From: Spawn <nmvds@aol.computers> Subject: [PW!] The Return of Steve Fugues! Again! Sorta! Does "Counter Earth" Count?! Date: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 12:56 AM Note: After feeling unmotivated to continue the Gyarados thread, I decided to move onto Steve's next great adventure. Maybe I'll fill in the "missing chapters" later. Who knows? Anyway, Steve's new story begins in the most unexpected of places… It was an interesting thing. One moment, Steve was fighting the Gyarados over at Cinnabar. The next thing he knew, the world around him seemingly changed completely in a single instant. The lake where the Gyarados originated was still there. The Pokesoft corporation, however, was not. Neither was his car. Or Mark. And most importantly, neither was Karen. For the first time in his life since he had lost his memory, Steve was alone. Steve was sure he had been lonely before Gil Bates attacked him. But afterwards, he had been spoiled. Not materialistically, but emotionally. He had got used to being around people. A friend. And now Karen was gone, and Steve had no idea how to get her back. He didn't even have any idea how he got here. Or where to go to find civilization Once again, a part of his life seemed missing. And once again, Gil Bates seemed responsible. Steven could not have realized the truth, that during the battle with the Gyarados, he had somehow traveled to a parallel dimension. A counter Earth. While here, nothing which happened would have any effect on the world he had just came from. Or vice verse. He was in a new dimension now, an Earth far different from anything he was used to. Where the same people he may or may not have known made a few different decisions in their lives, which resulted in massive changes in the grand scheme of things. Now, Steve was confused. At least he this time could remember part of his past, just not all of it. There was no one to help him out now. Nowhere to start. For all he knew, all life aside from him could have merely disappeared from the face of the Earth. But he couldn't allow himself to believe something like that. However desperate things seemed, he had to maintain a glimmer of hope. Steve looked down at his belt buckle and found the Pokedex which Mark designed still attached. Apparently Mark knew what he was doing. Steve flipped it opened, turned it on, and only heard static. "Karen?" he mumbled, unsure if it would do any good. Suddenly, a siren began to blare. From within the Pokedex. "WARNING!!!" It sounded, "UNIDENTIFIED TRANSMISSION ON PRIVATE CHANNEL DETECTED!!! INITIATING TRIANGULATION SYSTEM NOW!!!" Steve threw the Pokedex to the ground, unsure of what to do. Like a deer stuck in a pair of headlights, he was too terrified to even move. The Pokedex was the final thing to tell him that something was wrong. Steve remembered hearing from Mark that the upgraded Pokedex relied on a remote database. Apparently the database no longer welcomed him. Just as the world seemed to no longer him. In the distance, a man came running to his aid. A man by the name of Dreadite. Not the Dreadite he might have come to know in the world he was used to, but a similar one never the less. The blaring Pokedex could easily be heard from half a mile, and over the centuries Dreadite managed to learn how he could hone his senses. But unfortunately, Dreadite could not run fast enough to out speed the Pidgeots and Fearrows used to locate Steve. Steve Fugues soon found himself surrounded by a group of masked men dressed in all black. On their chest, they wore the emblem of the Pokemon League. The same emblem which could be found on merchandise everywhere. Steve didn't know where he was or how he got there, but he did know that something wasn't right. One of them picked the Pokedex off of the ground and turned it off. "We're with the Aerial Assault Committee at sector 17:18," one of them explained. Steve took a note of this, as should all people in Utopia who would want to help out on attacking certain enemies who choose to piss off Steve. "Well, well, well…" a second began as he recognized Steve, a surprising feat considering the fact that so few people could remember him before. "Steven Fugues. And all this time, we thought you were dead. I know some people who would like to look into the issue of your… resurrection." Steve attempted to figure out their next move. The clothes which they used to conceal their appearance had a secondary purpose of concealing their individuality. They hid any distinguishable features they could possibly have, and so they became a faceless force. The soldiers were no longer men, they became mere symbols of the cause. But this also made them easier to kill without remorse. Without their individuality, they gained strengths such as the ability to do whatever actions they chose based on mob mentality. Now, as a mere personification of a cause, their deaths meant little. Steve withdrew his sword, not knowing to expect and hoping he was prepared enough to handle it. "Still relying on the same old weapons of the past?" one of the soldiers laughed as he withdrew a gun. Steve exchanged glances with the man, as if pondering his next move, unsure of what to do. But he knew