From: Dryad48 <dryad48@aol.commoner> Subject: [PW!] There She Goes Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 12:45 AM Ah yes, if you remember that other character written by me, Aurora the TR member, you would be excited to know (maybe not ^^;) that I have finally written a story for her after all this time. Aurora is sitting along the port of Vermilion City admiring the sunset with her beloved water/ice pokemon. Jinx was admiring her hair in the mirror. Dewgong was splashing with Lapras in the murky water. Magikarp was flopping around, getting into trouble, and Cloyster (previously owned by Derrick) rested his worn shell on the side. "Sigh, being in Team Rocket just isn't that fun anymore." She kicked her feet in the water. Looking up in the sky, she thought she saw a shining blue bird in the sky, but it was probably just a hallucination created by her bored, tired, and wandering mind. "Wish SOMEthing would happen." [PW!] There She Goes by Dryad48 Starring: Aurora Flo, Maria Rocket (No, a different Maria), Jinx Co-Starring: Haven, Icy Pikachu (not THE Icy Pikachu) Aurora got up. "I might as well go back to the hotel, watch another boring The Sinking of the S.S. Anne. Sheesh, it's worse than the Titanic." She got smacked up side the head. "Ow! Maria, stop!" "If you want something to happen, us rockets gotta make it happen. We don't just watch the show. We are the show!" Another boring lecture made by Aurora's good friend and TR partner, Maria. "I've heard that one too much!" She looked around the slimy surface of the planks and observed the dull, cracked buildings. "This town IS dead. I haven't seen any pokemon trainers here at all. Especially from the pokemon wars group!" she added. "Soo.... why... don't we.... rob the pokemart?" "We did that back in Lavender town," Aurora shoke her head. "Frankly, I'm sick of this stash of Mankey Rash Away!" "And what about this bag full of Pokemon clear skin?" *I'll take that!* Jinx snatched away the bottle. "Wha? Jinx! You already used a full bottle yesterday!" *Well, you can never have skin that's too clear. Wanna see how beautiful my skin is?* "No." Maria covered her eyes and mouth, turning the other way. "Maybe we can SELL this junk to the store manager." "You guys are still out here?" the three turned to see another Rocket traveling with them, Haven. He was much taller than them and wore all black, not wearing the TR sign. "Yeah," Maria blushed, "we're trying to decide what to do since there are no trainers around here." "Do whatever, I'll distract the police with the usual, follow the suspicious character plot." "Fine, let's go to the crummy poke-mart," Aurora mumbled as she returned all her pokemon except Jinx. Haven stalked by the two police men and pretended he was concealing stolen items within his coat. They started walking behind him until it was a game of follow the leader. Eventually, they were out of sight. "Ok, let's go!" The three tiptoed to the poke-mart for no apparent reason. The city was practically deserted. Suddenly, they jumped into the store, startling a fat, bald guy. Maria threw a pokeball. "Go Alakazam!" "Aiiyyyyyyaaaaa! You bad people!" he shrieked as Alakazam used his powers to levitate him. "Time to go shopping," Aurora smiled. They calmly walked the isles and picked up potions, antidotes, etc. "I need some more Ice Breaker Gum. Hehehe, Nidoking condoms." "They come up with the weirdest products these days, look at this." Aurora walked over the the skin care section and examined the box Maria was pointing at, while Jinx was humming Sixpence None The Richer's "There She Goes." "Nair hair remover," she read out loud, "use to remove unwanted hairs from Machops, Machokes, and Machamps." She turned back to Maria laughing. "I guess fighting pokemon are more girly than we thought!" *Oh! more pokemon clear skin!* Jinx grabbed a handfull of bottles while everyone in the room rolled their eyes. "Hey, you gotta look in the scentsation section!" Aurora looked through. "What?" Maria pointed to a bottle. "Gloom Armani! It's supposed to take the scent off Gloom for a few hours, it smells ok on people too!" "Maybe we should use it on Haven!" They both laughed in unison. "Hey, the inventor's name is on the bottom. It says... Derrick.... Tamarack.. Derrick Tamarack, I recognize the name, do you?" "Uh, no," Aurora looked the other way. "Hey, wait a minute! That's the guy who's picture you have in your back pack! You have a crush on Derrick?" "No!" "Yes you do!" "No!" "Yes you do! Let me see his picture again!" Maria started chasing Aurora around the perimeter of the mart. "Are you gonna take stuff, or chatter and dance around?" the manager complained. "Silence! Jinx, take care of him!" "No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" the man screamed as Jinx grabbed and kissed him on the mouth, causing him to faint. *What a lovely kiss.