From: Shimarisu <> Subject: Re: [PW!] The PokeBall Aftermath Date: Thursday, September 16, 1999 7:37 AM In article <>, Roberto Perez-Vila <> wrote: > Minax blinks, realizing that Maria had to be the one who set the building on > fire, "What a crazy inconsiderate pyro. She knew Shard and I were still in > there. Damn, what a whore. I bet she has sex with Pokemon just for the cheap > thrill." > > Somehow, hearing this comment from Minax revitalizes Nise-Murasaki. 'She' > opens one eye grins an insane grin. > > Nori wakes up coughing, Giseisha's impromptu CPR working well. The girl sits > up and watches as the Cerulean City Hotel collapses. She wonders how many > people must've been crushed under the destruction and cringes. > > Minax nods to Nori and to Nise-Murasaki, "Well, that's my good deed for the > millennium. Farewell." Minax dashes away, out of the Cerulean City limits, > without looking back even once. "Bugger," thought Nisemon for the second time that day. The Rocket lady who had just left would have made an interesting target. But there was one thing to be thankful for at least. As the realisation dawned, nise-Murasaki sat up. "I'm alive!" the Ditto noted. "I must have had 1 HP left after all!" Having regained consciousness, Nori looked up to see who was talking. She saw a thin Rocket agent sitting in front of her, her clothes filthy and torn. Nori watched as the female Rocket reached into her cleavage and pulled out a variety of Poke-drugs and curatives. The Rocket then proceeded to cram them in her mouth and swallow them hungrily, acting like a crazed addict. Nise-Murasaki staggered to her feet, then when she had her balance, jumped up and punched the air. "I'm ALIVE!" yelled the crazed Ditto. Nori couldn't recall ever seeing a human take curatives aimed at Pokemon before, and she'd certainly had no idea that they would affect a person in this way. The lady Rocket had clearly lost her mind, though it may have been from the effects of mild concussion. Nori sat up, and feeling throbbing pressure in her own head, held her hand up to shield her aching eyes from the light overhead. "Erm, are you okay?" she asked. Nise-Murasaki looked over her shoulder. The Ditto had not even been aware of the young trainer's presence. Turning around, Nisemon took in Nori's appearance. "Hmm," thought Nisemon. "Am I that sick?" The lady Rocket knelt down in front of Nori, and peered at her. "No," Nisemon decided. "Even I am not *that* sick." The lady Rocket brightened, then smiled at Nori. "So little girl," she said, in a patronising tone. "what's your name?" - Shimarisu Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.