all along what his only choice would be. Quicker than the eye could see, Steve moved towards the side, spun towards the masked man, and sliced his arm off. It was a drastic but necessary measure. He was tempted to stay behind in order to observe his dirty work. But he knew that this element of surprise would only be temporary, and he would have to take advantage of it by running. "MY ARM!!!" the wounded person just yelled out, "HE CUT OFF MY $&*#$@% ARM!!!!" He had been trained to expect many things in combat, but not this. This was pain that made him well aware of his human weaknesses. "That sword won't do too well against something that can regenerate," said another soldier as he reached for a pokeball. "Starmie, go!" Steve reached into his pocket and found a bottle of max repel from the Pokesoft corporation still there. Steve aimed it at the oncoming Starmie, which crashed into the bottle at full speed. The Pokemon fell to the ground as the powerful repellent potion came into direct contact with its skin, the powerful chemicals tearing into its body. "MMMMIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!" it cried. It was then that Steve looked nervously at his sword. The handle, carved into the shape of a dragon head, had eyes which start to glow. The dragon within seemed to come alive. Sensing a mild force similar to that of men who dividing rods, Steve pointed the handle to the downed Starmie. Only to watch the Pokemon begin to convert into energy and flow into the mouth of the handle, completely being observed. Once again, everyone was shocked. An impressive feat. Cutting off a person's arm was a difficult task to follow, to say the least. The owner of the Starmie, who had trained his Pokemon for years only to watch it be lost to him forever, withdrew his own weapon. Steve hid behind the trees for cover. He knew he wouldn't last there for long. "Fearrow, sky attack!" he heard as he watched the flying Pokemon's powerful wings slice easily through the treetops and aim straight for Steve. In his panic, he tripped and over a tree stump. The sword which he had been carrying fell from his hands and landed on the ground. "Ivysaur, vine whip!" Steve heard as two vines began to cover him. Steve closed his eyes and tried to brace himself for the attack. Suddenly, he felt something thing in his palm. When he opened his eyes, the sword he had been carrying had somehow returned to his hand. He had no idea how it had happened. Perhaps if he lived through this ordeal, he would someday be able to find out. But for now he had bigger things on his mind. "SAAAAUUUUURRRRRRR!!!!!" the Ivysaur shouted as Steve took a quick slice at one of the vines and felt the pokemon's grip loosen. Suddenly, Steve looked up and saw a Butterfree flying high above him. "Butterfree, stun spore!" he heard. "FRREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" the bug Pokemon cried out as it showered Steve with paralyzing dust. Steve felt as every muscle in his body became less and less capable of movement. "Ivysaur, vine whip, again!" Steve was now officially down for the count. The people of Aerial Assault (17:18) would not have the last laugh, however. Steve knew his revenge was imminent. Meanwhile, in the background, the man by the name of Dreadite watched on. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a phone. "Giovanni? I have good news and bad news…" he began. "I got good news and bad news … well the good news is that I managed to find Steve, alive and well … yes, that Steve… uh-huh, anyway, the bad news is that that Aerial Assault Team captured him … Well, I tried to stop them, but I couldn' reach Steve in time … Look, I have an idea of where they're headed, so just prepare to send reinforcements … okay, over and out." Dreadite hung up the phone and turned around. Behind him was a kid, who only went by the name of Tauras, looking for a battle. ******* Steve was awoken in the middle of a dark room with only a single light source coming from the ceiling. It was a power play, Steve could be clearly seen but the same didn't apply to anyone else. Just like with the masked men earlier. He was a little surprised by one of the people he did manage to see--Mark. Saber's cousin. But at the same time, Steve could tell that it wasn't the Mark he knew. There was something different about him. "You know, we go on for years thinking you're dead…" Mark began to lecture. "We saw you in the middle of a cataclysmic explosion. We watched as you were buried in a collapse over at Mt. Moon and had over a million tons of rocks fall down on you. And now you're back. Why is that?" "I don't know…" Steve mumbled, having no idea whatsoever of what Mark was talking about. "Like hell you don't know!" Mark yelled as he pounded his fist onto the table. "We can torture you if we want, obtain truth serum by the gallon. You could make it easy on yourself by just telling us what we need to know." "I… don't know anything…" Steve began. "I… don't… remember…" "Really?" Mark mocked. "You expect us to believe that you somehow managed to survive being in the middle of hundreds of explosions, getting buried in millions of tons rocks, and you can't remember how?" "Yes…" Steve said, weak and