonders how many people must've been crushed under the destruction and cringes. Minax nods to Nori and to Nise-Murasaki, "Well, that's my good deed for the millennium. Farewell." Minax dashes away, out of the Cerulean City limits, without looking back even once. -Minax