* Alakazam exaderated sticking his tongue out in a sick manner. "Uh, let's jam now!" They dashed out of the store in a frenzy with bags of potions, whatnots, but let's not forget the pokemon clear skin, or the Gloom Armani! -=We'll be back after these messages=- ::Jenny walks up to Joy:: "Joy, I've been snooping around in your cabinet." ::Joy looks up:: "And?" ::Jenny pulls out tube:: "You switched toothpaste!" ::Joy smiles:: "This one is great. Not only does it whiten your teeth, it helps fight tartar build up! ::Jenny puts hands on her cheecks:: "WOW!" ::small white print that can't be read appears at bottom of screen:: It's the grand re-opening of Icy's Unofficial Bug Gym! Look for it in the Viridian Forest. Win against Icy and you get the unofficial forest badge! So come on down! Poverty surrounds us every day. And now, those who fought off Team Rocket for us have experienced drastic casualties. Call now to learn how you can help Anti-Team Rocket rebuild their society and beliefs. ::Small, simpathetic girl with a ragged doll appears:: Call now at 1-800 ATR LIFE. (E-mail me if you want a comercial slot. Tell me exactly want you want to be said) -=And now, back to our show=- "Aurora loves Derrick!" Maria blurted out to Haven. "She does?" "Shutup!" Haven started singing. "Aurora and Derrick sitting in a tree K-I-S...." POW! Haven was on the ground with a bruised forehead and a metal bat in the hands of Aurora. "Who is he anyway?" ".........some ....guy" "Better description please!" "He's just the guy who gave me Cloyster, that's it." "Really." "Yes, really. There's no presidential affair, no nothing!" "Yeah. Yeah. Whatever you say, Aurora." Maria rolled her eyes. "hey!" Haven got back on his feet. "You see the trainer over there?" "He's a little boy with a Pikachu. Who cares?" "Look carefully, it's blue. Blue like an icy pikachu." "Blue? Let's catch it!" Aurora suggested. "No, let's kill it!" Maria gritted her teeth. "Maria, you're the only girl I know who likes to see Pikachu road kill," Haven sighed. "Why don't we kidnap it and send it to that Trent guy, I hear he loves torturing their little souls." "Haven, you idiot! Trent is DEAD! We saw it last night on America's Most Wanted!" "Well, my memory is damaged since you hit me with that metal bat!" "I'll fix things." Maria got a wooden bat and whacked him upside the head. "Feel any better?" "Yes, I remember now. Let's just take the little freak." They approached the boy and his Pikachu. Maria threw a smoke bomb. And the boy started crying. "It's time for my motto!" She stood behind the smoke. "Taking pokemon straight from your pockets, with the power of the stars it's Maria..." "Maria!" Aurora interrupted. "Doesn't that motto belong to the other Maria Rocket?" ". . . . . .SHUTUP!" " do you...w..w...want?" "Your Pikachu, of course." He was about to hand Pikachu over, but they shoved it back. "Have you no honor in pokemon training? You will battle us for it." The boy frightfully sent out Ratatta. "Hahaha!" Haven laughed. He sent out Dodrio who trampled Ratatta. Next the boy sent out Paras, who jumped back into it's pokeball. "You have no chance," Maria smiled. The boy then sent out Pikachu, who got knocked away with one peck. "Is it really worth it? If the pokemon is so weak?" "We went this far already, there's no stoping." The boy cried, "I only have one pokemon left, and it is weak!" "Bring it on, boy." The boy sent out his weak pokemon which was a.. *GOLEM!* "Ahhhh!" Haven screamed like a girl. "THAT is weak?" "You mean isn't?" Golem rolled over Dodrio and flattened it. "Nooooooo! I loooooooossst!" "Ahem," Aurora interrupted. "You still have five pokemon left." "Oh yeah." Haven got back to his feet and sent out Poliwrath. *Poli!* It picked up Golem and slammed it into the pavement. Next, Poliwrath splashed water all over Golem, weakening it. "I win!" Haven threw a pokeball at the icy pikachu and caught it. The boy started crying and a very annoyed Poliwrath tossed him into the sea. "Let's get out of here!" Maria suggested. Aurora and Haven followed and ran towards hiding. Aurora's heart was racing with excitment. For the first in a long time, she felt like she was in the right place. But was the right place feeling the same way? To Be Continued Today's story included music from: Sixpence None The Richer "There she goes. There she goes again. Racing through my brain. And I just can't contain, the sweetness that remains." _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~Dryad48: Unknown AGNP Regular "Angels never came down. There's no one here that they would ever hang around."