tired. "Someone, get me a syringe with truth serum in it," Mark ordered. "Let's find out if he's really lost his memory or is just choosing to be difficult." One of the masked men began to handle the syringe, pressing slightly on the handle to remove air bubbles. Another began to clean an area of Steve's skin with rubbing alcohol, making it more and more clear to Steve what was about to happen. Steve wondered at this point whether or not struggling would do him any good. Just then, a miracle happened. The room began to fill with smoke. Combined with the dim lights, it was nearly impossible to see anything. But Steve could still hear the screaming guards in the background. "Prepare for trouble," he heard from a feminine voice. "And make it double," said a male voice. "To protect the world from devestation." "To unite all people within our nation." "To denounce the evils of truth and love." "To extend our reach to the stars above." "Jessie!" "James!" "Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!" "Surrender now, or prepare to fight." "Meowth, that's right!" The last voice seemed completely alien compared to the other two, but Steve was just relieved to have someone come to his aid. He had no idea why Team Rocket would help him out now, but at this point he didn't want to ask questions. Mark was less than happy, and he ran to the wall and pulled an alarm. Meowth ran toward the wall and prepared to use his fury swipes on the device, but it was no use. "You're too late," Mark laughed. "Reinforcements should be here any moment." "Arbok, acid attack!" Jessie ordered while pointing to a different wall. "ARBOK!!!" it hissed as it opened a path to the outside, just as guards poured through the door. "Weezing, smog attack!" said James. "Wee-zing…" it groaned as it blanketed the room in black smog. "Come on!" said Meowth as he pointed the way out for Steve. "You… talk?" Steve asked. "Why are you so surprised about that?" asked Meowth. "Forget it, we'll discuss the issue later," said Steve as he ran out of the room. "Where are we going, anyway?" "There," said James as he pointed to te Team Rocket helicopter. The helicopter was coated with an electric mesh designed to prevent flying Pokemon from tracking them down. "Allow us to introduce ourselves," said Meowth, "I'm Meowth, Team Rocket's top cat. These two humans are Jessie and James." "Please to meet you," Steve responded, "I'm Steve." "We know who you are," said Meowth. "Have we met?" Steve asked. "Not yet," said Jessie in a boasting tone. "We are elite members of Team Rocket, and are leader has informed us to bring you back safely." "Why would Team Rocket give a damn about me?" Steve wondered. "Because you are one of the few people who can pose a threat to the Pokemon League," James explained. "Why me?" Steve asked. "We're not too sure of that ourselves," Meowth commented. "Great…" Steve sighed. ********** Upon landing, Steve watched as Jessie and James performed a series of bug detection operations. They then opened up a secret tunnel to a nearby rocket base--underneath James's mansion. Steve walked inside to find the walls covered with paintings done in the impressionist and post impressionist style. Upon closer inspection, Steve managed to spot a signature. "Who the hell is Minax?" he wondered. The mansion was full Team Rocket members, and Steve knew that there were more members all around the world. Steve walked further on to find a single figure standing in the shadows. "Welcome to Rocket Base," said the figure. "I am Mewtwo. I have waited several years for your return. The fate of the world relies on you." "No pressure there," Steve thought to himself, "and I *still* don't know why I'm here." This was definitely not the Mewtwo Steve was used to getting drunk with. This was a different version of Mewtwo. One created to be a weapon for the Pokemon League only to be liberated by Giovanni. Mewtwo began to examine Steve, and then looked disappointed. "Come with me," he said in an authoritative voice, "there is a matter with which we must discuss. In private." ********** Steve began to tell his story to Mewtwo about his previous life. And then he told Mewtwo about how he woke up in this world. They both sat around a table, and only the elite members of Team Rocket were present. "I could sense there was something different about you this time," Mewtwo admitted. "I think I have an explanation," someone finally interrupted. It was Blind Tom. But this was a different Tom than the one who had attended Pokemon Tech with Steve. Or who controlled a robot and fought him on several occasions. This one was able to use his genius in order to make something of his abilities. He had what the Blind Tom Steve knew before did not--an opportunity. "Our satellites have recorded especially strong magnetic field disturbances in the area where Dreadite said he found you," Tom began. "And we have confirmed reports on equipment malfunctions minutes before that. There is only one known natural occurrence that can create such an anomaly." "And what would that be?" asked Giovanni, intrigued. "Missingno," said Tom. "A tear in the space time continuum that sometimes lass for the briefest of instances. If parallel dimensions exist, it is entirely possible that Missingno would be the only feasible way to generate that kind of path." "But Missingno's are known to be highly unstable," said Mewtwo, "by all accounts, they disrupt matter to the subatomic scale. No one should be able to go through one and still be recognizable as something that was once living, much less be alive and healthy." "That's what I'm still trying figure out," said Tom. "There's also the question of how a missingno anomaly outside of Seafoam would form. A huge amount of power would have to be concentrated for that to happened." "How about a few hundred Gyarados, all of which knowing hyper beam and dragon rage, concentrated in a small patch of land?" Steve suggested. Giovanni looked at him strangely. "Long story," Steve explained. "Well, I was thinking more along the lines of a meteor or some event on a cosmic scale," Tom continued, "but that might work. Never underestimate a sheer force of nature. After creating a missingno, a wormhole might have opened in the equivalent spot in a paralel dimension. I'm not sure what the chances would have been of the dopleganger of, well, you--being the one person who managed to survive through such a portal." "Or the chances of getting back…" Steve said, depressed, having no idea of how he would return. He wondered about whether or not Karen was missing him back home. "Still, the Pokemon League still has no idea of your true nature," said Giovanni. "You could still aid us by being a symbol of our strength. The very fact that you exist in any form serves as a threat to the tyranny of Gil Bates." "Gil Bates?" Steve asked. "The current leader of the Pokemon League," Tom explained. "You have a crucial role to the fate of all Pokemon," said Mewtwo as he telekenetically unsheathed Steve's sword and lifted it over the table for all to see. "You are aware of this sword's abilities, correct?" "As a matter of fact, no," Steve admitted. "How did you obtain it?" Mewtwo inquired. "I received it from the fighting Dojo," Steve explained. "Perhaps it was destiny that you two found each other in your old world," Mewtwo began to lecture. "In our world, you currently have the title of Visakapal, the slayer of Dragons. This is Masamune, a sword originally constructed from the same Norse dwarfs who constructed Thor's hammer, Brok and Eitri and made originally from Uru. While the Visakapal of older times took the sword to Japan, however, the sword shattered at the hands of an extremely powerful beast. The Japanese god of smiths, Ama-Tsu-Mara, managed to reconstruct it and make it far more powerful. Masamune the blacksmith was a man who combined strong and soft allows. This sword combined the western and eastern techniques. "The sword only serves as a passive weapon. Against a weak enemy, it will behave no more powerful than any other sword. But its true strengths shine when used against a strong enemy, where you should be able to use their power against them. In order to function at its full potential, it must first 'feed' on defeated Pokemon by converting it into energy and absorbing it. Any Pokemon with evil in their souls shall be more easily digested for the fire inside will burn more deeply. The sword can then absorb energy and refocus it later. And it has one more power, it can rejoin it's rightful owner at any time." Mewtwo allowed masamune to drop onto the table, and then gestured to it. Steve tried to focus on the object, imagine it being in his hands. And sure enough, it returned for him. "I still sense a lot of potential for you," said Mewtwo. "Perhaps there was a reason you landed here at this time. Dreadite, take him away and prepare him for training." Steve and Dreadite left the room together, Steve still getting used to everything going on. "So why does Mewtwo need help from someone to help him do his battles?" Steve wondered, confused. "It'd be like creating an elaborate conspiracy to swat a fly I could probably swat myself." "Beats me," said Dreadite, "but few are willing to question his judgment. But enough of that topic. Are you ready for your training?" "I suppose," Steve said as he turned his back on Dreadite, "but I'd really like to get some rest first." "That could be arranged," said Dread as he hit Steve in the back of his head. Steve fell to the floor, unconscious. TBC OOC: Well, this is the start of my return into the PW! Yes, this is somewhat radical of a PW! Story, but just keep in mind that while it's not NC, it might as well be for everyone except for Steve and to a lesser extent, Karen. Think of it this way, suppose I write a story where Steve visits his house. Chances are, it wouldn't affect anyone else but Steven. Only instead of a house, it's an entirely new dimension. With that said, if anyone wants to interact in this dimension, I should make a few things clear first. First of all, I hope this doesn't last too long and I hope that anyone who posts keeps there stories in the threads I'm writing so this won't become a fad. Secondly, ask me first, because I already have an idea of what this dimension is like and any ideas that aren't consulted with me first could screw things up. While PW! 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